• fazel

    has a error

    • Guest


  • Dan

    The theme documentation is not clear to me….is it mandatory to retain the banners on the template??? or is it just a suggestion and I can remove them??

  • Guest

    Would be nice if the twitter, facebook links at the top refereed users to a specific fan page, and also for the RSS and Google+ links to be removed

  • Shafiul

    Thank you very much for creating such a nice theme. I’s looking for such a nice theme for a real long time. Now I can complete my online fashion magazine. Though I’ll change some of the codes, but I hope Web2Feel won’t mind 😉

    • azul

      what’s your site URL??

  • Alvatros

    Slider doesn’t loop. There is a new version of FlexSlider. Is it safe to replace the jquery.flexslider.js with the new version(2.2) to see if loop works with that version?

  • veggiemate

    Nice layout…..I like it, but unfortunately it’s not responsive which is what we all desire these days. Any chance of you updating to a responsive format 😉

  • Sebastian R

    I love this theme! but I need just one page without the sidebar (I need all the available width for my content) but I still don’t get it. How could I do it?. Thank you!

  • Rodrigo Iglesias

    The slide doesnt works in 3.6, anyone knows why? Finally I know why… the aq_resizer.php has been deprecated. You should use the new one. Its here:

    • Rodrigo Iglesias

      And Im using other theme, but I feel it must be the same issue

  • imamzw

    Please fix this theme. It’s an error for the slider.

  • mohammad wasim

    Hello everyone,

    can anyone tell me how do I remove this section from this theme : http://prntscr.com/2gh2jj

  • Sana Fatima

    how i can download this theme free ?

  • G.O

    how can i download kent them.please reply soon.thank you.