Atlantis is our new free premium wordpress theme release. This is part of a new series of wordpress themes called Fab series. The cardinal feature of the themes in this series is that they have no encrypted footer.

    Fixed width layout
    3 column homepage
    Flash 3D slider ( .fla file)
    Twitter widget
    Custom message panel for homepage
    Banner ads
    Custom menu (WP3)
    Theme option page
    Widgetized sidebar and footer.

  • Giovanicas

    Resolved Problem Flash: upgrade your Flash Player to version 10 or newer.
    Download Plugin: swfobj
    In 3.0.1 worked too.
    Its Perfect! Thanks CHMOD 777

    • Cyrax.Net

      Could you explain step by step for us newbs.

      What problem exactly did it resolve for you?
      Did you install the swfobj plugin into wordpress or just overwrite the ones provided in the theme?
      If you did install what settings did you setup in the plug in?
      Lastly 777 for which folder?

      Many Thanks

  • Scevra

    I’ve read all comments, but still can’t fix these 2 problems:

    – the 3d slider doesn’t work (i can’t see “images loading” neither.)

    – the thumbnails show as broken images.

    I’ve read about other people with these problems, but I don’t see any solutions.
    I’ve downloaded the SwfObj plugin, and i’ve put the images in the right folder (uploads). It seems to be a different reason for this is not working…. 🙁 PLEASE HELP!!! thank you very much.

    • alvarobuc

      has intentado actualizando tu wordpress con la ultima versión, me paso algo similar y así lo solucione.

      • Scevra

        I have wordpress last version, but the slider doesn’t work. 🙁

        • Guest

          Did you install the swfobj plugin ? Without this plugin the slider does´t work.

        • Scevra

          Yes I did. I installed swfobj plugin and actived it, but the slider still doesn’t work. Do I have to do something with the plugin or just install it?

        • Guest

          no, I didn´t change anything with the plugin. The images for the slider are in wp-content/uploads folder and this Folder has all rights (CHMOD 777) ?

        • Scevra

          PROBLEM SOLVED!! It was the permission, 775 or 777 is the right set. Without this setting it doesn’t work. I’ve contacted the host service and asked them, now it works just fine!!
          The plugin is not needed.

        • I’ve got the same problem too, but after I’ve contacted the hosting service (hostgator), they solved this problem. They said, that “some mod security rules needed to be whitelisted in order for timthumb to work.”

  • Tengo un problema no puedo llenar la información de la imagen de flash cuando rota, solo me aparece un par de puntos. Aun que halla llenado en post.

  • Emmanuel

    Hi! Awesome theme! However, can some please explain to me how to have the front page show category posts instead of the latest posts? Your awesome! Thanks!

  • Guest

    Fantastic Theme. Thank you for providing it. There is only one problem I have. The slider works fine but I do not get the information concerning the posts in the slider. If I click on the “I” symbol I only get a “.” and a “Read more” but no content. Has anyone a solution to this ??

  • Cyrax.Net

    Right to summerise am screwed as are alot of other people. My problems:

    1) can add up to 3 posts and image slider works perfectly fine. As soon as I add the 4th post, slider stops working and all it shows is “Images Loading…”. I make sure to set the “number of slides” to 6 in my case still nothing.

    2) Also get the issue where if i click on the image and press the I for information, there is no text. Just “Read More”. Where does it get the text from?

    I’ve made sure all files are 777 in Atlantis folder same as Upload folder.

    Am almost at end of my patience and thinking just to scrap this theme and find a better one but I like this one alot!

    People if you have similar problem then please post what you did!

    • Scevra

      I haven’t added more than 3 images to the slider, as soon as I will do it, I’ll let you konw if it works!

    • Guest

      hm, you really shoult create your own theme. This Theme is the work of a designer who is so friendly to give it away for FREE and I don´t think that you have any right to behave like this.

      I have the same two problems, but I think that there will be a solution soon.

