Leon is my first fully responsive wordpress theme. What is a responsive theme? A responsive theme means  it will adjust the theme layout according to the screen size of the media. So the theme will have a different layout while viewed on a computer screen , on a tablet or on a mobile browser. This will be adjusted automatically. Thanks to the awesome Skeleton framework . Apart from that the theme is WordPress 3 ready, and has custom menu feature, featured thumbnails, widgetized sidebar and footer, theme option page etc.

  • Wptheme.net

    awesome theme you are great jinson

  • 3x024x

    Its A Innovation From Web2Feel !

  • tehank you very much

  • Brilliant theme, thank you.

  • Milo Strecker

    Great theme. thanks! ow can i get rid of the sponsors entry on the right side?

  • Milo Strecker

    The images to the post won’t show up on my website. I exactly did like it is shown in the Video. Does anyone have a clue?
    maybe you have a look yourself here:

  • Jordan

    The humbnail images to the post won’t show up on my website. Why?

    ::php5 and gdlib is enabled::

  • Petertorus

    anybody tell me how to add google image add as a part of thumbnail on main page

  • change your theme folder attributes to editable, that should help with thumbnails

  • Problem solved

    I had prolems with images while I was using 000webhost…

    Now I’m using x10 hosting and everything is OK that should solve problems….

  • theme you are great jinson

  • thank you very much

  • Thank you for theme.

  • Gosiah23

    Hi Jinson,Thank you so much for this great theme.

    Somehow I have problem with
    this theme. I need a help with a vertical alignment of the input fields. I want
    the text input boxes to be aligned with each other. Please take a look: http://www.carteretcountyforeclosures.com/foreclosures/

    This  search form is in the IDX Plugin. This misalignment
    is happening only in this Leon theme. If I change the theme everything looks
    great. So I suspect that there is something wrong with this style.css.

    Could you please help? I’ve spend so much time for searching
    for resolution of this and nothing seems to work for me. Thank you in advance for your time and effort. 

  • rodrigo romanatti

    Hey. Love the theme .. thanks!

    I’m having trouble changing the name of the site as soon as I do …?

  • AO

    Hello nice work but problems with images in post, because it won’t resize it when it’s wider than the content area. Here is an example: http://img525.imageshack.us/img525/1839/problemwithimages.jpg Could you help me with this?

  • minihole

    감사합니다 잘 사용하겠습니다

  • very nice theme

  • Noemi

    Hi there, I have the same problem, featured image thumbnails won’t show up on the site. I’ve tried several plugins etc, still doesn’t work. Can anyone help? Does anybody read this ? 🙂

  • gamaroom.com

    Why it does not work well in IE

  • raj

    hi this is nice post i found ever on the website

  • Tayce Wilson

    Thank you for this theme, it is really nice. I am having trouble making a full width template, as the style.css doesn’t have the usual #content div defined!

  • Vicky

    How to add costume logo to this theme?

  • Alex

    Hello, I want to change the complete website in font times new roman. it doesnt work!!!! can anyone help me? its very urgent.