Releasing our new magazine style wordpress theme. This is named Calypso. Theme packs in features like a stylish layout and design, jQuery slider, Custom menu, featured thumbnails, widgetized sidebar and footer, Theme option page, adsense, ad banners etc. This is an ideal theme for your personal and business blog.

  • Dominicansoul

    es muy linda me gusta ya la tengo puesta en mi blog worpress

  • Info

    i am using this theme
    but there is one problem, that picture of the post is not showing
    can you please let us know how we can solve this problem.

  • Airh3ad

    how can i add menus and pages ?

    • You need to add menu manually. Just go to Dashboard > Appearance > Menus and choose which items (page, category, link…) you want to show on Menu Bar.

  • i have the same problem

  • i have the same problem

  • Airh3ad

    I create new post, i can't add picture as a feutured images. please let me know.

    • After uploading an image, you’ll see “Use as featured image” link at the bottom of dialog, just click on this link.

  • Daan

    I have also the same problem with the pictures.

  • please, somebody help us! : D

  • jinsona

    Along with the support request please include your site url where the theme is active.

  • therobloe

    Not having any problems, love the theme! Hoping I can get some tips on how to slow down the carousel though, so it takes a bit longer before sliding to the next entry!

    • You can do that at “tab.php”, on line 8 “auto: 2000” wich means 2 secs. I changed it for 10000 (10 seconds) and looks better 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Excellent, that worked great, thank you! Any insights on how to limit the front-page posts (not the slider or the ‘popular posts’) to a particular category? I’m kind of a newbie, just trying to build a site for a friend’s wedding 🙂

        • You’re welcome. In fact, I’m newbie too jeje, I started with WP for about 2 days ago :)…. why don’t you try whit “reading options” and the firts configurations is about “home page” o “front-page post”. Luck!

  • gmedina

    I am having a problem with the menu. I have pages who have parent pages. How do i get that to appear in the menu?

    • You need to add menu manually. Just go to Dashboard > Appearance > Menus and choose which items you want to show on Menu Bar.

  • Vinny

    hello, i have installed this theme and all was working ok until this morning, the slide isnt changing posts anymore, please help:
    website is

    thank you

  • Vinny

    Just relised its only when i have facybox galleryplug in installed that the slider stops working, any idea how to get both working together??


  • Kasper

    i'm having problems with the pictures as well… My website is I've added a thumbnail as shown in the video included with the theme, but the thumbnail doesn't show up on my website.

  • jinsona

    Theme uses the custom menu feature of wordpress 3. You will be able to adjust the hierarchy of the menu items from the menu admin panel.

  • jinsona

    Mail me your blog url and the admin access details.. I will look it up.

    • Kamalajk

      Hi, please help me with slider i checked all the possibilities but its not working

  • make sure your host/server has GD library installed
    GD Support enabled in phpinfo()

  • so that thea featured iamges/thumbnails will work

  • Airh3ad

    it works now featured images i just set chmod to 777 the cache folder . or
    Thanks great theme. guys post some problem if you encountered so that i can help you.

    • You shouldn’t do that, setting chmod to 777 might be a very dangerous work. Just use an image as featured image and then choose category which is displayed on slide, that’s it.

    • mario

      Muchas gracias amigo me salvaste la vida

  • Airh3ad

    set the folder cache to 777 it will works jus like mine.

  • Xethon


    I use your theme. Very great work!
    I have a problem, how can I add pages to the top-navi? There are only widgets for the sidebar and the footer. Thanks for your answer!

  • hotelsupplies

    I'm testin your theme but the menu of pages is not automatically published, what I have to do to publish menu of pages horizontally? I'm using wordpress 3.0.1

  • hotelsupplies

    to make menu working you have to call it foxmenucontainer .

  • where do I put that?

  • Matt

    How do i get the slider working? Is there a plugin? Where do the images go?
    Is there an admin section to sort it?


  • Airh3ad

    in my case i just set chmod to 777 on cache folder it works for me. please check.

