Gamezine is the latest free magazine wordpress theme for gamers, from jinsona designs. The theme has a dark grunge design with a fixed with 3 column layout. The theme is perfectly suitable for gamers and with some modification it will fit into any niche.

The list of features include
1. Magazine theme layout, with dark and grunge style.
2. Multi-level drop-down javascript navigation menu.
3. Featured post section with javascript gallery
4. Featured video section
5. Site wide customizable 125×125 banner ads.
6. Adsense enabled
7. Javascript thumbnail slider which links to posts of specified category.
8. About me section, which is customizable, including image and text.
9. Random news display with mini thumbnails.
10. Mini posts with thumbnails.
11. customizable top games section on the sidebar.
12. widgetized, dual sidebar.
13. Theme support
14. Custom theme option page in the admin panel.

  • Akido_akida

    hi, the slide picture doesn’t work anymore, can u send me the plugin for it? the thumbnail doesn’t work too, please send the plugin

    • O’Jr Ingabire

      Hey my name is Ingabire Olivier From Rwanda. I found that if you install this plugin, gamezine gonna works perfectly { t }.For other question just email at  Thx 

      • TheHacker01

        Necesito yuda para arreglar bugs. El CSS tiene errores.

      • Heather Mitchell


  • Vincent Lin

    Love it!

  • Nathaniel Bailey

    Nice theme, I have it installed at http:/ but it has some bugs and I have had to do a lot of work to get some bits / features working correctly or at least better!

    Now I am having problems getting the featured slider at the top working :(

    Also I noticed that when I post videos to the latest video section its posting the whole article in the sidebar when on posts page, all the other pages like home, categories and so on are just showing up to the tag but article pages are showing the whole post and I cant work out what to edit to stop this :(

    Any help with these would be great, please contact my via my blog if you can help out with the above bugs!

    • TheHacker01

      Yo también encontré bugs, ¿Me ayudas? Quiero arreglar el CSS

  • lazaroz

    how to get this tamplate and hao to use to my site this template for blogspot only.. tnx

  • Kapinoytv

    i use same themes on my blogger kindly see this..

  • Addad2002

    It’s a nice theme i’m using it here:

    • Guest

      Nice web page

    • TheHacker01

      Ayudame a ponerlo en mi web! Tengo problemas de CSS. Help me!

  • Philipe Nogueira

    Could adapt to the blogspot?

  • Philipe Nogueira

    Could adapt to the blogspot?

  • Philipe Nogueira

    Could adapt to the blogspot?

  • HNR

    hey i was wondering how to get the pages menu to drop down to select child pages. I have searched and search and cant not find anthing!

  • Madalin_forever2000
  • Live Cricket

    This was my first template for my blog. Best template ever!

  • Government Jobs

    Great template no doubt. 

  • Asescom

    is compatible with version wordpress 3.3.1

    • ika


  • Dimitris Abrazis

    i get an error while installing it

    Installing Theme from uploaded file: gamezine(3).zip
    Unpacking the package…

    Installing the theme…

    The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

    Theme install failed.

  • watch family guy

    nice post.keep posting good things.

  • TheHacker01

    Me anda re mal ayuda por favor! aparecen mensajes de errores cada minuto y está todo desordenado ¿será porque no es compatible con la última versión de wordpress? Ayuda! Alguien que me ayude por favor, explico mejor si quieren y pongo capturas de pantallas.

  • idriss naimi

    Nice web page

  • mpz

    Great theme. I’ve been using it on for 5 years now and still love it.

  • Kadosh

    Hello i need one tutorial, no display thumbnail, no display slideshow :( help me please!!!! mi blog is

  • JaiGuru

    The tutorial is grossly out of date and this theme does not appear to work correctly without intense manual editing. Which is too bad because, in form and layout, it is vastly superior to a great deal of the premium content out there. Remake this for modern builds of wordpress and sell it. You’ve got a paying customer right here if you do.

    • Heather Mitchell

      I SECOND the above opinion… this theme is the BEST i have seen and i would pay for it too… i LoVE it! i have tried other themes and i keep trying to make this one function, only i am not versed enuf to edit the code to do so… and lots of things are working – featured posts not showing images, no thumbnails show on posts for starters…. ps my site is

  • Brak Muhammad

    very nice thanks for sharing