Jacosta is our free premium theme from the fabseries. It is a true premium theme with an attractive design, color scheme and a 3D rotating carousal. The theme hosts other features like Twitter updates, adsense, ad banners, widgetized sidebar and footer, custom menu, custom featured thumbnails etc. Requires WordPress 3 to run this theme.


    Plz Design an AJAX Theme

  • Great theme… nice, clean design…

  • Ptull0208

    I love this theme…or at least I love the way the demo works. I CANNOT get that featureCarousel to work for anything. Any chance of a troubleshooting guide coming soon?

  • Excellent theme… I love the colors… thanks…


    is any way to put carousal to be rotated automatic

  • John Aspinall

    Ace theme, however, the feature Carousel doesnt work in IE6 or more importantly IE7. I get Javascript errors at the bottom of the screen and the Carousel fails.

    Can anyone suggest a fix for this?

    • Gnagel

      see my comment it should fix the theme


    i need help replacing slide pic for the 3d carousal CU3ER type like ATLANTIS Themes

  • Lewymarcin

    The theme is very beautiful, but unfortunately the slider with the pictures doesn’t work in Internet Explorer browser. Can you help me how to fix that? What should I change, to get the full functionality (with slider) also on IE browsers. The trick with deactivate all plug-in didn’t work. Maybe there is another way to. Please help me.

  • Gnagel

    Found fix for IE
    in slide.php delete the comma after 80 on line 6

    • abby

      thanks!!!! i was getting mad…

  • Jonssondesign

    Hi! I have a problem with IE.. I did what Gnagel said, i removed the comma “,” after 80. So insted of:

    topPadding: 80,

    i have now:

    topPadding: 80

    But i can’t show my slide in IE anyway.. Is there anyone who know’s that to do?

  • Marcus

    I can not activate the menu … what must be done?

  • does the slider work with video? Can you load a youtube video inside of a slider thumbnail pic?

  • Carla

    Great theme! How can I use the excerpt instead of the body of the post as the image caption in the slider? Thanks!

  • Techman

    how do you get the Carousel to slide automatically

  • Ryan

    How do you get the menu to work to show pages and categories?

  • Axdiseno

    Thanks for Gnagel, slide in IE 9 works!.

  • Igor

    I need to add an image to the left of the title text of the site, just above the menu, but I can’t. How can I do this?