• Viki Jancik

    Thank you for your all new themes… AndroidWiki.sk

  • All of your theme are very great!

  • Another great theme! thank you!

  • Epresent

    You are simply superb. Hats off to you.

  • Awesome work, as usual. I have a couple of questions if you’re around – 

    1. will you by chance be upgrading any of the older themes to WP 3.3 compatible? 
    2. On the Myst theme, the theme options vid didn’t work, is there another option online to see it?
    3. Is there an easy, down & dirty way to make adjustments on themes such as Hector, where the post excerpts that are boxes can be modified to show horizontally, like themes such as Gears? Some of them I really like but (preference only) I don’t like the box style posts. Just wondering if it’s easy to change from one sort to another and if so, where would it be done?


  • great theme !! you are the best !

  • Excellent theme, thanks for sharing with tutorial

  • The best, great theme for free, is this true? 😛

    Best Regards 😉

  • Shabestar

    for me not load thumbnails as i use WordPress MultiSite. 
    please help!

  • Wordpress98


    your theme is very best

    we translated this theme to persian : http://wp98.ir/?p=1426

    very best

    • Anonymous


    • Ashish

      Can you make it for the blogger use?

    • razor

      Che ali! Vali kharabe…

  • Chaldaeus

    Hi! Thanks for the theme! It’s cool! Please, help me! I use 3.1.1 WordPress version, but can’t create the header menu in “Appereance”. What’s up?)

  • Anonymous

    I can’t delete the default types of jobs, what can i do? help!

    • Anonymous

      Thats right, the default job types are preset in the theme. If you open post-types.php file you will find the code for it. It will be under the heading “Add custom terms” . You can delete  or comment out to avoid the default job types being registered.

  • thank you very much

  • yes

  • Love it

  • Ali S. Jamal

    This is impressive jinsona, keep it up

  • gfa

    There is a way to show thumbnails in the Jobs page? Thank you for your work.

  • Great theme for job listing sites.. thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • This is a great theme! Thank you for sharing it with us. You should start a theme club. Maybe start off charging $20 a year. I would certainly join if you did. Your themes’ quality is definitely worth it.

    • Shut up…We all know that developer has done a great job and if he is giving this for free why you have the problem…There are many like me who can’t pay.If you really feel like paying off to developer then just donate him

  • Sorry, I suggested that you should start a theme club and charge a yearly fee, but these themes need to be updated to fix the bugs, and most of them just don’t work. I wouldn’t pay any money for broke themes, and I won’t be using the free ones either, because they need to be updated.

  • Will

    I love this theme, I have customized it to fit my needs and I can’t seem make the Page Navi show on the Main Page when showing the Job Listings, I have the default setting within WordPress to show 20 posts per page and that works on the Job Type Listings Pages but not on the Main Page! Anyway of making this work?


    • Zapa

      Have the same problem. Has it been resolvef? if so how to fix it. Next page is very important you cant have this great theme without a nrxt page not working.
      Thank you.

  • Peratik


    1. I need to activate comment on each job that users can post their comments under each job. please let me know how can i?

    2. How can I add a new field (under company name field) ?


  • Peratik

    Hello agin,

    3. How can I add “members gateway” like as your tutorial.


  • hi, love the jobpress and will be adding it to my site in the future, thanks

  • Alimlik

    Hello; theme is great. When you post new listing without uploading image, it doesnt show default image and it looks not very nice because of not having dummy image. How to fix that?

  • Angela

    Hi, I’ve download this theme and I’m testing it. When I create a job post and publish it didn’t show … it appear at homepage and when I click on the post it says: not found! What I’m doing wrong?

  • Blogger

    Can it be converted to blogger??

  • Rahulr

    how can i bring all jobs to my index page as you shown in the theme preview..???plase tell me..

  • planetaid

    where can i post my job on the website? Here is my website: http://www.Planetaid-clothesrecycling.org

  • Kristina

    Unpacking the package…

    Installing the plugin…

    The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

    Plugin install failed.
    Could you help me how to make it work?

    • Nijjwal Shrestha

      This is not a plugin, it is a theme. So, login to as administrator. Go to Appearance> Themes > Install Themes > Upload > Browse and upload.

  • Ashish

    Can any one convert it for blogger use??

  • karir99.com

    thanks for this theme, i want to use it in my job site

  • Muhammaibn

    Hi, Great theme! how about php script to send a form for ‘Apply Now’ with upload for CV instead of opening the email client?

  • Zero

    Next page to not found !! Pls http://mywebsite.com/page/2

    • Barry

      Same for me… Any ideas?

  • Hello123

    How to guest register ? Pls

  • Hi, how can I submit multiple jobs in one time?

  • Samir

    Great theme! Very customizable! This theme is the reason I started to use WordPress and where Joomla falls short.

    I have only one issue: the apply-button. I want to offer the candidates some ‘structure’, some basic information to provide(like name, phone, upload/attach CV) . Problem is, I don’t really have a clue how to do this. I could make the button link towards a form, but since the buttons are ‘universal’, when the forms are applied/send it will all have the same subject. Or I should somehow be able to add some body text to the mailto link, but I don’t believe this is possible. Got any ideas?

    Thanks in advance; keep up the great work!

  • Barry

    I’m having an issue witht he thumbnails, they are broken. Ive tried changing the cache folder and files underneath that to 777. It didn’t work? Anything else I can try?

  • how to enable mobile theme or mobile version of this theme?? i tried to use some mobile theme or plugin, but doesn’t work, only show blog post, iso job vacancy

    • wisemonkey

      julian – did you find a solution for mobilizing this theme?

  • Hilary

    Hi 🙂 this is a great theme!!!
    i was wondering , i think i have a bag in the theme with multiple job type. is there a way that i am missing something about the possibility of a job to have multiple job type presented in the homepage and in the single job post? for some reason – it only shows me 1 job type….

    Thank you so much for your AWESOME work!

  • Barry

    I think that upgrading to WordPress 3.5 just broke my installation. Pages wont load from links, only the frontpage jobs list can be seen.

  • MurphY

    Thanks Jinsona your themes are great and unique.

  • nick

    Won’t install for me?

  • nick

    Won’t install for me?

  • nick

    Won’t install for me?

  • nick

    Won’t install for me?

  • nick

    Won’t install for me?

    • nick

      Was trying to install it as a plugin lol :/

  • Ian d

    Hi there,

    I’m having an issue with the theme unfortunately, lovely as it is.

    On submitting a job this appears under the main page;

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/bsound/public_html/jobs/wp-content/themes/Jobpress/header.php:2) in /home/bsound/public_html/jobs/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 876

    Shame as everything else works and its really clean and easy to play with.

    Any help appreciated and have tried on another site so it must be the theme.



  • shteca

    Fantastic theme and really great features.

    I just have a couple of questions;

    >Do you have the PSD for the logo so I can make it into my company name?
    >Can you update the theme so that the Apply To Job button just brings up a form requesting the applicants Name, Email, Phone Number and Upload A CV.
    >The blog page is not working for me. I set a page template to Blog but then it just shows Home as the only article. How do I work the blog? Is it meant to show Posts? What are you meant to do, I cant find a tutorial.