Dione is a special wordpress theme for web2feel fans. This is a videos showcase theme built on wordpress. It utilizes the Custom post type feature available on the WordPress 3 version. Please install this theme only if your wordpress is version 3 or above. You can use this theme to showcase your videos or trailers, just like a css gallery. The videos will open in a lightbox window. You can also setup a parallel blog section on the same template. You do not have to use any custom fields to get this working. There are video guides showing how to add videos to the showcase and also how to create a blog section. I hope you all will like it.

  • Robyk18

    poster and video don`t work ,i use the latest version of wordpress

    maybe we need a plugin

  • jinsona

    Whats your site url? Theme does not need any extra plugin.

    • Anonymous

      Hi,can i add a slider to the theme ?
      I tried some plugins but they all are only for posts,so i can’t put videos to slider.

  • Sean

    I use version 3.0.1,
    Why I don't see the “Videos” tab on my administration panels as on left of your video?
    Is it a Plug-in?

  • Alexrferguson

    My site only has 4 videos available. I see the theme_options.php file has the array for selecting more, but I don't get that option when I click in the administration area. The first thing I see in the theme options is the twitter id.


  • arfinsd

    To clarify, I only have 4 videos available on the main page. I have loaded more and when clicked, they are not available. I did see in the theme_options.php file where to add the selection for the videos….do I need to add anything else to get it to “work”, I still see only 4 even though I select 12 or 16.

    array( “name” => “Video Count Settings”,
    “type” => “title”,
    “desc” => “This section customizes the number of posts to display.”,

    array( “type” => “open”),

    array( “name” => “Number of images”,
    “desc” => “Select the number of images to display .”,
    “id” => $shortname.”_gldct”,
    “std” => “Select a Number:”,
    “type” => “select”,
    “options” => $number_entries),

    array( “type” => “close”),

  • arfinsd

    Saw an update to the above, but my layout is still messed up. For the 12 count,it lays out the first 4, then next row only has one video. http://www.cubemonster.com

  • arfinsd

    One final finding, there is a problem when the title is too long. I added the following to the titles: Eat Pray Love (August 13, 2010) …some release date and it throws off the layout on the main page after you get a number of items loaded.

  • dmc


    1 – Go to the option appearing in wordpress.
    2 – Choose to edit your template.
    3 – Go to home page template (index.php).
    4 – Place the following code in the template.

    <? Php
    $ Args = array ('post_type' => 'videos', 'post_status' => 'publish', 'posts_per_page' => 4, 'caller_get_posts' => 1, 'paged' => $ paged,);
    query_posts ($ args);
    if (have_posts ()): while (have_posts ()): the_post ();

    5 – Where is the 4, replace the amount they want to show in your post.
    6 – Done!

    I hope I have helped!

    My email is Ing.diogenes @ hotmail.com

  • arfinsd

    Thanks for the tip. I saw that changing the 4 and expreimented with it. It turns out that if the title of the video is too long, it throws off the entire layout of the main page. Also, I think there's an update where the 4 was replaced with $post_cnt. That part works fine.

    <? Php
    $ Args = array ('post_type' => 'videos', 'post_status' => 'publish', 'posts_per_page' => 4, 'caller_get_posts' => 1, 'paged' => $ paged,);
    query_posts ($ args);
    if (have_posts ()): while (have_posts ()): the_post ();

    Two issues I have still.

    How do I get them to go to the 2nd page or 3rd page if I have 36 posts or something like that. How do you get the paging to work?

    If you click on my links under my video posts, it doesn't bring up the right post either, I get a Post Not found error.

  • jinsona

    The theme has an option in the options page to enter the number posts to display on the homepage. You would not have to edit the template.

  • arfinsd

    If I enter a number like 36, does it automatically page after 12 videos per post?

  • lesmusic

    To change the number of videos?


  • Esf_blog

    Skins can translate in Farsi too?

