Larisa is the new theme from fab series.  It is designed with a brown, red and white color scheme.Theme have  features like, slidedeck slider, custom menu, custom featured thumbnail, twitter updates, adsense, custom ad banner, widgetized, sidebar and footer etc. Reqires wordpress 3.

  • I love this theme. How to change the font type of the titles which appear on the mainpage? Thanks!

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  • Solusi Health <- i try to use this themes for my school.. cannot show image, please tell me why? thank you

  • Taladi4seo

    I liked this theme very much among the recent uploads….I have activated this for my site but it is unable to show images in posts and jquery header….So, please reply with better solution..And the URL: for reference is not working… plz plz ..waiting for your valuable reply.

    • Admin

      i Have recently used this theme on the website again u can check it nw 🙂

  • lingo



    under what license are this themes ?

  • C.A.

    Hi, I really like this theme, the best I’ve seen, congratulations.

    But I have a question, there will be some way to that when clicking on the news (on top of the head, where news out of 5) open the original post?

    It does nothing, only show new news but can not go directly to the source of it.

  • Maaaan. You’re going to have to stop being so awesome. I can’t decide which one I like best! Then there’s that dread that as soon as I settle on one you’ll add some new awesome ones and I’ll like those even more!

    Great work though. Thanks so much for making these. You rock.

  • Guest

    I have used the theme on my website . you can check it here

  • Guest

    can the slider scroll automatically with this theme/

  • Clayton

    Slider don’t work in Firefox 22. I don’t know if I need configure some functionality in FireFox. In chrome works fine.

    • Clayton


      • Tim

        Im having the same issue. Does anyone have any advice on how to fix?

    • Gerend

      True sir , this script incompatible for firefox 😀 Klubindojob