Aqua Page Builder – A free page builder plugin for WordPress

Aqua page builder is a page template builder plugin created by Syamilmj of . There are many page builder plugins available out there but this one stands apart being Free and Different.  Yes this plugin is free and you can download it from the Github page of the developer .  It is different because, unlike other layout or page builders it has taken the builder section away from the page editor thereby avoiding the clutter. The Ui pattern adopted for this plugin makes you feel that this plugin is a part of WordPress itself. It is very intuitive and you could  even start working with it instinctively without referring to any documentation.

The interface is arranged as seen in the figure above. The layout builder is on to the right and the available block elements to construct the pages are arranged to the left. Right now the plugin comes with 6 different block elements

  1. Text– Can be used to populate text content
  2. Column – Sort of a wrapper element to contain other block elements
  3. Widgets – Pulls available widgets to the page builder.
  4. Alerts – Different types of alerts
  5. Tabs/Toggle/Accordion – Arrange dynamic contests in the style of Tabs, toggles or accordion
  6. Clear – This is a separator element between content blocks

To create your page layout you can drag different block elements from the left into the builder interface on the right. You can re size the elements within the builder itself by just pinch and drag. The final output will reflect the size adjustments you make to block elements within the builder.

Once you have created a layout in the builder click “Save Template” and copy the shortcode generated. Then you could proceed to create a new page and paste the shortcode corresponding to the layout you have built. Just Publish the page and you will see a working custom page template.

This is an awesome plugin with great potential, do check it out and contribute to it if you can. I have made a small screencast of testing this plugin out. Hopefully it can help you to get started with this plugin.

  • Iram

    This is awesome ! .. for example I can use it on video page with a little text or image, displaying video stream or youtube, vimeo, etc.

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    Hey, this Plugin is great. I Think I use this for my upcommingThemes

  • Loved it. Great plugin. That’s why I love WordPress. There are so many guys offering great services for free. I would like to thank to all these great people.

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    Great job Jinson. Sincere people like you help people like us who are new to IM. Kepp the flag high

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    hi,if you can do some tuto :how to add more block .thanks

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    can you insert images and other media? Thank you!

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