Marine is a 3 column magazine type wordpress theme from This is built for WordPress 3 version and it uses features like, custom menu, custom post thumbnails, jQuery slider, widgetized sidebar and footer, Banner ads, adsense, theme option page etc.

  • Catozzi

    excelent theme I like it

  • Philwebservices

    very nice and cute design..I like it..Quite simple ,easy to modify and wonderful theme..

  • Dee

    can this template use in blogspot?

  • Marty

    Menu is not showing up for Categotries or Pages???????????? I’m using WP version 3.01

    • Marty

      nevermind, I missed the custom menu part. Got it. Nice theme. Thanks!

      • Koston Untld

        i want to make children categories from some parent ctegories..
        can u help me marty??how do it???i’m cnfsed

  • shawnemon

    Hey, but why is the footer section not working…?
    Is there any special settings that I need to make?

  • Viki Jancik

    i don´t heve page. Please help. Sorry I´m from Slovak.

  • Fazza

    Lovely theme but there appears to be an issue with the slider in IE in that the image breaks then reforms. It does not occur on your demo running under WordPress 2.8.6 – but you can see what I mean at

  • Ursameister

    hi, love the theme, but is there any update for IE8 and slider? is my site an FF run perfect, but IE is bad

  • Nicogrungelo

    This really god theme for a wordpress-greettings from Chile

  • Lewymarcin

    The theme is very beautiful, but unfortunately the slider with the pictures doesn’t work in Internet Explorer browser. Can you help me how to fix that? What should I change, to get the full functionality (with slider) also on IE browsers. The trick with deactivate all plug-in didn’t work. Maybe there is another way to. Please help me.

  • Ally

    Very beautiful, also well done and clean theme, thx a lot.

    @Lewymarcin: have you thought activating the slider: Marina options > Slider settings > Slider post Category
    Otherwise it doesn’t work 😉

  • Shihong82

    I would like to buy this theme to remove the footer. Can I know how much need to pay ?

  • I would like to buy this theme to remove the footer. Can I know how much need to pay ?

    • me

      You can remove the footer information in the php file

  • Ally

    It seems that the theme doesn’t like the 3.1 WordPress version: the menu displayed on each page of the website doesn’t display.

  • hello there,same erroe on this template.. i tried many times but unable to download this templete, the error msg “Nothing found for download” appears everytime, is this templete exists, please provide me the download link.. thank you

  • Mosaferkouchoulou2004

    nice but categories and pages are’nt be shown in the bars ….

    • Mosaferkouchoulou2004

      sorry…. i got it…. i should set nav menus

      • Mauritzio

         how di you manage to fix the menu structure in Web2 feel’s marina theme

  • Beautyful theme, but i have problem with Google webmaster tools: it is a 404 error with all posts and pages, the theme generate links for all with this extension      /Banner-3 url   (or1,2,3,4) 
    what is the solution ?  thanks a lot

    home example= url
    page example= url
    post example= url

  • Mauritzio

    I just L O O O O V E  this theme. Best magazine I have ever seen all up (no joke) but I can’t get the top menus to show in latest wordpress. N E workaround?

  • rohatyn

    perfect theme

  • jebtech

    problems with slider, it doesn’t display images? Any clear directions on how to configure slider or on how to disable it? We’ll appreciate the help.

  • Sara

    FYI, the theme is called Marina, but in the description you say, “Marine is a 3 column…” You might want to fix that. 🙂

  • lolita

    I love the look and feel of Marina. Thank you. I would like to make the banners open in a new window and don’t find how to do that. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • Julie

    I’m not able to download the compressed zip file ~ I get an Adobe zip file. I tried to upload it onto WordPress & it gave me this message: “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css style sheet”. I’ve tried making adjustments to my Firefox browser & tried using Internet Explorer… Any help or ideas would so appreciated!

    • david

      I had the same problem. I went to my browser’s preference. There should be a box that says something like”open safe files after downloading”. Uncheck that box. It means keep the files zipped and unzip after download. Hope that helps.

  • Michelle

    Any ideas as to why I am getting these errors? I’ve downloaded and installed through FTP and through WordPress with the same result…