      • Cyrax.Net

        If you look down to my first post, the first thing I did was thank the author and show my appreciation.
        I think everyone here knows he’s put in alot of time and effort so it goes without saying that we are great full to be able to use his work so I don’t know what “behaviour” you are referencing?

        Anyyyyyyyyways to anyone having my first problem with images not appearing after inputting several posts, I recommend you check your images in your upload library and then not double but triple check your filenames in the “slide image url” for each post.
        I think the fault, in my case, was my image application not saving pictures correctly. I resaved them using photoshop/fireworks and then checked all the image paths where correct in the posts and viola all 6 posts sliding 🙂

        No solution to my 2nd problem yet but if I find out I’ll post here.

        Good luck.

    • Demoniality

      Well i have had various problems with the slider, one where everything was correct and as it should be, but i got your problem with nothing happening. What i did was go to settings, reading (in your wp admin), check that ‘your latest posts’ is selected (mine already was). Click save changes and mine started working again.

      The only other thing i did to fix it another time was delete all the images in my upload folder (by going through your hosting as opposed to WP). For some reason i had 3 copies of most of the images i had been using. Then starting again by reuploading them images fixed it. Make sure when you upload them (and any existing images you are using) that they are saved as full size because that definitely makes the slider throw a wobbly.

  • Scevra

    Maybe it’s an easy thing, but anyone knows how to remove “Twitter updates” and the sponsors widgets on the sidebar? thanks to everyone will help.

    • Scevra

      I mean, without removing the php page.

      • Guest

        hm the code is not shown correctly here – I meant the whole code bezween … …..

        • Guest

          and this in the sidebar.php

        • Scevra

          I found out how to do it, if anyone is interested I’ll explain.

        • Ufukozkurt

          Is it possible to clairfy the steps of removing twitter and sponsorship widgets?

        • Scevra

          What do you mean by “hm the code is not shown correctly here“? i didn’t report any code. If I delete that code in sidebar.php, I have some problems in the sidebar. Aren’t sponsors and twitter updates just widgets? Why can’t I simply remove them??

        • Belbesi

          please tell me HOW ?

  • Demoniality

    Please can we get an answer regarding the background color for the ‘images loading’ page on the slider? Of all the matching color codes in the sliderxml and slider.css files, none of them alter it!

    • Scevra

      Same problem, I guess “images loading” is an image, so to change the background color we have to edit the image, but I don’t find it anywhere. Anyone that helps?

      • Demoniality

        well it’s definitely not an image in the themes image folder. Curiously, if you search the whole theme directory for ‘images loading’, it appears nowhere in any file, so maybe you are right. Alternatively, the color for the images loading ‘page’ is just an assigned color in the javascript files that is repeated to the width of the slider banner, like how the ‘home.png’ and ‘body.png’ files are. Problem is when opening the JS files in notepad, it is impossible to look for certain colors because the script is in one lump – unreadable.

  • Anybody been able to fix the Images not loading on the 3d flash slider yet… mine was working – now broken!!!

    Lovely thems – thanks – support a little frustrating…


    • belbesi

      just :
      1- make sure that the image is exist
      2- make sure that the Appearance > Atlantis Option > Number of slides
      3- make sure that the Appearance > Atlantis Option > Slider post Category
      this is what i can do hope it works 🙂
      please anyone tell me how to add logo image and delete the text
      this is my e-mail id

  • Scevra – please explain how you fixed it….


    Tony –

    • Scevra

      Tell me what you want to fix, and I’ll be happy to explain

  • Obikeno

    About the i button and the Read more ooption in the slide, i fixed it in the slideXML.php file. I opened it and erase the “//” next to the ?php in the “Image Filename” section (2 or 3 rows beneath it i think), then upload the file and thats it.

    The only thing is now, in that section, shows the whole text and i need to drag my mouse to see the Read more boton… so its a temporal solution, but you know more php than me hehe

    (Sorry for my english, but im still learning)

    • Obikeno

      I finally fix this… In the line of the description i change the function “the_content_rss( ‘ ‘, TRUE, ‘ ‘, 40);” for “the_excerpt();”

      This show me the excerpt of the post if i put one in it on the Edit page of the post. If you not, the description shows the content of the post in a short version as well.

