Irene is our new fabseries theme. The design of the theme is very different from regular wordpress themes. The elements like leather, paper clothe etc blend together very well to make a beautiful template.

The theme created for wordpress 3. It has features like custom navigation menu, jquery featured post slider, custom featured thumbnails, adsense, custom ad banner, widgetized sidebar and footer.

  • Rahul Verma

    nice theme it looks just perfect but i need some help with the footer on my site i dont know why it displayed twice
    hers the link
    thanks in advance!!

  • Nick

    How do I get the dark-wood look?

  • Jeanlombard2

    Very ..Very …Nice Theme….some people just know how to make something look good. Just want to know how to make the slider change slower..cannot find the speed setting in the code…help


    Under What License Are This Themes ?
    Will Someone Answer me ?!

    • They are free to use, unless a payment is requested, however, the themes use a linkware licensing protocol. Basically, this means that there are links posted at the bottom of the footers that you cannot remove. The link areas within the footer files are encrypted. However, I imagine that if you found a theme that you really liked, Jinsona would offer you a licensed version without the linkware for a fee. But, don’t quote me, as I don’t know for sure.

  • Maihung1401

    Nice. I just download this theme for my website. . Thank you.

  • I love this theme, but the reply button doesn’t work. 🙁
    I use it on my blog – i translated it to portuguese –

    • Kovagokristof

      Same problem. Any solution?

  • nice themes, thanks

  • Marc-André St-Pierre

    Can’t see images unless I load them through «Image à la une»(sorry I don’t know how to say it in English). So, If I use the Javascript «Publish an article»(in setting) I just can see Text but not image included.

  • G2

    broken theme….and i really like this one 🙁

    • Rico

      Yes sir but this link has repaired sir 😀 , check my site > Katalog Ibu

  • how to get twittermessages on the page? Entering the twittername is not succesfull.