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web2feel is full of freebies. It has been only WP themes till now. But now I am trying to add something to it. Here onwards I am trying to release some freebies I design on my trusted Photoshop . I consider this an opportunity to fine tune my PS skills ( Which needs a lot of fine tuning to be done ) and in that process give something back to the community from where I learn everything. This UI kit is my first attempt. It is a psd file with some UI elements like, progressbar, form items, slider, buttons, radio buttons, media buttons etc. Do leave some comments about how you like it or hate it. The file is licensed for free use. So use it as you wish.

Download PSD

  • Emanuel Scariot

    The download is not working, please fix this. Congratulations for your work.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you. Please check the download again.

  • I have downloaded it properly without hassle. Thanks!

  • I have downloaded it properly without hassle. Thanks!

  • abc123

  • Kevin Pliester

    Nice one, thank you!

  • thank you me downloaded the pack

  • Subash Pathak

    Congrats for first work and good luck and best wishes for further works.

  • Everything works and looks great! Thanks!

  • Hi! You done a great Job. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  • Siwosi

    and you can get html code from here:

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