      This would fix the problem with the description on the slide ^^

      • Cyrax.Net

        Thank you for this!!!

  • Obikeno

    What i need now is in the “the_title” get the tiple of my post with the tilde, for example the spanish word “Introducción” in the description of the slide appears as “Introducin” without the ó, but in all my posts the ó is shown… how can i fix this? Thanks

    PS: The encoding of the XML file is UTF-8

  • LuPeE

    I have some doubts, how can I put my logo in PNG in the place where the name of this site? Air’m changing the layout to match my logo and change the color background panel 3d? following site

    • Demoniality

      you need to make a new top.png file to replace the current default one in the themes image folder. But it is difficult because you have to make it’s colour match the home.png file otherwise it will stand out and be ugly.

  • Thorn 2112

    Thanks for the theme…wow it has been a journey getting configured. still have a few things that arent working and i have scoured this comment section so I apologize if this has been addressed. I cant get any category or even page links to show up in the task bar at top.. Also still trying to get the read more to show up in the flash on the index page. thanks

  • dat


  • dat

    hi im confusing about 3d slider, why there’s are flash error on my 3d slider? this is what i do
    -add post and put the simple image url 2010/10/image.jpg
    -configure on atlantis option select categories and select number of slide

    but now it say i have to upgrade the flash player..

    im using wordpress 3.0.1, please help me some one.. my url

    • Nosvigilan

      Hi. What are you doing finally for work with the theme Atlantis? Because i can’t!

      • Anonymous

        all you need to do is download the latest theme on this page.. then install it.. the 3d slider will show up..

  • Anonymous

    FAQ-1. Cant see thumbnails on the homepage posts. Make sure you have added a featured thumbnail to posts. There is a video showing how to do it, within the theme option section. Make sure the cache folder in the theme is CHMOD 777 or atleast 755 . It is required for the timthumb script to work. If above are true and you still do not see the thumbnails, then it is mostly a mod security issue with your host. Enquire your host whether they run php-5 and have enabled GD library.FAQ-2. 3D slider not working. In the theme option page you have the option to select the category for your slider and the number of slides to display.If you are seeing a ‘Flash update required’ message, you are using the old version of theme. Download a fresh version from here and use.The image size on 3D slider is 900×300 px. Do not expect the slider to crop your images to that size. You have to upload images with that size and enter the image url in the field it is requested. Specific directions are given for the image url format. Keep in mind that each image on the slider is pulled from each different posts. Ex. If the category you have selected for slider has only 5 posts in it, then do not select a number more than 5 for your number of slides option.FAQ-3. Customize the 3D slider If you have the flash software you can customize the pre loader image. You can download the .fla file from the post.

    • dat

      yeah after download the new one.. the 3d cuber slide seem to be ok, but there’s no description about the post on slide categories, when click the info button (on 3dslider) it just show read more..

      please help.. this theme look so cool

      • Aprendizwordpress

        En el archivo sliderXML.php, en la línea 31 y 33, elimina los símbolos “//”, esto permitirá que se despliegue el titulo y un extracto del post, así me funciono a mí, saludos

        In sliderXML.php file in line 31 and 33, eliminates the symbols “//”, this will allow them to show the title and an excerpt from the post, so I worked for me, greetings

        sorry, my english is not god

        • Christian

          Thanks for your help.

      • Aprendizwordpress

        En el archivo sliderXML.php, en la línea 31 y 33, elimina los símbolos “//”, esto permitirá que se despliegue el titulo y un extracto del post, así me funciono a mí, saludos

        In sliderXML.php file in line 31 and 33, eliminates the symbols “//”, this will allow them to show the title and an excerpt from the post, so I worked for me, greetings

        sorry, my english is not god

    • Aprendizwordpress

      Dear Jinsona excellent theme, I congratulate and thank the great work done is fully functional, install a flash plugin, I hope I have done wrong, can I ask how I can make the information on the slider, accept special characters like “ñ” and accents “‘” (in Spanish), again thank you very much and congratulations for their work, a big welcome.
      My apologies for my English is not very good and I have to use a translator.