  • javier

    I am doing exactly what it says to add videos, but it doesn't work… My website is: http://www.musicajustinbieber.com
    My msn: atencion@meloniamaster.com

  • Ravenmxc

    Hey Jinsona, is there a way to have the youtube box show a larger picture instead of the video?

    I like this design a lot, and am using the movie poster as the thumbnail, and upon clicking the thumbnail…it opens the original image (much bigger) in the popup window like you have for youtube trailer…is it possible to do that?? how do I go about doing it???

  • dmc

    Jinsona hello, I have the same problem is that when I go to 12 innings, I believe the option of giving the next, you say we must enter the choice of topic but I do not see where, if you could elaborate on what grateful.

  • jinsona

    Plz set your theme options and check that your host supports the timthumb script.

  • dmc

    My host is paid and everything is properly configured and supports timthumb script and yet does nothing.

    Maybe you can tell me if this part of the code I have to change anything.

    <div class=”postcover”>

    <? Php the_content ('Read the rest of this entry »');?>
    <? Php wp_link_pages (array ('before' => '

    Pages: </ strong>', 'after' => '</ p>', 'next_or_number' => 'next')); ?>
    <div class=”clear”> </ div>

    If this part or please tell me what to change.

  • Great theme! is there anyway for the popover window opening the youtube videos to instead open content from elsewhere – using an embed code? pls help!

  • dmc


    Solution for tickets when they go from post 12.

    1 – You have to download this file, called “PageNavi-css”, you can download from “megaupload dot com /? D = TJ6V09X7”

    2 – After downloading, locate it in this location / wp-content/themes/Dione

    3 – Open the following file located here / wp-content/themes/Dione/index.php

    4 – Replace this code:

    <div id=”navigation”>
    <? Php
    if (function_exists ('wp_pagenavi')) (wp_pagenavi ();)

    </ Div>
    <? Php wp_reset_query ();?>

    By the following:

    <div class=”navigation”>
    <? Php if (function_exists ('wp_pagenavi')) (wp_pagenavi ();)
    else (?>

    <div class=”right”> <? php next_posts_link ('Next Page »')?> </ div>
    <div class=”left”> <? php previous_posts_link ('' Previous Page ')?> </ div>
    <? Php)?>
    <? Php wp_reset_query ();?>

    5-Update and ready to go!

    PD: forgive my English, is that I do not speak and translate it through google translator, Dominican and I'm really not speak that language.

  • arfinsd

    Or just install WP-PageNavi, and it worked.

  • dmc

    hehehe good so much the better!

  • T Or

    bueno en este tema podría poner en los vídeos YouTube ?

  • T Or

    bueno en este tema podría poner en los vídeos YouTube ?

  • T Or

    good on this issue could be put on megavideo videos?

  • dmc

    claro, es totalmente facil, solo mira el video de jinsona y listo. y sobre si de megavideo, tambien se puede, mira mi web como la llevo. http://webmcd.net/

  • john

    When clicking on the thumbnails, how do I link to a URL instead of opening bigger pic?

  • Shazaam26

    Hello Jinsona i have problem to see poster on my site,do you have a solution here is my url—>

    Thanks for help

  • Nikki

    I decided to use this one for a fan site too, but having an issue with the video. I uploaded a vid to the media gallery and put the entire link in the video link field. Everything works fine but clicking the poster image, it just shows endless loading in the lightbox viewer…vid doesn't play. Is it just restricted to you tube page links or is there some other way to get this working? The video is a flv format. Not sure what to do with it.


  • Amro

    Really awesome theme .
    Is there any way to change clicking the thumbnails to go to a specific link instead of viewing a video ??

  • Stounemaster

    I have allready a website with some 250 videos, but posted on posts.
    i there a way to use those posts and convert theme into “video posts” ?
    thak you.

    • Stounemaster

      can someone help me please ?

  • cougar

    How i make page1,page2,page3…. ?

