, a neat way to monetize your website

Right off the bat I want to tell you that, this is not a paid review for buysellads service. I am just sharing my experience with buysellads service for the last 16 months. Monetizing own website should be one of the essential priority for any blogger regardless of the traffic and popularity of the site.  Now why should you monetize your small website ?

  • It transforms your website into a self sustaining entity.
  • It will help you pay for its hosting
  • It will help you pay for a CDN service
  • It will help you buy few new domains
  • It will help you pay for a subscription service
  • Probably help you do some shopping

My website is no Smashingmagazine or Verge to generate server scorching traffic. I get a modest 2000+ visits per day . So when I wanted to monetize my website, I naturally enabled google adsense. When optimized wisely coupled with traffic driving content with quality, adsense can be a great revenue source. But my website was all about free wordpress themes and being a lazy blogger I am, I did not do any aggressive blogging to generate a great return from adsense. As of now my adsense revenue is stable at around $1500 per annum.

Then I noticed Buysellads service being enabled on almost all popular blogs. I was not very confident about adding it for my website and making any successful conversion. But anyways I decided to give it a try. The process is very simple, you just create an account and sign in as a publisher. Create your ad zones set your price for the ad units and BSA will give you the ad snippet to embed on your website and you can be relaxed after that. When someone buys an ad slot on your website, you will be notified and you can verify and approve the ad. Your earning can be cashed out to your paypal account.

My doubts proved to be unfounded and my ad zones began converting from the very first month itself. With BSA advertisers has the opportunity to market their product or service to their most relevant target customers. Since is about WordPress themes and blogs, Template sites, Theme shops, hosting services find it an ideal community to market their product.

It is a great feeling to see that your website is generating passive revenue to support its requirements so that you can be relaxed about it. Since joining BSA has generated more than $5500 in ad revenue which really a sweet bonus from a modest website like So in my opinion even if you have a small blog I urge you to monetize it with the best monetizing tools available and I would recommend BSA.

  • Technobrand

    This is a really good review. Thanks for sharing and being open about your earnings. Will check it out

  • tshirtsindia

    we have applied recently for bsa , looking forward to get it accepted :).

  • webjsubash

    Yep jinson i have submitted my site. Hope they will accept.

  • BSA did not accept me. Very bad feeling 😀

  • Morris Lolong

    i am planning to buy a domain and apply my blog to BSA. is my blog acceptable to BSA?

  • Marek Gručák

    ███Premium Ready Made Websites For Sale!███

  • I can’t decide whether I want to trust these guys, and lose revenue along the way. I think it takes too long of a time for their program to kick-in and begin converting. I’ve got a few sites up and running with them, earning me solid amounts of money, but I can’t wait for alternatives to appear.