      Estimado Jinsona excelente theme, le felicito y agradezco el gran trabajo realizado, es totalmente funcional, instale un plugin para flash, espero no haber hecho mal, quisiera preguntarle como puedo hacer que la información en el slider, acepte caracteres especiales como la ” ñ ” y acentos ” ´ ” (en español), nuevamente muchas gracias y muchas felicidades por su trabajo, un gran saludo.
      Mis disculpas por mi Inglés no es muy bueno y tengo que utilizar un traductor.

    • Marcosrebelo

      1017: The definition of base class PieceMaker was not found.
      5000: The class ‘com.modularweb.imageGalleries.PieceMaker’ must subclass ‘flash.display.MovieClip’ since it is linked to a library symbol of that type.

      These two errors appear when I try to publish in flash. I changed only the prel.png (image loader). How do I edit the file and export without giving error?

      • Cyrax.Net

        I too get the same errors when trying to publish. All I’m doing is opening the .fla project, and updating the prel.png image then trying to publish.

        I could try and debug the code to see where its wrong but I have never used flash/actionscript before so dont know where the sources are?

        anyone with flash expertise can help us with this final snag?

        • Oscar

          ¿Any responses to this question? i have the same problem!

        • kispok

          Please Help!!! Same problem.

          Symbol ‘_piecemaker’ 1017: The definition of base class PieceMaker was not found.
          , Line 1 5000: The class ‘com.modularweb.imageGalleries.PieceMaker’ must subclass ‘flash.display.MovieClip’ since it is linked to a library symbol of that type.
          Symbol ‘_piecemaker’ 1017: The definition of base class PieceMaker was not found.
          , Line 1 5000: The class ‘com.modularweb.imageGalleries.PieceMaker’ must subclass ‘flash.display.MovieClip’ since it is linked to a library symbol of that type.

        • needURhelp

          I’ve got the same problem!

          When I try to export as movie, I’ve got the same errors. Please somebody help me! Sorry help us!


    • Jaggernot

      Thank you for your theme Jinsona.

      I feel a bit frustrated because what I see on this site is really what I would like to get on mine. I would like to know how, for each article displayed on 3D Slider, you can add a particular info text? Where can we add this text? You don’t mention it anywhere.

      What about the fact that the following elements (previous button, pause button, info button and next button) are no displayed on 3D slider. Do you have any idea about this problem?

      Thanks for all.

    • Jaggernot

      Thank you for your theme Jinsona.

      I feel a bit frustrated because what I see on this site is really what I would like to get on mine. I would like to know how, for each article displayed on 3D Slider, you can add a particular info text? Where can we add this text? You don’t mention it anywhere.

      What about the fact that the following elements (previous button, pause button, info button and next button) are no displayed on 3D slider. Do you have any idea about this problem?

      Thanks for all.

    • Oscar R

      Amazing theme! Thanks for sharing. I dont’t have a faq but anyway i have a question: Where can i add/edit the content that should appear in the 3D slider when you push the “i” button? I get the read more link correctly but not the rest of the info.

      Thanks for all dude!

    • Christian

      cant see thumbnails on homepage posts : I have check all the point you spéccify and it’s ok but i checked the picture in the “cache” folder and there are in .png format is it a problem ? If yes how to solve it.

    • Oscar

      ¿Would you be so kind in explain the flash error? i already used the file downloded from this site and follow instructions and still shows the error, in some other forums said it didnt work in a 64bit OSs, i dont know if thats true?


    • Ntait

      Still not having any luck with getting my slider to work. Flash is updated. Post was created using image of the correct size. Not sure what else to do. Any more suggestions?

