Bronte is a 2 column minimalistic yet elegant theme from web2feel. This is a fab series theme. The theme has features like jQuery slider, Custom menu, tabbed content , Twitter feeds, Featured thumbnails, widgetized sidebar and footer, Theme option page, Banner ads, Adsense, etc.

  • Yummyrenato

    The slider doesn't work… in bronte theme

  • awesome theme! Does it need to have some plugin requirements for the slider to work?

  • Jack

    The slider doesn't work for me either. My inspector says that glide.css and slider.css are missing. Also for some reason if I add a custom background image and tell it not to repeat in the body tag of style.css, it repeats anyway. Very odd.

  • This is great theme, but out of the box on 3.0.1 I don't get any pages shown in the top menu bar? Everything else seems to work OK.

    • you must create your own menu with a wordpress 3.0 menu option

      • how do i do this???? i’ve tried everything and still can’t get it to work…

  • Adrienne

    Isn’t working!

  • Feebeth

    Same issue here… slider and thumbnail do NOT work. Disappointed.

    • Matthias

      Same issue here… disappointed cause the theme is very nice

  • To fix the issue : You have to change access to folder YOUR_DOMAIN/wp-content/themes/Bronte/cache/ to 775

  • Is it just me that gets the issue with no menu bar? What gives?

    • Kristy

      I can’t get the menu bar to show up either

  • Matthias

    Where can I adapt the pictures in the Jquery slider?

  • Dear jisona,

    i wanna make a showcase theme with this theme, can you tell me how to change main index layout?

  • Hgerv

    I love this theme, but I can’t for the life of me get the twitter feed to work. is there a specific way the ID should be entered? It just doesn’t want to display tweets for me

  • Podarki

    “Popular” isn’t working

  • Mats

    Where can I get the awsome images in the slider? I soo love them and would like to use them in my blog.

  • pds

    slider works after hours of troubleshooting.
    my way for a now starting blog: a new installation of wp 3.0.0.

    • Dharma3d

      Please share how did you do it!

      • My solution was making the cache folder inside the Bonte theme folder writable

  • This is cool. Great theme and I want to try it. How do I do this? Thank you for this post by the way.

  • Mippolit

    So Silly question…the banner images you see in the demo are NOT included?

  • Mippolit

    So Silly question…the banner images you see in the demo are NOT included?

  • I don’t know what’s wrong on my end, but I can’t get anything but the header to display! I also love this theme, but I can’t seem to figure this out.

  • Kristy

    I’m also having slider issues. It worked before but now I have nothing. Does anyone have any solutions for this?

  • wedhanta

    My posting image doesn’t want to came out in the main menu.. and my categories and serch doesn’t having “next and previous page”.. how can i fix this? T__T please help me.. thx b4.. (

  •  I have the slider working correctly, but all of a sudden it will not post any new images.  I set a featured image, but it is ignoring it.  I has 5 other posts working fine, but my new post it will not show the image in the slider.  I have deleted it, replaced etc.

  • curiouslucious

    great theme, but i can’t figure out what the “topbox” div does in the header.php – the div doesn’t seem to be specified in the stylesheet.css any ideas?

  • curiouslucious

    also, having problems with the twitter feed…

  • sanja

    I need help: my picture slider shows only 2 pictures and no posts. My Twitter feed is falling apart – first 2 letter are not shown and i cannot read the tweets correctly. how can i change that? i will switch to another theme even though i like this one but these things are not working. can i have an answer on

  • Pielemoos

    You can fix the thumbnail and slider problem by replacing timthumb.php with this one >

    • Nice try jerk.  I see base64 decode in there – I do not remember that being in the original code.  I WOULD NOT download and use that if I were anyone.  

  •  I love this template ! However, is it possible to keep the slider while putting a static page as homepage? At present, it does not work, are there a solution?

  • Alex

    To adjust the malfunction twitter feed just open the file “twitter.php” and replace the line “$messages = fetch_rss(‘’.$username.’.rss’);” with “$messages = fetch_rss(‘’.$username);”