• I can’t get the slider to work at all on this. The documentation gives almost no information.

    • Brent

      I spent a good hour or so cursing this theme until I realized I was overlooking a step after uploading pictures as Slides. Here’s what fixed it for me:

      When uploading images in the Slides control panel, verify that each slide has your desired image displayed as “Featured Image” and assigned to the same category in the “Slides” control panel. (If you click “Edit” under the slide you want to verify, the image should appear under the “Featured Image” section, and overflow off the screen if it’s especially large.) I thought I had done this properly until I opened up the developer tools in Chrome to see what images weren’t loading properly.

      To do that, load your page like normal then click View > Developer > Developer Tools. A small frame will open and display the page code. Look for then click to expand and view its details. Then look for and click to expand and view its details. You should now be able to see the HTML code for each image being called by the script. If you see any missing/empty image references, you’ll know which ones to fix in the WordPress admin panel.

      Hope this helps!

  • Murat

    How to add images to homepage slider? My homepage slider has one picture.

  • Jer

    Murat and Pete:

    I don’t know this theme, but I use one that uses a similar approach. The text above on the Helix theme download/preview page seems to be the gist of it. The key to slider themes like this is correctly sized images, one each to a post (of type Slide for this particular theme) with the image for the slider selected at full size in the Featured Image selection box to the right on the New Post edit page. Content of the post itself is usually irrelevant to the function of the slider, but affects how it’s displayed on blogs or in categories.

    • Jer

      OK…. My son wanted to use it, so I helped him set it up. The key is 16:9 aspect ratio on the slides. That’s the piece that was missing from the documentation. The image will rescale, so use some resolution in your width.

    • Jer

      Oh, and forget the bit about posts. It’s easier than that. On the admin menu there’s a new item called Sliders. Add New makes a new slide page. All it is is a place for a title so you know what it is, and a category, and a place to pick a feature image. Oh, and it’s loading an array with the slider info, so if you tell it there are four images, it has to be four and all four have to have feature images. For mine, I made a category called Sliders, and used that when it asked for the default slider category

  • Jer

    BTW, Jinson… really nice themes. Your Fab set covers the core blog genres cleanly and with style. Glad I stumbled on them.

  • Matt Eagle

    Wow, what a great theme! Thank you so much for this beauty. 😉

    How is it possible to replace the sites name (for example “HELIX”) with a custom logo (.png or .jpg)?

    Thanks in advance!


  • Darren Boucher

    Love the theme. I have only one problem with it. When the home page is viewed on a phone the menu doesn’t resize proportionally like it does on other pages, so my users can not see my entire menu. Anybody know how to fix this?


  • Carlos H.

    How I will put the same slideshow of home, inside another pages ?

  • Lester A.

    How can I remove the sponsor on the sidebar? Is that possible?

  • I would like to just disable the slide feature of the homepage and use only one image – does anyone know the way to do this? Thanks!

  • Nice theme i like it.

  • Alex

    Id like to remove the sidebar (with widgets) and make a full width page template. ive created the template but the content wont fill the entire width. Where i do i change this? Also does this theme work with creating a child theme from it?

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    How I make a full width page template