Christmas wordpress themes for 2009

Christmas is here. This occasion always brings an unexplainable joy to our hearts. Everybody relates themselves to Christmas in their own ways. To me it is about a lots of cakes, wine, greetings, carols This time there is one more thing, that is Christmas niche WordPress themes. I did a search for Christmas themes across many sites and found that the number is much less compared to last year. I myself did only one theme and it was a white label design and it is listed among below. Following is a list of good Christmas themes released this year as well as previous years.

1. Christmas Theme from smashing magazine.


Demo | Download

2. Christmas and New year Theme from Smashing Magazine


Demo | Download

3. Christmas Days


Demo | Download

4. Merry Christmas


Demo | Download

5. Christmas Red


Demo | Download

6. Christmas Carol


Demo | Download

7. Vermilion


Demo | Download

8. Winter Red


Demo | Download

9. Holiday wordpress


Demo | Download

10. Silvia


Demo | Download

Happy Holidays.. Enjoy..

  • martin

    thanks 😉

  • serkan

    super worldpress themes :)))

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    Nice theme !! Great work guys! I’ve been looking for agood theme for hal a year now. I very much like this one and so will my readers.

  • HGH Research

    I can’t decide between Virmilion and Winter Red, they are both really awesome. Are you doing another batch for Christmas 2011?

  • Aut

  • Aut

  • Aaaw
  • LatoyaIMcClanahan
  • PaulaMNye

    Wow nice theme, thank you.

  • MadAtU

    you left out cheer