10 Сherry Framework 4 WordPress Themes for Business Sites

The world around us is changing at a tremendous speed. The life is getting more dynamic. If one needs to make a loud appearance in a business niche and leave competitors behind, then their web pages should be one-of-a-kind. The first impression highly matters. So, the way you present your business on the web pre-defines its future success. A website has become a synonym to a business card. The catchier and clearer it looks, the better it will appeal to the audience.

Ready-made themes are proven assistants of webmasters who need to attain a quality product in the shortest period of time. WordPress themes are well-known for their ease of use and modification. TemplateMonster has gone even further and launched Cherry Framework for WordPress-based sites. It makes web development far more intuitive and quick. The latest Cherry Framework version #4 has become the preferred web development solution for beginners and pros. It gets installed with a few clicks only, its modular structure brings unlimited coding possibilities, all components and plugins are independent of each other, it features full WooCommerce integration, and so much more.

All business templates added to this chart run on Cherry Framework 4. All of them are pre-loaded with premium MotoPress Content Editor, MotoSlider, Cherry 4 plugins, multiple shortcodes, custom tools developed for the Framework specifically, and so much more. If this is the first business project that you launch, then you can benefit from free educational materials, guides, and eBooks for startupers.

Get your business started with Cherry Framework 4 themes, make use of free educational resources, and make your website shine with professionalism and style!

NewYork WordPress Theme

The theme is hand-crafted to bring a professional and elegant look to business and financial websites. The header is enhanced with a carousel slider, which welcomes every visitor and brings the focus of attention to the most trending topics. Clean design of the template features page-width photo backgrounds enhanced with the parallax scrolling effect. Soft pastel colors bring a refined look to the template. Bold, quality images in the thumbnails and galleries deliver the company’s message to the target audience.


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Fin Vertex WordPress Theme

Semi-flat design of this template is intended to bring a trendy look to a variety of business, financial, and accounting organizations. Split screen technique is integrated to present the site’s content in a contemporary yet functional style. The theme’s pages are quick and easy to scan. There aren’t any heavy design elements that would distract the users’ attention. All elements of the theme make up a perfect harmony with each other.



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CorpoRational WordPress Theme

The theme will appeal to everyone looking for a well-coded business theme that stands out with its creative style. A set of card-based banners introducing services provided by a certain company looks very captivating. You will hardly find any non-standard color solutions here. The theme is designed in black and blue. Stunning animation effects and creative structure of the theme’s pages create a ‘wow’ effect.



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Leader WordPress Theme

The theme is highly flexible and dynamic. Primarily intended for business purposes, it can be tweaked to fit any other niche. Design agencies, photographers, and other creative professionals can benefit from its design. How? The theme features a built-in MotoSlider, well-known for its ease of customization and stunning animation effects. The theme also features hand-written fonts. The latter can be changed for any other Google web font. A selection of fonts, pre-designed pages, and other elements are available in the theme’s pack.



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Jo Invest WordPress Theme

Professionally coded and designed with the most innovative techniques in mind, the theme is intended to bring a reliable and user-friendly online presentation to a business project. Created with attention to details, this is an outstanding ready-made WordPress product that enables webmasters of different backgrounds to bring an enticing business site live in a matter of days. Shortcodes, page builder, and a number of extensions will get the job done effortlessly.



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Deltex WordPress Theme

The theme is powered with cutting-edge Bootstrap technologies, ensuring that it will run flawlessly on any handheld gadget and desktop device possible. Clean, flat style of the template will add a touch of professionalism to an array of web projects – from sole entrepreneurs to large corporations. It is easy to customize to suit your business needs ideally. Premium plugins are added to speed up the theme’s modification and provide you with a design that will bring your services and projects in the spotlight.



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Stocks Feed WordPress Theme

A black-and-white design of the theme will bring a classic style to a personal or corporate business site. Responsive and technologically accomplished, the theme features a wonderful set of customization tools. Both mobile- and user-friendly, it can be adjusted to fit any business niche. Colored CTAs and headlines look contrasting with the rest of the design elements, capturing the users’ attention with bold hues.



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Adv WordPress Theme

Clean flat style of this responsive WordPress theme keeps the site visitors concentrated on the data presented in the main body of the page, galleries, sliders, etc. The main navigation panel is presented by means of an editable MegaMenu. The layout looks simple yet user-friendly. It guides the users through the site’s pages intuitively, bringing the content worthy of special attention to the spotlight.



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7 Level WordPress Template

This pre-designed WordPress template will work well not only for business but also travel, advertising, and other web projects. The layout is spacious and easy to browse. Texts are accompanied by visuals, providing for better readability of the site’s content. Parallax scrolling backgrounds and carousel sliders impart dynamism to the template, entertaining and captivating the audience.



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Financial Vision WordPress Theme

By means of this template webmasters can bring a clear and concise look to personal and corporate web projects. The layout is not overloaded with heavy design elements. Every detail serves a specific goal. The front page features loads of written data. Thanks to whitespace, the theme is quicker and easier to scan. Clear content hierarchy also enhances the theme’s readability. Video integration makes it easier to deliver the company’s business objectives to online visitors.



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