In my effort to bring you more responsive themes , I introduce you to my new responsive theme Halifax. This is a WordPress 3 ready theme with responsive layout. Another notable feature of the theme is the masonry layout on the homepage. The theme is feature rich with most latest WordPress features.


  • Features
  • Responsive layout
  • WordPress 3 ready
  • Custom Menu
  • Featured images
  • Jquery Image slider
  • Masonry layout homepage
  • Theme options page
  • Banner ads


It is important to install the required plugins, which will be listed in the notification area once the theme is installed. Or else the theme will throw errors.

  • Alireza

    hi . very good theme jinsona . thank u

  • Amazing theme love it

  • AlirezaJ

    Hi My Dear Friends , We Translate And RTL This Theme To Persian Language …!
    Preview Link : http://demo.wp-premium.ir/?themedemo=Halifax
    Download Link : http://wp-premium.ir/Halifax

  • TOMM – TeamOnlineMoneymakers

    Question (love the theme btw):

    I dont see any of the post thumnails or any of the sliderimages (only the navigation).
    Already checked the settings (number of slides and category). All posts are using featured images but
    dont show up either.

    Please some help.



    Hi, I have a little question.
    I am working on localhost, but if I try to see the website from my ipod/ipad I cannot see the style, only the text. Any hints?

  • Jireh

    Hi, I love this theme that you made and I was trying to tweak some elements but it’s really tough. I was wondering if someone can help me out.

    Is there a way to centralize the text in the menu bar so that it will always align to the middle of the page? (Instead of now always stuk to the left). Thanks!

    • Jireh

      I’ve tried using ‘text-align: center;’ and ‘margin: 0 auto;’ and nothing seems to make the bugger move at all. Am I missing something here?

  • Halifax lick it.