Ebuy is our new fabseries theme. This is a product listing theme. If you are an online seller with shops on amazon , e-bay or any other market place, you can list all your products on the Ebuy theme with sale page directed to your third party market place. Ebuy is not an e-commerce theme and it does not depend on any e-commerce plugin. This theme gives you a simple and elegant showcase for your products. The theme is powered with features like custom post type, taxonomies, custom menu, metaboxes, jQuery slider etc. Theme also has an options panel from which you can select to use this  theme as a product showcase or a blog .

Setup Screencasts

1. Ebuy theme options.

2. How to create product listing posts.

  • Hi, how to set the goods to be only 9 on the front page? Any idea?

  • Leon

    Hi I like the theme like many, I have managed to customize easily most things, yet I am at a loss how to fix the page navigation. You use pagenavi which puts a link at bottom of home page, when I click to go to page 2 I get an error page.. I have checked everywhere for ideas how to sort it out but nothing works.. I have my reading set to 9 goods, and have more that could be shown. I uploaded a fresh install on a test page witha fresh wordpress and same problem. I have checked your other themes and they work on page 2.. Is there an error in the code is something conflicting because of the use of several queries on a page? I have checked every workpress support page on this and tried many things, but at best I can reprouce home page on page 2 with first 9 items again.. I really love the theme and would hate to have to drop it for something else on a minor issue, but if you cant show more than 9 items easily, the shop is worthless..

    • Leon

      I fixed the problem in the end.. Get sf pages for posts plugin, then make a page, call it page, then use that as page 1, page 2 should appear.. Problem now I have is the slider stopped working since wordpress 3.5 update.. any ideas?

  • totok

    hi jinsona

    your theme is so lovely…

    but there is little problem with my online store…rumahgamiscantik.com shows around 14 items popular post in the sidebar…those are a lot list for me…can you give me a tutorial to make this popular post list become shorter..may be just 4-5 items…anyone knows really appreciated…thanks before

  • drea

    I am wondering how I get rid of the Buy Now button. Thanks!

  • poetoe

    the slider of featured products don’t apper,,why?

  • babandeep Singh

    Paging not working on this theam why soo??

  • CY

    How do i add amazon widget on right site?
    Is seem not working..

  • Hasith

    if anyone have image not showing problem then try making themecache into CMOD 777. its the only thing worked for me. Original setting I had was 755.

  • Trung

    I am using ebuy theme for my site. but when i update WP from 3.3.1 to 3.5 the paganavi does not work.
    at Homepage, pagenavi display 6 page (list of products) but when I click last page, NOT FOUND page is displayed. PLs advise how to fix this.

  • sanim shekh

    I am unable to get the featured images on my posts…
    > I tried changing the permission of theme/cache to 777 from 755 and then 755 from 777 both didn’t work
    > I checked my php version, its 5.2. Tried 5.3 too but didn’t work.. switched back to 5.2
    > Checked if I don’t have GD Library on my server, but it was there.

    Need help.. what shall I do?

  • Dragica

    I set my featured pictures but I can’t set featured page! All my pages looks like Page1 or Page 2..

    I want to have it like this:


    How? Any help?

  • MansyGraphics


    i like this theme so much,

    but i have problems with all images ,

    and am working to fix that now and i want theme developer to help us in fixing this problem please ..

    and soon when i fix it i will tell you how to fix image problems

    i was setup theme on one of my sites network : http://www.DesignBoox.com




  • Pierre L.


    First, thanks for your work and this wordpress theme which contains good ideas.

    Then, I’d like to know how I can make “Goods” post. Because, I don’t have any “Goods” section in my menu.

    Thanks for your answer.

    Pierre L.
    Marketing Project Manager

    • Martin

      i have tha same problem! you are solven this?

  • Pierre L.


    First, thanks for your work and this wordpress theme which contains good ideas.

    Then, I’d like to know how I can make “Goods” post. Because, I don’t have any “Goods” section in my menu.

    Thanks for your answer.

  • Pierre L.


    I’d like to thank you for this Ebuy Theme which is a very good idea, and the only one Free (with a great webdesign I mean). But I have a problem (and it seems that I ain’t the only one) :
    After installation, I can’t have the menu with “Goods” section. If you have an idea in order to get it, I thank you so much because I don’t know what I can do after tryin some things… Although It’s like my 8th or 9th wordpress website I do and every one got problems which needed a solution.


    Pierre L.
    Marketing Project Manager

  • Stark

    I love your eBuy theme. I’ve got a problem. It was asked before, but I didn’t see an answer. The ‘Page 2’ link on the featured products page doesn’t work. I get “Not Found! We’re very sorry, but the page you requested has not been found! It may have been moved or deleted.” How to fix this? I don’t want all of my products on a single page. Thanks.

  • Love your eBuy theme, but the page 2 link of the featured products page doesn’t work. I get an error message: Page not found. This was asked before, but I didn’t see an answer. I don’t want all of my products on a single page. Help, please.

  • Why so my comments here disappear within minutes? I have a problem. I understand that many problems never get addressed, but why is it that I don’t get to ask my question? Great theme, otherwise, but it sucks that I can’t fix what’s wrong with it and I don’t get to ask about it.

  • Liana Sprei

    Hi Jinson, the paging seems do not work when i click older post. why does this happen? is this because the wordpress version? i try to instal wp page navi plugin but seems does not help http://www.lianasprei.com

  • Anup

    FEATURED IMAGE PROBLEM FIXED. http://wpnepal.org/a-timthumb-error-has-occured-400-bad-request/ check this link.

    The problem I have is I can’t click on the second page. It says “page not found”. I know lots of people are suffering from this problem, if any one knows it would be great help

  • Diego

    Me too. I need help for paginator.


    Error 404 not found.

  • S.Nguyen

    For people with pagination problem

    Just copy and paste this to your function.php:

    function my_post_queries( $query ) {

    // not an admin page and it is the main query

    if( !is_admin() && $query->is_main_query() ) {

    if( is_home() ) $query->set( ‘posts_per_page’, -1 );



    add_action( ‘pre_get_posts’, ‘my_post_queries’ );


    • J.Henry

      Thanks a lot, finally found a solution for this annoying problem

      • johnhypo

        Can you tell me what’s your solution?

    • Brigi

      Thanks, it’s working!!!

  • Drea

    Hi how do I get rid of the buy now button. Thanks

  • toptop

    everything seems all right with my theme after a bit of tweeking , can any one let me know where the code for the menu is so i can add more products/pages to the top menu navi section it only shows 7 page links

  • vegeta

    pagination problem can’t be solved. change to another theme, see hot.quht8.com

  • Andreea Iulia Marcule

    I fixed all ebuy bugs + i made it responsive, i can share with you too. New version is more width for large screens.