Atlantis is our new free premium wordpress theme release. This is part of a new series of wordpress themes called Fab series. The cardinal feature of the themes in this series is that they have no encrypted footer.

    Fixed width layout
    3 column homepage
    Flash 3D slider ( .fla file)
    Twitter widget
    Custom message panel for homepage
    Banner ads
    Custom menu (WP3)
    Theme option page
    Widgetized sidebar and footer.

  • Ads Vivek

    jinsona pls help me when i try to see a preview of themes it says upgarde falsh version. but i have updated falsh support . does this theme require any server side flash support

  • Arman

    jinsona plz help me!!
    look at here
    it successfully rtl this template but when it don't show the post title in our language and if i enter for example 3k boys it show me boys3k
    what is the problem??
    i will thamk you if you help me

  • ThomasMoore

    Same problem here – upgrade flash version, but it's fully updated and working elsewhere. Tried this on multiple browsers.

  • Wouter Schuette

    Same problem here! Can't get flash to work and have problems with Post pictures aswell!

  • Br

    I also have the same problem and ThomasMoore ADS

  • platinum

    Can't get the Flash 3D Slider working.

  • CES

    Same flash problem. Any tip? Thanks!

  • JW

    swfobject.js has to be included in the header.php. It appears it was left out. I added the following line below the jquery include in header.php (around line 17)

    wp_enqueue_script('SWF', get_stylesheet_directory_uri() .'/js/swfobject/swfobject.js');

  • ThomasMoore

    Confirmed working now thanks to this tip! Thanks JW.

  • jinsona

    Theme is updated, flash slider issue is taken care of..

    • Belbesi

      hi jinsona
      do you have any idea to add logo image and delete that blog title ?????????
      thank you 🙂

    • Anonymous
  • Maroto25

    i have pasted this line in header.php, but everything is the same. i always read the same message: “upgrade flash version”, and my flash is the last version. I have the problem in all the browsers (ie8, firefox and safari)

  • Is it possible to make this template for blogger? It is really awesome, congratulations!

  • CES

    It´s ok! Thanks! Congratulations to all!

  • CES

    I´m having dificults to input the slider image INFO. Cant´t find a text box or any way to make appear. Any tip? Tks!

  • Seb


    this is q great theme… my favorite as of date.
    I have followed video tutorial, but image does not appear in the 3D slide…
    Does someone has the same issue? Any fix?

    Thks a lot in advance



  • Drchainsaw

    Thumbs for post are broken. Source HTML is calling

    looks like src is empty.

    Anyone having similar issues?

  • Drchainsaw

    the ” get_image_url(); ” is empty from index.php line 20

  • david

    Hi guys,
    I'm not very techie with codes. Can anyone help me out with the following error I'm getting when I try to install “atlantis” theme on my domain?

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function register_nav_menus() in /web/htdocs/ on line 24


  • CES

    Hello everyone. I´m not good with codes, however I think that some RSS files maybe is missing. Could anyone take a look at this, please? I guess that fixing it we can include text thumbs on the slider bar.


  • Betamina3

    Where can I change the loop time of the slider??
    (it is too fast, i need it sloower)

    Thanks in advance

    (PS: does web2feel contact form works? I sent you a message some days ago )

  • jinsona

    Have you added the featured image as shown in the guide video. There is a a cache folder within the theme. Make sure it is CHMOD 777.

  • jinsona

    Upgrade your wordpress to 3 or later version.

  • jinsona

    The slider timings are set for optimum. However if you want to change it you can find the Tweentime and Tween delay parameters in the sliderXML.php file.

  • Crashkron

    I´like your themes so much, but i have many problems with all:
    * Atlantis: i have pasted the line that was talking JW(wp_enqueue_script('SWF', get_stylesheet_directory_uri() .'/js/swfobject/swfobject.js');) in header.php, but everything is the same. i always read the same message: “upgrade flash version”, and my flash is the last version. I have the problem in all the browsers (ie8, firefox and safari)

    *In Calypso, Bronte, redemption and covenant the problem is the same. Everything is ok until y change something in the options and press “save”, later the slider is always out of order.

    Do you now what is the problem?

    Thanks so much

  • Drchainsaw

    CHMOD has no effect.

    Yes I see images in slider but thumbnails are missing, Also looks like excerpts are missing as well. do you have a working copy of index.php that I can look at? (source code)

  • Bruno

    images timthumb.php is broken… who resolution problem:

  • Dome_berlin

    It's a great theme! But I've got some problems with the thumbnails. I followed your slides, but I can't see the thumbnails. Just placeholders… Please help me. Thanks a lot.

  • Drchainsaw

    I am having similar problems.

  • Engiguide

    gr8 man … really
    i am ur fan … now

  • Trinarchb

    i had the same problem. go to this site and download “swfobj” plugin. upload it to the theme and that will fix it.

    • arjunKR

      thanks it worked

    • Spain

      From Spain…

  • Supremekuja

    Hello Jinsona, I've got a problem when trying to enlarge the #content and putting the sidebar on the right, it was goes under the content, and if I try to put the content on position:absolute; it works but then the footer and bottomcover get in the middle of the page and i can't put them back at the bottom.

  • Crashkron

    Thank you so much!!!!
    Now everything it´s ok

  • Jxpxus

    i can not get the 3d slider to work. it tells me i need flash 10 or newer – and i have flash 10.1 – also, the thumbnails do not show up – i uploaded the jpeg' where they need – does the extention need to be jpg? even though they are the same? it is hard to find a converter to convert png' to jpg – they all are using jpeg 🙂

  • Pmarchant

    I can only get 1 image to show in the rotation, how do you add a set of images to the rotation?

