Medusa is another adorable theme from web2feel  fab series collection.  This is a WP 3 ready theme with features like, custom menu, jQuery featured slider, customizable widgets on home page, featured thumbnail, twitter updates, banner ads, adsense, theme option page etc. The theme is designed with a green and white color combination, sort of an eco-friendly design, don’t you think?

  • I love this. I have a question about the slider – it works fine. What is the proper parameter to make it strictly manual instead of auto slide? I see auto:3000 but instead of making it longer, I’d rather set it to manual.


    • Anonymous

      Just delete auto:3000;
      Its manual then. cheers

      • Thank you so much! Have I mentioned enough how much you rule?

        • Manpreet

          how to change the background colour Green and grey

  • Bruno_sousa77

    Hi Jinsona! Your work is amazing! But I have a question on this theme! The images in the slideshow works perfectly, but in the list of posts (not in the post) when we see the list of themes and some content of posts,images appear on one side to the other in the post, get large, there is no way the reduce it? Thanks!

  • Bruno_sousa77

    Ah, sorry my bad english… 🙂 i hope you understand my question… 🙂

  • Maniuch

    Hi! It’s great theme. But i dont know how/where edit “customizable widgets on home page” (i want display text with small graphic just like in yoou preview)

    • if I’m reading you right, look in the Medusa Options section, and you can use regular html code to add what you want, drawing the image from your media file.

  • Arashfrosh


  • user

    i have used the theme on my website

  • Zineb

    where are the images from the top header located? how can i add my own images to the slider?

  • Oomanhoong

    Hi Coders,
    Can I know how to change the back ground color from green to blue ? thanks in advance.

  • srdjan

    Hi @jinsona.

    Great looking theme!

    I have a problem which occurs sometimes and only in Chrome.

    Sidebar does not get displayed on the home page. It is loaded (code is there in the page source) and dev console shows no error. Once you click Ctrl-P and print dialog opens, sidebar suddenly appears!

    This happens usually when cache is cleared or when you visit the website for the first time. After that, sidebar shows as usual. I thought it was me adding some widgets, but now I see it also happens on you Medusa demo page.

  • hi.. i use this template for my web 🙂 love it ! But I have questions here..
    1. Numbered list on my post appear side to side (all the way to the right). How to fix it? I want lists in my post appear to the bottom row. Please help me…
    2. How to show “

  • Najeeb

    Am new to WP and trying to use the lovely Medusa theme but not finding solutions in the included manual. My questions:
    1. How do you set “categories” for the slider to draw from?
    2. Homepage custom widgets: I have uploaded some widgets, but how do I add them to the top row widget space on this theme?

  • Sweetc2001uk

    Hello, great theme!  Is there an option to change the green colour at the top of the theme?

  • praful

    medusa slider not seen in internet explorer

  • Sukago

    Great job!!! Medusa theme is really neat.
    I want little customization in that. I want that when someone clicks “read more” then it should go different page than the post page from where slider text is shown. Can I do that?

  • Micheal0424

    How do I center the menu choices on the secondary menu?   Thanks.

  • The slider on wordpress 3.3.2 doesnt work, what can i do?

  • Great theme. Is there a way to change the size of the image in the page? See what i mean at