  • Thank you! I'm using this for my brand new site. However I don't understand when you said “…if you want to change it you can find the Tweentime and Tween delay parameters in the sliderXML.php file.” in the Atlantis theme. I wish to make the slide moves slightly slower. And I also would like my post to be dated. How do I do that?

    Appreciate your help very much!

  • hotelsupplies

    pictures: cache chmod 777
    menu: ceate a menu named:foxmenucontainer

  • hotelsupplies

    I suggest to add the option to use for slideshow the description of featured image, because some people could have PHP or HTML code on the top of posts and then actually they are rendered as simple text on the text of slideshow and this look very ugly.

  • Matt

    ?? Is this for the slideshow?? Still dont know how to do it?
    Is there a video anywhere with instructions? On other themes or something?

  • How can I realise that my host/server has GD library installed? If it doesn't? Can I install it by myself?

  • jay

    Where to I put cache chmod 777? and where do i put fox… (i already made a menu called this)

  • I've set chmod 777 the cache folder, and I still have the same problem, featured images doesn't it works!! What else I can do? Help me please.

  • vAle.

    Hi! Good theme! but i don't understand how to work slideshow image. website is

  • Carlos

    I dont know exactly what i did, but it worked. I gave 777 permission on the wp-content folder and the give back the 755 on the same folder.

  • Unnown

    you have to use gif files then! No jpeg support sometimes and you have to mark “stick it to the frontpage” or sth like this.. greeds

  • hitman

    seems many of us are having problems with the thumbnail images, how do we fix this issue jinsona?

  • Dorin

    Hi, i have some problem with the pictures. When I write a new post and wish to insert a photo as thumbnail, even if i edit the photo it stil show the original photo.
    Is it there any posibility that the article which apear in the slideshow do not apear in the body of the site ? Or is it posible to set diferent photo for one article, one for the slide and one for thumbnail ?

    Thank you for the great theme and for the responses.

    • Images in slide and thumbnail is in different size, but they use the same picture you chose. Then I think there’s no possibility that we can choose different images for those.

  • Unnown

    use gif pics!

    • No, I have no problem with thumbnail image. You can use any type of supported images which are most currently common filetypes of images.

  • Xxx

    Thank you very much for theme. Beautiful ^_^

  • girish

    Thank you for such a great theme.just a small problem .My pages and categories are not appearing in header menu bar.What can be the reason?

    • Macifarm

      Thanks for the theme!
      1 problem is sidebox source
      font-size: 8pt; the source code, where can I rewrite?

  • hotelsupplies

    It look

  • Damzer

    I replace the timthumb.php for another and the images appears… try it and comment

  • You have to set it in the WP Menu.

  • agamedia

    Hello Guys

    how can i change the tempo of the slider to make it a bit slower ?

    Thank you

    • Open tab.php by Text Editor (Wordpad) and modify a value of auto (the default value is 2000 ms). I tried to change it to 4000 and my slide’s gone, I don’t know why. I changed it to 3000 and the slide runs slower a bit, that means a thumbnail and summery appearance longer. You can also adjust value of speed which is gonna affects to sliding-speed (greater is slower).

  • hotelsupplies

    I redownloaded Calypso and the timthumb.php it's the same, what do you mean exactly?
    Maybe you have downloaded it back from here?

  • newbie

    Hi! On Dashboard, it said that this theme supports 2 menus, but I don't know how to do that. I added 2 menus (see picture here:, but my site still showed one ( Anyone can tell me how to have 2 menus? Thanks!

    I want to decrease the text size at homepage, it's too large then it always take many lines (3 or 4 lines) on showing all words. How I can modify the post entry's title size?

  • C Mwa

    I use your theme but the timthumb don't work :s
    What can I do ?
    (sorry for my english, I come from Belgium)

  • hotelsupplies

    I suppose you can change it from tab.php


    I'm trying to get a new widget area below the “social links” and above the popular posts box. but sth. seems to be wrong with the css-stylings. this is what I did:

    adding the following to funtions.php:

    'name' => 'Newsletter',
    'before_widget' => '<div class=”sidebox “>',
    'after_widget' => '</div>',
    'before_title' => '

    'after_title' => '



    and the following to sidebar.php:

    <div class=”sidebar”>