How to fix the WordPress MU and Timthumb issue

WordPress MU is the multi-user version of WordPress. With WPMU you will be able to run a network of wordpress sites from your WPMU installation. Timthumb is a popular image cropping and resizing script being used in almost all my wordpress theme to handle featured thumbnails or slider images.  But there is a problem when you install the theme on a WPMU network, the featured images does not show up. This is due to the difference in which the file directory paths of WPMU and regular WordPress.  But there is a fix for it which will help the growing number of users running my themes on WPMU network.

So if you are using a WPMU setup and not able to get the thumbnails to work on my themes then the following,

  1. Open the functions.php file in your theme and locate the following function snippet – . Once located delete or comment it out.
  2. Then copy paste the code from this snippet to your functions.php file –

I have tested this fix to work on a WPMU setup.

  • Eric Carvalho

    Oh hell! It just came on the right time! thanks a lot! Love your website!

    • sameer

       sorry boss i didnot solved this

  • sameer

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  • sameer

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  • syed hassan

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  • albertoo stylee

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  • Paul

    WHAT does any of that mean?!?!

  • yourbrandnames

    Great stuff!

  • Thermiq

    I tried your fix but it didn’t work 🙁
    “Featured images” still don’t show up.

  • Great! Thanks, but will this work for self hosted twenty eleven theme as well?

  • WTF? Why so little info on what theme(s), WP version(s) this is a fix for, please help all us like-minded commenters out OP?

  • Fixing WordPress MU and Timthumb issue is something that I hated as I found it very difficult before. Now after reading the fixing thumbnails is pretty much easier and I no longer have a problem with it. This post clarified many of my doubts. Thanks for the informative share.

  • Gordon Ramsorb

    My host made me rename timthumb.php because of security problems with the script. I wonder how hard is it to remove it completely?

  • damian

    how to instal this

    pleace contact with me

  • JC

    your fix work like a charm