  • Nosvigilan

    I think i’m lost my time with this theme because doesn’t work. I’m going to looking for other now.

  • James Quintero

    The flash image rotator doesn’t seem to work on the Mac. Any way to get it to work on a Mac?

  • F Boschi

    I have uploaded the images and updated the posts as your video, but the home page doesn’t show 3d slide and thumbinals. Could you help me?

  • Luke

    Great theme – although Im having trouble seeing the featured post images on the homepage.

    It did work great, but since upgrading to WordPress 3.0.1 I can no longer see them. Any solution to this?

  • West!

    I’m trying to build a navigation bar on the top so when the mouse is over open a new tab but i don’t know how. There isn’t show a “parent to” menu or something like that and in the demo theme have a Level 1, Level 2 tab and Cat A, Cat B for example. Please could some ine explain me??!

  • Super theme.Everything works. Till now have no problems with slider and thumbinals.
    But have a questions.:
    -how can I change header background .Colour or if its possible to put a picture there.
    -how many sliders can I have.

    Want to say once more ; THANKS

    • Ntait

      If you figured this out could you let me know how you didi it?

  • Kybipix

    Jinsona, it’s a great THEME – I love it and say 1000 thanks.
    What i really miss is at the homepage (where are the teasers for the posts (picture and text) is the publishing date between picture and text.
    Can you help me?
    Thanks again,

  • SeanCruiser

    Hi there, thx a lot for the template, it’s realy nice!

    Just a quick question: could you please let me know how to put the sidebar on the right?

    Thx in advance,


  • Ezix

    Hi, I an error :S
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function register_nav_menus() in /homez.383/campuschg/www/blog/wp-content/themes/Atlantis/functions.php on line 24
    WTF ?

  • Sigitsantoso

    i’m trying to activate the theme. but there is a message “Fatal error: Call to undefined function register_nav_menus() in /home/everyth1/public_html/wp-content/themes/Atlantis/functions.php on line 24”.

    can you help me? what i have to do?

  • T_rexse


  • Moniseseward

    How do I get the navigation bar at the top?

    • McDuck

      Admin Panel –> Design –> Menu –>

      Create a Menu and set it to “Primary Navigation” in the upper left of the Page.

      • Elena

        I do not have the Admin Panel >Design>Menu as you state. I cannot find this feature anywhere.

        Can you help explain a little more?

        • Stuart

          I am experiencing the same problem, did you resolve it eventually?

        • Admin panel = Where you login and post on WP. If you have WP installed you have Admin panel.

          As @McDuck said go to Design or Appearance > Menu. There you’ll find a tab called Theme Locations where you can asign a menu to the theme. But first you must CREATE the menu with your categories, pages or custom links. Then save it and asign it on Theme Locations Tab.

          IMPORTANT: The Theme supports just 1 menu and you must have installed last version of WP 3.0+


  • Marcelo Torres Llamas

    Hi Jinsona, I would also like to say thanks to you for this excelent theme. I cannot seem to find the way to add information to the 3D slide when you push on the (i) button displayed on the image when you place the pointer above. Where in the code, the .fla or else should I set this?

  • McDuck

    Great Theme! Thank you.

    I’ve got a problem with the Theme and the wordtube 2.3.1 plugin ( If the plugin is active the excerpt disappears. I’ve found no Solution for ist. There was a fix for older wordtube Versions ( But this wont help. The changes are integrated in Verson 2.3.1.

    Anyone got a Solution?

  • sagapixel

    verry important!!!!!!!
    mine worked ONLY with PNG.
    hope it helps 🙂

  • Michael

    I had the same problem as many here about the slider. I noticed the flash component shows, but has “Imaging Loading”. How I fixed it. Upload the images to /wp-content/upload/ folder. WP doesn’t do this for your automatically. Also, on the post edit under “Slide image url” just place the image file name “slide-image.jpg”. I got to this point after doing the CHMOD777, installing the swfobject plugin and nothing was happening. The point is the flash component couldn’t find the images, because even if we select ‘featured image’ or ‘add to post’ it … nothing. Hope this helps.

