Create a stunning mobile app for your WordPress website in minutes with Mobapper

With more than 50% of Americans and 1 in 7 people worldwide using smartphones, mobile presence is no longer a fancy feature business owners and brands can overlook. Research has indicated that 57% of consumers would consider a competitor brand which gives a richer mobile experience over a brand which does not focus on its mobile efforts.

Up until a few years ago, online marketing was primarily about driving customers to websites. Now the question has evolved into how to follow them to where they go. And thus, mobile experience. One of the popular lingo which floats around marketing circles is Responsive Web Design (RWD), which is a design definition in which websites are designed to detect the size of the display on which the content is being consumed and reflects elements accordingly to fit into the screen. Implemented using CSS, a styling language, this feature is available with most of the modern web templates and is supported across content management platforms like WordPress and Drupal.

Although RWD websites provides a smooth experience to the consumer, the functionalities that can be implemented is highly restricted by the very same aspects of design which makes it responsive. And that alone is the reason why 85% of mobile users prefer a native app over a responsive or a mobile specific website.

Be that as it may, building a native app from scratch isn’t cakewalk either. App development is a meticulous process often trusted with experienced coders and comes with a hole in your pocket and an even more pricey development time which can extend up to months.

Mobapper is a powerful tool that content publishers can use to reach out to their subscribers without pouring valuable marketing resources into social media ads and email marketing. Published content are instantaneously and automatically pushed through a content delivery platform onto the native app residing in the user’s mobile devices.


Unlike many other services which offers HTML based content delivery apps, Mobapper is purely native. Implied, even in the absence of a reliable internet connectivity, your subscribers have access to pre-loaded content. Other features includes

  • Instant upload to Google Play and App Store
  • Control over content being pushed to the app
  • Functional updates and bug fixes to application at no extra cost
  • No other hidden costs

Setting up Mobapper for your site is as simple as three simple steps.

  1. Setup an account on
  2. Install Mobapper plugin from your WordPress dashboard
  3. Login to your Mobapper account and hit Publish


With the seamless multi-platform support, your content reaches the users on all their devices with no additional effort. This content on a touch of the button, is beautifully presented to the users on a visually appealing interface.

Giving a definitive mobile experience has become one of the cornerstones of consumer centric service policies of a business. With more and more brands jumping into the mobile experience bandwagon every day, it has become ever so crucial to conquer your own strip of land in the battlefield of the apps.With MobApper, you can effortlessly build your brand without taking a hit on your finances.

Mobapper is priced on an annual subscription model starting from as low as $10 a month. You can signup for a two week trial on the website and take your personal mobile app for a spin, free.

  • Eva Smith

    great post in designing web apps…
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  • Bobby Chahal

    Can i create app for my wordpress blog in same design with mobapper if i purchase annual license.

  • trisno

    verry easy but why i can’t use my icon to app..?