Fabiano is a new theme from the fab series. This is a light  and slightly grungy minimalistic theme. This theme holds features like, jQuery slider with post thumbnails, Twitter updates, banner ads, adsense, theme option page, widgetized sidebar and footer etc.

  • Anonymous

    Love the theme. I’m new to WordPress in general so forgive me if this is easy and I missed it. How do I upload images to the slider? Also, the image I chose for my first post doesn’t appear on the home page beside the post link. I’m guessing I didn’t do something right. Thanks for the help.


  • mporter

    In IE I’m getting this error:

    Message: ‘document.getElementById(…)’ is null or not an object
    Line: 18
    Char: 2
    Code: 0

    • Sage Devine

      Did you ever figure this out?

  • Anonymous

    To add menus, go to Appearance > Menus > and add your menus. Once you save it they will show up.
    To add slider images go to your post and on the lower right hand side is a link called “Set Featured Image” click that, then choose your image from the gallery, select full size and click “featured image” link towards the bottom. You will see your featured image show up in the grayed out screen under your “insert image” pop up. Click the “close” button and you are done.

  • Nikki

    I’m having serious menu trouble with this one. I made the pages, added them in menus but they do not show up at all. Please help. Thanks!

    • Nikki

      Nevermind…I never could get it to work, so I switched out the menu script from another template from here and replaced it. Works fine that way. Not sure what the issue is, but you may want to double check. I did see the wp-nav option and I did have the wp-nav plugin enabled, tried both and no use. At any rate, that’s how I had to overcome that problem – in case anyone else runs into it.

      Just fyi – I used the elantris theme, went to the header.php file, copied the menu script and replaced it in the same file for fabiano. Works fine, as to child menus. Also had to add the menu css in styles as well.

  • Nikki


    Re the image and first post, usually you need 2 posts before they show up. To upload images, go to media and upload them there, copy the url to the image OR in the post or page, select feature image (for the slider) and upload the same way. Hope that helps though you probably figured it out already 😉

  • Rebecca

    What a terrific them. But unfortunately, I am unable to get the slider to work. Can’t figure it out. Everything else works marvelously. Do I need a plugin or something?? I’m baffled…

  • Rebecca

    Ah! I figured it out. It is not enough to simply add a featured image to the post. You must CHOOSE a category for the slider menu. Go to Appearance > Fabiano Options > Slider Settings. Choose a category from the drop-down menu, hit “Save.” The posts in that category must have images set as Featured Images, or the “Dummy” image will appear in the slider.

    Very nice theme. It would be beneficial to have a little tutorial for us newbies, though. 🙂

    • Rebecca

      Me again.

      The slider shows only ONE image. I have set everything properly… I added images to the most recent 5 posts for the category I chose for the Slider.

      Can’t figure out what’s wrong. I cleared my browser cache and tried the site in IE, too. The website is MrsMecombersScrapbook dot com.

      Got any tips? I’d really like to make this theme work.

      • Anonymous

        Seems like an active plugin on your site is conflicting with the slider script. Look for plugins with js files and try disabling them. I am guessing its the kontactr.

        • Rebecca

          Thx jinsona, just saw your reply. I’ll try it and get back to you. Kudos for a beautiful theme.

  • Rebecca

    Still can’t figure out why only one image is showing in the slider, when I have 5 set to display, and all have featured images. Anyone have any help? I’ve searched the web to no avail.

  • Rebecca

    Problem solved! You were right– it was the Kontactr js code.

    You the best!

    Again, thanks for an incredible theme.

  • Lynn

    Hi there. Thanks for the fun theme! I have a question about hyperlinks in the posts. For some reason, my links won’t work unless you are viewing the actual post. I’d like the links to show up on the homepage so that if the post is short, folks can hit the link easily.

    Anyone else have an issue with this?

  • I cannot get the slider to work either. Seems to be a consistent problem. Is there a fix?

  • Sbharath1012

    When the image is

    1. Inserted in the post and
    2. in the list of featured images

    The image does not come as a part of the slider but when the same image is removed from the post it does come as part of the slider.

    • Anonymous


  • Ilse


    What is Fabiano great. Does someone know how I can get 10 pictures in my slider. If I put the number 10 in the options, there are still 5 photos.
    I would be great if someone could help me.


  • Ummm…. FABIANO ISNT DISPLAYING ANY MENUS!!! To see, go to my website, ipois0n dot com. It’s a great theme, but there are no menus! How are my visitors supposed to go to pages?

  • How do I display ads on this theme?

  • G2

    Is i possible to remove the thumbnail (featured photo) on posts? I set my posts on content instead of excerpt and I wouldn’t like the thumbnail showing up on the post. Thanks!

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  • Hey there, I love this theme, but the sidebar, where it says Recent Posts, the text is overlapping. There is also the same colour peach bar – like the search bar, overlapping this area. Any idea how to adjust this?