  • aw

    Hi – Love this theme. Can’t believe jinsona gave it to us for free! What a gift!

    Question: What category is best for the slider posts? I used “featured” and I think that messed up the home page. Now all posts are on the home page.

    The thumbnail for posts also goes into “featured” as shown in the video tutorial. Does that affect what shows up on the home page?

    Can’t quite figure out the categories and where to put blog postings so they don’t all end up on the home page?

    Would appreciate examples that others have done for setting up categories; especially the slider post category.


    – aw

  • Cucoalmeria

    hola tengo un problema. Cuando lo tengo instalado no me sale las paginas en la cabecera. Uso wordpress 3.0. Que debo hacer?

    • Oscar Ramos G

      En el administrador de wordpress debes seleccionar Apariencia>Menus. Ahí encuentras una casilla titulada Theme Locations, aquí te explica que el tema soporta sólo un menú, a la derecha encuentras una casilla donde debes de crearlo ya sea a partir de tus categorías, páginas o links personalizados. Asignas un nombre al menú y presionas guardar menú.

      En la casilla anterior (Theme Locations) seleccionas el menú que acabas de crear y listo aparece tu menú en la parte superior.


      • Oscar R

        Olvide mencionar que es importante que tengas instalada la última actualización de WP3.0+

  • Jenkreider

    Oh my website. when the images move.. I can’t the i or arrows to appear.. What am I doing wrong??

  • codeworx

    how can i replace the “images loading”-image at the 3d-slider?
    the images isn’t located at the atlantis-folders, so i guess it is compiled to the swf-files.
    greetings, u do a great job:
    hans-jakob schwer,

  • Christian

    Hello Jinsona, thanks for your theme is really greatful. I have just a problem with the navigation menu it does not appear i have the latest version of WP 3.0.1 even in the admin menu. Thanks for your help

  • Basile


    I installed this theme, unfortunately I can not run the anim, in fact he told me initially criticized for not having flash, which I hastened to download and then n ‘ with no improvement, and I install wordTube & mediaplayer but nothing helped, I’m on mac osx snow leopard with a wordpress Local.

    I’ve gotta do?

    thank you in advance

    • Mark

      I am having the exact same issue, the theme and animation work when I look at the preview of the theme, but when I have it installed and am trying to set up my site, I keep getting this error – You need to upgrade your Flash Player to version 10 or newer. Which I did and do have…

      This same error appears on multiple computers and browsers – IE 8 ; Chrome ; Firefox

      It is really frustrating to not know what is failing in my setup… any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

      • Mark

        Okay, in the next set of comments, Jinsona solves this issue… the Flash requirement is due to an old version of the theme… it works – Thanks so much!

        • Oscar

          May i ask where is the solution? cannot find it and i have the same problem…

        • Ntait

          I could use the solution too.

        • Alessandra Ceccotti

          excuse me… i did not understand what the solution is… anyone knows?

  • Jeanpaulzs

    Hola, al instalarlo me dice que “You need to upgrade your Flash Player to version 10 or newer.” Que debo hacer. Mi maquina ya tiene instalado el flash player 10.1

    • Oscar Ramos G

      Prueba con otro navegador, usa Chrome, Safari o Firefox. Incluso si tu instalación de WP es local puedes visualizar el sitio sin problema. Si no te funciona probablemente tu Flash Player esta mal instalado, te recomiendo desinstalarlo y bajar la versión más reciente.

      • Oscar

        Ya probé con varios navegadores y diferentes OSs y es el mismo error.. ¿alguna su gerencia?

  • Cherol

    Love this template! I only have one image showing though. How can I get all of my images to rotate in slider as you can only paste one image at a time in the slide image url box? Did I miss something? Thanks in advance, Cheryl

  • Watchlearnfish

    Hi everyone, I noticed everyone was or is having trouble with the slider, but I worked it out so thought I would share.

