5 Tips for a Higher Conversion Rate

Thought I would share quickly a design I did recently for a long term client of mine. The site is www.infopos.com and they asked me to design a landing page for their software solution, InfoPOS.

Whilst the product they sell isn’t my speciality, from a landing page design point of view, it doesn’t need to be. By following a few key design elements you can easily create a high converting page. Here are my top key design tips for landing page design.

1. Clearly defined Call to action – I ensured the top of the page was clutter free with no other visible buttons or links, so the visitor could easily determine the next course of action.


2. Easy to understand – It’s easy to get carried away with the design of a page or theme, but this is exactly how you can ruin your conversion rate, by cluttering the page with unnecessary images and text. By selecting key elements of the product and 1 or 2 well-presented images I was able to build an easy to understand product page.


3. Call to Action throughout – As the page gets longer and longer, it becomes increasingly important to continue to refer the visitor to the call to action (what you want to visitor to do next). In this case we wanted the user to complete the contact form – so I carefully placed the relevant buttons throughout the page as a gentle reminder what they should do next.


4. Mobile Responsive – Never forget about the importance of a mobile friendly site or landing page. There’s a good chance you are reading this blog post on your mobile phone right now, and not surprising given that between 40% – 50% of the web traffic now is mobile based. It can be a little more challenging to incorporate a mobile design and may require a full redesign of the page, but it is well worth the effort.

5. Test, Test, Test – Make sure you create multiple variants of your pages to test which key elements result in a higher conversion rate. Simple elements to test include, title of page, button colours, main images, number of fields in contact form, overall layout, and so on. Be sure you test 1 element at a time, so you can be sure the winning variant

Hope you found these tips useful. Do you have a landing page on your websites or blogs? Do you have any other design tips to add?

  • If I want to make my landing page mobile friendly then what should I do? Should I use responsive website Or there any other way?