In Search of a Perfect eStore: Top 15 WooCommerce Themes

Bright and modern, user-friendly and informative – this is a webstore that users will get a hang of. It should bring the pleasure of shopping online and be something more that just a bare framework of product grid with prices below.

An up-to-date online shop is more then just a shop. It successfully combines features of an e-store with the functionality of a blog website or portfolio page.  The layout of the page is not that straightforward, offering you such awesome eye-candies as full-screen homepage slideshow and flat design elements. Moreover, modern online shops not only expose products in a good light, but also put an emphasis on telling more about your company and your team. They allow you to have an avid blog section where customers may share their thought and comments.

With the thought of showing you a couple of such all-encompassing templates, we’ve selected top 15 WooCommerce themes that bring all this functionality to you. Why WooCommerce then? It’s a simple solution that allows you to achieve great results at the frontend of your website, without being too complex at the backend.

WooCommerce is an ideal solution for those, who are relatively new to running an e-store. It makes it easy to add and manage product and shop details, as well as set up a smooth checkout process and delivery. WooCommerce online shops run on a widespread and acclaimed WordPress CMS (Content Management System), which is the post popular website engine in the world!

So, what does it bring you? All the functionality of a modern e-store. You can select featured products, related and child products, set up up-sales and discounts for users. You can bring your best options alive with eye-catching banners and add some awe to your page with great photos in the animated slider. Moreover, you get a webstore empowered with a lively blog and interactive portfolio.

If all this sounds pretty good to you, then take a look at these top 15 WooCommerce themes and choose the one that will bring your enterprise to the new levels of success. You can try all the e-commerce templates on Life Demo to get a real-time experience of using them.


1. Motivating & Juicy Sports Apparel WooCommerce Webshop

Sports Apparel WooCommerce Theme

Details | Demo

2. Mosaic of Color: Images Depository WooCommerce Theme

Stock Images WooCommerce Theme

Details | Demo

3. Pet To Every Taste WooCommerce Website

Pets Store WooCommerce Theme

Details | Demo

4. Casting for a Big Catch Responsive WooCommerce Site

Fishing Responsive WooCommerce Theme

Details | Demo

5. All the New to Hear and See WooCommerce Template

Look Listen Play WooCommerce Theme

Details | Demo

6. Modern Touch Interior Design WooCommerce Theme

Interior Furniture WooCommerce Theme

Details | Demo

7. Comfort of Free Movement: Sportswear WooCommerce Website

Fragrant Smoke WooCommerce Theme

Details | Demo

8. Remedy for All Ailments: Drugstore WooCommerce Site

Drugstore WooCommerce Theme

Details | Demo

9. Ergonomic Furniture Responsive WooCommerce Webstore

Furniture Responsive WooCommerce Theme

Details | Demo

10. Saving Your Time: Software WooCommerce Webshop

Software Store WooCommerce Theme

Details | Demo

11. Luxury Experience: Tobacco Shop WooCommerce Theme

Smoke Shop WooCommerce Theme

Details | Demo

12. New-generation Hardware Responsive WooCommerce Template

Computer Hardware WooCommerce Theme

Details | Demo

13. More Than Just a T-Shirt WooCommerce Website

Any Taste TShirts WooCommerce Theme

Details | Demo

14. Supplies For Building Your Dream House WooCommerce Site

Universal Building Supplies WooCommerce Theme

Details | Demo

15. Blowing Smoke Rings WooCommerce eStore

Tobacco Cigars Store WooCommerce Theme

Details Demo