    If you go into the Atlantis settings you will see it say’s how many posts the slider should use I set it to four, then you need to go back to one of your posts and where it has the box to enter the image address simply add ONE of your images there

    Next if you want to add MORE images, all you have to do is ADD A NEW POST, this will then allow you to add another image in the box (different post different box, different image(

    You can do this up to four times

    So a quick recap

    in order to have four images run on the homepage slider you need to :
    1) upload the images to your wp-content/upload/2010/11 (or whatever yours says after upload)
    2) Add the end of the address to the post via the text box e.g. 2010/11/my-image.png
    3) You NEED to add a new post and a new image in the NEW POST text box
    4) do this as many times as you need to e.g. 4 posts = 4 text boxes = 4 images

    Hope this helps everyone who is struggling.

    Cheers Aarron

    • Ntait

      I’ve tried this and I’m still having issues. I also installed a recommended plug in and have updated flash. Any suggestions?

  • Christian

    Hello everybody using Atlantis theme.
    I wrote message 2 days ago about menu not appear on the top it solved now.
    But i am now working on the way to display information on the side of the slider when you pushe the i button information. Can not find the way to do it. It’s the same problem of Marcelo Torres Llamas [Moderator] 2 weeks ago. If someone knows thanks in advance for help.

    • Oscar R

      I have the same problem. I thought i could find it on the featured image caracteristics (alt text/action/description) but that was not the way. I hope we can find it soon.

      • Christian

        I found the answer by loking on the most popular comments and read this:
        In sliderXML.php file in line 31 and 33, eliminates the symbols “//”, this will allow them to show the title and an excerpt from the post, so I worked for me, greetings

        And it’s workiing now.

        • Oscar R

          Excelent! i did exactly what you said and now it’s working.
          Thanks Christian!

        • AndySamuels

          Worked a treat, so easy – big smiles from Andy 🙂

  • Matt

    Any chance of getting the PSD source files so we can modify the theme to our desired color scheme?

    That would be great!!

  • Wow, this is really amazing, thanks for sharing this, and thanks for making available..!!
    Keep it up 🙂

  • Haoyouduo

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  • Juha

    Hey, first of all, I wanna say this theme is really great looking and works great.

    I went through the comments and didn’t notice anybody having the same problem as I have. I got the slider working just fine, on Firefox, but on Explorer it doesn’t start the slider. I tried to change the images from .jpeg to .png but it still didn’t work. Does anybody have a solution for this. Thanks.

    Oh, and I have the newest version of WordPress, 3.01

  • bs team

    how is it possible to change the purple “loading images”-picture at the top?
    thx for help, our site is .

    • bs-team

      ah, i don’t realize the .fla-file above. it contains the “image-loading”-picture and it is easy to change and recompile. have a nice time.

    • Belbesi

      hey you have a nice website,
      unfortunately i dont know but please can you tell me how you add text to the slider
      thank a lot you have a nice website 🙂

  • i’m using this theme for my blog. Great theme! I did everything fine, was able to get 3 images to appear yesterday. But today, there’s only 1 image that is showing. I have no idea why that happened 🙁

  • Choco

    I installed it as my theme but the pages at the top are not showing up, any help?

    • Olivier

      Did you try adding a menu?

      • Choco

        Got it! Thanks a lot! I thought it’s automatic, some themes do it automatic. Thanks Olivier!

      • Choco

        My twitter is not showing, I input my username, I also try but it tells me “No public Twitter messages. ” My tweets are not private.

        • Olivier

          It should be only the name you use to login to twitter (so not the url). Your twitter account needs to be set to public and ofcourse there need to be tweets on the account to show.
          Did you get any error message from the server? Perhaps your host doesn’t allow you to have outgoing connections.

        • Choco

          Yeah, I already set my username, but my tweets doesn’t appear. My account already in public. I haven’t received error message just “No public Twitter messages. ”

          I will ask my hosting support.