Axis is our new fullscreen portfolio wordpress theme. This is a premium quality theme with features on par with paid themes.The theme use WordPress 3 features like Custom post types, Custom taxonomies, Custom menus , featured thumbnails etc.  This will be a n ideal theme for professionals to exhibit their portfolio in style.

How it works?

The homepage of the theme is a fullscreen slider. In the admin panel you will have a separate section to add each slide and its title and description. You can adjust the transition effect between the slides and the slide delay. The following screencast shows how to create each slide.


At the Bottom right of the theme you will find a small toggler. That will pull up the thumbnail navigation of the slideshow.

The slideshow feature is Limited to the Homepage only. When you are on inner pages the site background changes. If you are on a single post page,the site background will automatically set with the featured image of that post. For any other page you will have an option to set a background image in the theme option page.

The theme also holds 2 custom page templates.

1. Blog page . You can use this page template to show your blog entries.

2. Full wide – Use this template to show a page with no sidebar

This theme will be fun to work with and it will make your site of premium quality.


  • Catalushka

    Im new to this theme, I downloaded the theme and tried to upload images to the main slide show. Not working at all. I followed the video and nope, I did all right and no image is showing! The slide show is not working
    how can I fix it?

    • Bucoholic

      Agreed, having the same issue, and no one is responding, not good.

  • Tobias Bornakke

    Thank you for one of the most beautiful wordpress themes I have ever come across so far 🙂

    In chrome (Mac) I’m experiencing a bug with the drop down top menu (see screenshot) showing behind the slider description. I have tried messing around with the z-index and the div positions, but without luck. Any suggestions?

    Many forums I have read talks about it being an opacity problem, but I’m not the strongest css programmer, so I’m a little uncertaint how to change it to work.

    Best regards

  • Hiếu Trần Trung

    Hi there,
    I’m a newbie. Could anyone help me to show me how to add play/button button ?? Plesaseee

  • Bucoholic

    using wordpress 3.8.1 and I am not able to get slides to work either. How can this be fixed!?

  • Bartom

    What a scrap is this theme? No slides with newest WP…
    Any suggestions how to fix it…

  • Bucoholic

    So are you suppose to reference the wtf_slide custom field somewhere in order for this to work? Per the video you don’t have to but it seems like that is the case!!!! Can someone reply!?!?!?!?!?

  • Bucoholic

    you need to add:
    $cimg = apply_filters(‘the_content’, $cimg);
    $cimg = str_replace(“]]>”, “]]>”, $cimg);
    $cimg = str_replace(“n”, “n”, $cimg);

    to the Header.php file. Do a search for
    $cimg = get_the_content();
    and add it directly under it so it looks like:

    ID, ‘wtf_slide’, true);
    $nimg = get_the_title();
    $cimg = get_the_content();
    $cimg = apply_filters(‘the_content’, $cimg);
    $cimg = str_replace(“]]>”, “]]>”, $cimg);
    $cimg = str_replace(“n”, “n”, $cimg);
    if ($i>0): echo ‘,’; else: echo ”; endif; //For IE sake add a coma BEFORE every image offsetting the first one.
    echo “{image : ‘”.$simg.”‘,title : ‘”.$nimg.”‘,desc : ‘”.$cimg.”‘}”;
    wp_reset_query(); ?>

    Thanks to Yost Kalasa!!!!!

  • Bartom

    Hi Bucoholic, could you please tell us what is this code change for? I supposed that it’s related with the fact the this theme doesn’t work with newest WP. I used this code but nothing happened…?

    Does anybody know why there are no slides with newest WP?

  • Francois

    Hi there, can you tell me how the pictures in portraits mode will reacts? Some themes crop inside the pic instead of framing them correctly inside the page…

    Thank you

  • Nathan S.

    Hi There. Great theme but I am having trouble because each new full page that I add automatically includes an irritating white border around the outside – no matter how big or small the background image is. I want my background color to be black, not white. I’ve tried modifying the code many times but can’t figure out how to change this. Can someone help?

  • Jensen Hendriks

    div id=”top” has a height of 60px. I need it to be 120px. When I adjust it in the css nothing changes. Suggestions? I’m trying to fit a logo in that space.

  • Jer

    I got everything up and running on PC Mac and Android but for some reason no images load for the slideshow on iPad, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. Anyone else with this issue or a resolution?

  • David

    Does anyone know how to change the Progress bar’s color. Ive tried replacing the progress-bar.png file but that doesn’t not change it!

    • Dawid

      Change the colour of progress-bar.png and then save with the same name. Then replace the file in the img folder. It worked for me…

  • craZy Alex

    How the hell in world i make this template working ???

  • craZy Alex

    help me please, i can’t make this template working!! Where i put that codes ?