Aristo is the new wordpress theme from This is compatible with wordpress 3 and has features like, custom menu, custom post thumbnail images. jQuery slider, adsense, ad banner, featured video , theme option page etc.

  • Peyoh

    nice one. thanks

  • Toto

    Very nice. Bravo et Merci :)

  • Info

    great theme! thanks jinsona!

  • Jonsky

    Totally cool. Thank you.

  • Vikram singh


  • Filipi A.

    Hello, nice template.
    How do I make a post, would have a model?
    I create the post but the homepage is a summary and does not show my image appears only images / thumb.png
    I hope I was clear.
    Thank you excuse the inconvenience.

  • Malcom

    nice work, again! Thanks.

  • pmphone

    Thanks from France …

  • Ahmadfajri2003

    Hi.. I have tested it in my WordPress 3.0
    But Categories and Page Menu at top of site not shown..
    Can you fix it for me.. I hope you can response me..


  • led signs

    Cool .

  • darkvader

    Any luck with getting the menu fixed? Same prob here.

  • darkvader

    Simple really. Create a menu and then the location options for the menu appear.

  • Ahmadfajri2003

    I have done that.. But menu not appear.
    I have added many categories, but no Menu uppear..
    Could you help me please.. !

  • Diogo92

    You have to make a menu in WP 3


  • DivaGlamMarketing

    Hi. Love the theme but I changed my background and my menu disappeared, too. I've been trying all day to get the double color look like you have here but so far it's just the text for the pages and categories. Also is there no way to add a custom header or logo? Because I have been adding them but they don't show up.


  • Phil

    I see that the footer contains a virus –

  • jinsona

    What?. do not create baseless panic based on your half baked information. There is no virus in the footer, the footer is just what it is supposed to be, part of the template. It is just encrypted. The one year old article on your link talks about a vulnerability of wordpress version before 2.8.4. Pay attention to what you read and write.

    • Jasonrcoleman

      So is your intention to NOT allow us to remove the hosting links at the footer?

  • Judy

    This is a great theme and I've had no trouble with it. My Question: how can I put one large 250×250 ad box in the place of the 4 small (125) boxes? I can do some miner code changes, but nothing sophisticated.


  • Zapfach

    Can anyone help me with the menuERROR?

  • Jwewrite

    I'm almost ready to go live with this theme, but I really need to put a specific category of post titles on the front page rather than the most commented on posts. Especially since there is also a section for recent comments at the bottom. I've had no success on doing this though. I would really appreciate your help.

  • Zs Hanula

    same problem :-(

  • guest


    I have replaced the “My Blog” top title with a graphic banner/logo. (basically left Title and Subtitle blank in settings and added the logo to the css.) The problem though is now you cannot return to the “homepage” by clicking the top left corner. (where it used to say “My blog”.

    How can I make my logo “clickable” to return home?

    Many thanks.

    • The57man

      where do you find “My Blog” top title, which file please?

      • Jorge Vargas Vega

        Abrir header.php 
        – Luego buscar div con el id “top” 
        – reemplazar My Blog por un nuevo con un id “logo” 
        – suba su logo (png, jpg, etc.) en la carpeta /wp-content/themes/Aristo/images/Youlogo.png



           < a h r e f = "/”>
        <img src="/wp-content/themes/Aristo/images/logo.png”>

        Luego debe crear una nueva regla CSS para el div logo en style.css:
        #logo {    height:120px;    margin-top:20px;    width:233px;}
        PD.: height, margin-top, width puede darle los valores que usted desee.
        Easy !! – Buena Suerte
        Sorry: Don’t speak inglish (Lo siento pero no hablo muy bien Inglés)

  • Stephen Quinn

    Between the slider and the youtube video it shows ?> any ideas where its calling that from because it looks silly and obvious, here is a screenshot for you:

  • Seb

    Very Very Very great template !!!!! just one question, what is the size for the thumbnails ?? (for full presentation in the slide ? ) friendly.

  • Porventadirecta

    Thank You for the beautiful theme, but the menu of this theme not working. Please Jinsona, help with this problem, thank You

  • Olivier

    Hey Jinsona ! Cool project ! Nice work !I need your help.
    On a PC with Explorer, your theme work great !
    On a Mac with Firefox and Safari, they are some trouble.
    Ok on firefox: The slideshow don’t work at well because its not possible to see the text “Read More” and isn’t at the good place.
    On safari : The text “Read more” don’t appear too.
    Have you some solution to help me ?

  • Hadi Setiono

    please help me to create menu for this theme

  • Web design Kerala

    Great Design and well managed.

  • Max227

    I have a problem with the slider, what must be the dimension (650×270 does not work)

  • Kaiquesk8

    Please, someone help me to post the slideshow on the home page. What do I have to do on WordPress to do it, we are having trouble here with that.

  • zid

    Please help what is the exact dimension of the slider?

  • Eristic Rider

    Hello there,

    Thank you web2feel for such a convenient theme, light and clean, super flexible.. it’s all good APART from the slideshow,

    I can’t find where to define the slide ( coin-slider ) ‘s width. it’s set to 650, where as i’d need it to be 998px to fit at the top of ‘casing’ element.

    Where can i change this slide width please ? i’ve looked up everywhere… thanks for any hint.

  • Alrun

    Thanks for a so good work ! Template very easy to personalize.
    In only several hours : here is the first result.
    Very nice…

  • Attila Lemy

    HI, i try to use the Aristo and i need the slider, but i dont need the recent posts, recent comments etc. sections. Can i remove them with a plugin or manually?
    Tks a lot!

  • Attila Lemy

    HI, i try to use the Aristo and i need the slider, but i dont need the recent posts, recent comments etc. sections. Can i remove them with a plugin or manually?
    Tks a lot!

  • Anonymous

    I have also applied this theme on my blog:

  • Carneykiwi

    Hi, how do I add text at the bottom of the slideshow pictures?

  • Yash Razz

    anyone there

  • Yash Razz

    anyone there

  • Yash Razz

    anyone there

  • Yash Razz

    anyone there

  • Rubens

    How to fix text in the slider:

    1. Open slide.php;
    2. Remove the tags P


  • Gerald Bailey

    I”m having a problem with this theme running really slow on DreamHost. It’s set up with PHP 5.3.x FastCGI and even Page Speed Optimization, but still really slow. Dreamhost say’s it’s the them, not my plug-ins (which I’ve tried disabling too). Any ideas?

  • kingkong

    how to fix text in slider show