Jetpack for WordPress

Now available to self-hosted wordpress installs, Jetpack offers an impressive range of functionality and information to supercharge your blog. Jetpack is a FREE plugin that offers features such as: Stats: Detailed statistics with no additional load on your server.
Comments: Gives your users the ability to use Twitter and Facebook accounts when commenting on your site.
Subscriptions: Your users can now subscribe and receive notifications to posts and comments via email
Contact Form: Easily insert a predefined contact form anywhere on your site
Sharing: Powers your users with the ability to share your content across multiple social accounts
And more: Spelling and grammar, ValutPress, Gravatar Hovercards, Shortlinks, Shortcode Embeds, Beautiful Math, Extra Sidebar Widgets, Enhanced Distribution.
What we liked?
Jetpack offers a powerful array of functionality that in the past required 10’s of plugins to complete, and best of all its created by and for WordPress. For 1 plugin it sure does a lot well!
Rating: 4.5/5

Install: Admin > Plugins > Add New > Search for “Jetpack” > Install Now

Author: Justin Brooks is an eCommerce Consultant for InfoCentral a specialist retail software company in Australia. As a long time user of wordpress, it’s easy to see why over 54 Million websites and blogs use WordPress.

  • BigZ

    had no idea Jetpack even existed…opps!

  • GoWebBaby

    Really the functionality of JetPack is good. I will tell you about the performance when i completely analyze it.

  • Gayle

    agreed Justin, it’s no wonder WordPress is the number 1 in the world. Out of the box they offering some very feature rich functionality.

  • Sam

    Jetpack is a great plugin, if you don’t know how to use there is a pretty good tutorial on how to install it and connect it to right here.