Metro style twitter widget PSD freebie

Freebie this time is another PSD file. I was inspired by the metro ui concept adapted by the microsoft . It was elegant,  clean, minimal ,intuitive and free from clutter. I happen to notice many designs based on this concept and wanted to do something for WordPress similarly.  So there it is , a twitter widget PSD . It is a very simple design and I hope I did justice to the metro ui concept on this design.  One can use this design while developing a custom twitter widget for wordpress. It is 300 px wide which is ideal to go on the sidebar. Download and use it as you wish and let me know if you liked it.

Download PSD

  • I like it, nice work jinsona! 🙂

  • how to place it on the sidebar of wordpress?

    • Guest

      Its just a design. You need write a code for this

  • excellent piece. 

  • mohitbajaj14

    how to use… in html

  • www.tonitech.com的站长

    I like metro style very much!

  • vanda88

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