    Thanks for help

  • cougar

    someone help please

  • Gkhnx

    how do i use this theme like showcase. i mean when i click the poster (picture) wp must send me to content page.

    i don't want to play videos and video page.

    thanks anyway and worry for my bad english.

  • Sam J Dustin

    Hi Jinsona,

    I am creating a video blog and love your theme. I’ve been working with it for two weeks in Firefox and it works great but checked it the other day in Explorer and noticed a couple issues. I am hoping you have a good fix for me.

    In Explorer, The footer titles “Popular Videos,” “From the Blog,” and “Sponsors” do not show. Also the Sponsors box seems to be several hundred pixels lower (it does not line up with the other two boxes).


  • Dedenph

    Hi Jinsona,

    I have followed the instruction on the video, but nothing popup when i clicked the link and no posters either

    Could you help?

  • Hi Jinsona,

    My Blog: http://hblcinema.com/

    I have some issues:

    1. I upload 12 videos but home page display only 10.
    2. How rename “Popular Trailers” to “Popular Videos”.
    3. Popular Trailers not show properly they miss match.
    4. Sponsors not shows.

  • Sdr

    I really loved this theme and I worked with it for days to try to get it to do what I want, unfortunately time is not on my side and I’ve painted myself into a corner here. I couldn’t get the options to narrow down the selection of videos that appeared on the front page, this theme is badly in need of some advanced search features, or a way to use tags to only get certain videos to show. I’m sure someone knows how to do something with “genres”, however I only had a couple days to work with it and could not figure it out.

    As for you, Evil Genius, go into the theme files and go into bottom.php or a couple of files like that, and look up “Popular Trailers”, you can change that text to whatever you want. Save, and viola.

  • Solutions:

    1. After 12 Videos … Go to Next Page … By Using Below Plugin …

    2. Change Setting “Video Per Page”
    Go To Main Index Template (index.php)

    ‘videos’,’post_status’=> ‘publish’,’posts_per_page’ =>$postct,’caller_get_posts’ =>1,’paged’ =>$paged,);
    if (have_posts()) : while (have_posts()) : the_post();


    ‘posts_per_page’ =>$postct,


    ‘posts_per_page’ =>4,

    Now 4 Post Show on First Page … Change 4 According To Your Requirement …

    Visit My Site: http://hblcinema.com/

  • Mad_mission

    First, the Template is great!!!
    But how can I use this Template when it´s not for Personal use?
    Ok i´m not a reseller or something, but a friend of me needs an website for his small company.
    I have read the License for the template.
    But how to use this beautiful thing for commercal use?

  • Scott

    Great theme!
    Could you tell me the best way to place a logo.png in the header?

    • Scott

      Figured it out.

  • Scott

    How can I add film genre to the menu bar?

    • Scott

      Figured this out also . . .

  • Thanks

    Is realy beautiful theme

  • Raz

    The menu bar at the top next to the title doesn’t seem to be showing up. Is there any special way to set it up, or do you know what else could be causing it?

  • Hello All,
    It’s really nice and wonderful theme.
    I had a problem with the trailer poster, I had tried several things to fix it but it wont work.
    Kindly help me out.

    • Shazaam26

      Abdul must shorten the name of your pictures before uploading them, then pay attention to the sizes of your images. For my site only 3 letters for each image.


  • Marcus Cvjeticanin

    I have a question about the rss. If i want a rss feed of the new trailers coming up on the front page how can i do that? The rss right now is only a feed from the blog, i want a rss feed for both, the blog and the front page.

  • Admin

    Is there any way we can add videous from another website instead of youtube.com???

  • Nicole

    Hello Jinsona,

    I would like to change the permalink structure for mine. For example, instead of domain.com/videos/video-name, I would like domain.com/dvd/video-name. I’ve tried changing it myself but it always seems to go back to domain.com/video-name, which doesn’t work. Any ideas?

  • Brasil
  • Keri Miller