Framed redux

Framed redux is a spinoff version of the previous photography/portfolio  theme Framed . Redux has all the features of Framed and then some. The most obvious difference is the design update. It is changed to a fixed width column layout. Another feature added is the skin option. The theme now supports 2 skins. A dark skin and a light skin. Theme user can set a skin choice from the theme option panel very easily. The theme also supports custom background feature.All put together Framed redux gives you an extended design customization freedom. There is a setup guide page which holds screencasts to help you setup and configure the theme.   The list of main features available in this theme are given below.


  • Features
  • 2 different skins
  • WordPress 3 ready
  • Custom menu feature
  • Custom background option
  • Customizable Nivo slider on the homepage
  • Home page layout options.( Blog and Slideshow)
  • Custom post type for the photos
  • Custom taxonomy for the photo gallery
  • Custom portfolio page with item filterable feature.
  • Custom gallery pages with animations
  • Prettyphoto effects builtin
  • Custom blog page
  • Widgetized sidebar
  • Customizable socialmedia links
  • Customizable ‘About us’ section
  • Theme option page
  • Setup Guide with screencasts


License terms: You are free to download and use this theme on your site. You are free to make modifications on the theme to suite your style. But you are expected to keep the credit link on the footer as it is.



  • Raido48

    cant see any categories in th eslider menu? What could be wrong?

  • Rowley

    Hi, i found this theme is not support Chinese character (font type) well who will shows “%$12&7^%7$29%8*” in the title, and the menu can not be linked with Chinese character also, may i know how to fix it? Thx a lot!

  • hi, 

    i already successfully installed this theme on my server hosting. Unfortunately my admin option page.. doesn’t appear such in video here :

  • sc0o8i3

    can anyone tell me how to show up categories in the drop down menu? is this Post Categories? If it is, it doesn’t work… Please assist me.

  • I can’t change the theme background using the skin settings. Any suggests?!! Please help!

    • YogaBlog

      I have have the same problem! Please does anybody know what is wrong???

  • sad

    hi quelqu’un peut me dire la dimension des images dans le diaporama

  • sad

    Can someone tell me how I can put the images in the slideshow

    • Lara

      follow the video tutorials and you’ll find out. You need to add them from the “photo” option on your menu (dashboard)

  • Lara

    Anyone knows how to add the “comment” link to the blog page? right now the comments shows only if you open the single post but I’d like to add the link also on the blog page…

    BTW, the theme is great and installing it is very easy if you check all videos, my only problem so far are the thumbnails on the footer which are displaying a bit mess, but since I don’t intend to add them I’ve just give up on that.

  • Lara

    Hello. I’ve trying to find a way to add the ‘comments link’ into the blog page, but I’m really new to this php thing and get pretty confuse with all these code…
    I’ve found this link:

    which tell me how to add a comment link into a page, I’ve tried to follow it but besides the fact that it add a link that says “comments to this post” the url is always the blog page. I’ve also tried to find the real link but seems it’s just too much for me.

    Is here anybody who can give me a hand and tell me please how to do this in a easy way?

    thank you and sorry for my english 🙂

  • Joia

    Hi. I love this theme… I would like to use it in my personal page.
    I have a question: “How to insert an image (900×100) on the header instead of a title”
    Thank you

  • How I can change the title for a logo png file?

  • Ovidiu

    The slideshow is not working. 🙁 I made a gallery, upload photos but it is not working.

  • juuust

    I like this them very much, but i want to change the background image. Does anyone know how to do it?

  • Debra

    i have professional pictures that are 2400 x 3600 px…what size do they need to be to completely fit in the gallery photo box? I saw where someone said 600 x 900 px and I changed the image size in photoshop, and tried to upload and replace, but the photos are still not showing up completely (they still looked cropped).

  • 1. Is there a place to change the logo?

    2. What are the preferred dimensions for the slider images (px)?

    3. The background image feature is not working.

    _______I upload under the background section & save. No Change

    _______I change background color with image upload = shows background in preview – NO BACKGROUND on save.

    4. FYI this download does not go by “Categories” for indicating which images go into the slider. It only has the option to create a separate “Gallery” for slider images. You have to select the gallery not category in order to have images in the slider.

  • Deena Elieff

    Do you have a free framed RESPONSIVE edition of this one? Thank you

  • oh thanks

  • Deena Elieff

    No credits link on