  • panas

    Can you tell me hoe to add additional pictures to the slide feature in Atlantis? I have succesfully added 1 picture, but I cant work out how to add more pictures? I have selected upto 4 on the options menu, but i am not sure what to type into the url section multiple pictures, e.g 2010/09/picture/jpg is what I have added into the slide image url, I have tried adding futerh images seperated by colonc, semicolns etc to no avail. Any help very much appreciated.

    • Dmclives

      Remember to select a slider post category on the Atlantis Options Page.

  • Chito

    I have a problem with 3D silder. I installed flash10.1 and swfobject in header/plugins but that can't fix it.
    However, I have to follow your video tutorial but it still not work.. please help me. thank.

  • Chito

    I take it in free domain that is a problem. now I get out it 3D slider is working.. thank

  • Binoy619

    In the calypso theme, the home page doesnot displays the thumbnails of pages but linked pages displays the images. I posted images as Featured Images.
    Anyone know what the problem is??

    • Belbesi

      try to change the size of image to
      i hope it works

  • Fang

    The 3D Slider is great, but can I change the banner and background colour schemes..

    • Belbesi

      just edit the image
      but make sure that dont change the size
      can anyone tell me how to add logo image and delete the blog title ???

  • Dmitry

    I think I found a small bug – in slide.php:

    flashvars.imageSource = “/wp-content/uploads/”;

    should be:

    flashvars.imageSource = “/wp-content/uploads/”;

    as some posts will not be at the root.

    Also, I swapped to the google ajax:

    <script src=”” type=”text/javascript”></script>
    <script src=”” type=”text/javascript”></script>

    for slightly better load time.

    • Shire Web Dev

      Hi Dimitri ..
      1. We cant get our slider to work at all I’m affraid. The flash doesnt appear on the page so not even a loading sign.
      2. The code above flashvars.imageSource = “/wp-content/uploads/”; should be
      flashvars.imageSource = “/wp-content/uploads/”; .. these look identical.
      Please advise ..
      Thanks in advance

      • Shire Web Dev

        btw .. here is the url: (someone may have changed theme but we’d still like the fix so we can revert)

        • Belbesi

          hi Shire i just wanna know how do you change the ??????????????????
          and can you tell me how to add logo image and delete the blog title ??????????????????
          THANK YOU

  • …also found sliderXML.php to have title and content commented out for some reason?

  • Bec

    I found by going to settings>reading and ensuring the “your latest posts was selected” it worked! Although it has changed the background to a shorter version which I have no idea how to fix!!!!!

  • Kristina

    Hi, thank you for this theme, which is awesome. Could you just help me with the quality of the thumbnails images on the Front page? My images get really bad after the wordpress processes them. I cannot figure out where to set this. Thanks a looot. k.

    • Belbesi

      all what you have to do is
      Upload images in this size
      i hope it works
      anyone knows how to add a logo image and delete the blog title ???
      pleas help me people 🙁


    My slider is not working how can i make it work in Atlantis template it always displays IMAGE LOADING and also the images that should be show as featured in the post is also not shown it shows image break.

  • Blank

    Hmm i had the thumbnail problem as well, and i seem to have found a quick and dirty fix..
    Navigate to the index.php (located in the theme root directory.. err wp-content/Atlantis/) and just delete um..


    Its on line 20.. im not sure if this breaks anything else but works so far lol..

    (Used firebug to determine addressing error)

  • Ms. Artemis

    Thank you so much for this amazing template.
    I was wondering if I can change the color of “Now Loading” slide… I tried looking for it but failed miserably.
    Any help will be appreciated 🙂

  • n3udmark

    Jinsona help! I have installed this theme, but 3d slider doesn’t work. I see only the text: Loading Images on a red background, but 3D slider work in Opera browser. In Chrome and Mozilla doesn’t work. What should I make? Big thanks.

  • Chrisd

    I have the same problem. The thumbnails are visible on the post pages, but not on the frontpage…
    I have wp 3.0.1 + CHMOD777 cache folder … 🙁

  • Omnimum

    Hi everybody, I have the atlantis theme by Jinsona and wordpress 3.0.1 and both work fine. The slider shows the pictures and the thumnails also, but I have a little problem with the last because when I add a new post the featured image don´t show totally, only show part of it. Someone knows how fix it? Thank you in advance Jinsona and friends of this forum.

    • Cyrax.Net

      its not anything simple like you image sizes?
      Am not sure if the theme autoresizes the images or resizes the boxes but for the post featured as image dimension I used was 300 x 125 and they show correctly.

    • AndySamuels

      that happened to me yesterday – I moved the image directly to upload folder via by ftp and it worked okay. It had gone into another subfolder. Hopefully that helps. cheers Andy.

  • Cyrax.Net

    I’m using this theme as my first wordpress project and its fantastic. I’m learning a lot so thank you author.

    If anyone is able to help me with these two questions i’d be very gratefull.

    1) slider rotating banner was all setup and working fine but it stopped working after adding the my 4th post. All i see now is “lmages Loading” and nothing appears. Why?

    2) The background for this “Images Loading screen”, where can the colour for it be altered? Is it in CSS or in the scripting files? Any direct help would again be appreciated.

    Thank you.

    • AndySamuels

      Not sure it it’s any help, but I have learnt that everytime the slider stops working – there’s a problem with the last image I have uploaded. Most times it’s the path or the name. I just make sure I upload thru ftp to the upload folder and it seems to work ok. cheers Andy