This is an elegant theme designed with attractive color combination for blogers who look to make money online via ads. This theme is suitable for any niche. The theme layout is stylish and dynamic contents modules like, image slider, tabbed content area are built into it.

List of Features:

1. Premium theme layout.
2. Multi-level dropdown javascript navigation menu.
3. Featured sliding posts.
4. Site wide customizable 125 x 125 custom banner ads.
5. Adsense enabled
6. Tabbed content area (Featured Video/Recent posts/Popular Posts)
7. Two widgetized sidebars
8. Customizable welcome message.
9. Page navigation enabled.
10. WP 2.7 ready, threaded comments
11. Theme support
12. Custom theme option page in the admin panel.

  • sally
  • sally
  • Anonymous


    Thanks for your great template.
    I have a problem with excerpts. They don’t show up.

    Could you help me please ?

    Thanks a lot

  • Anonymous

    How can I change the background color to blue?

  • marine

    Hi !
    Thanks for your great template.
    I have some issues with excerpts, they don’t work.
    My blog is
    Could you help ?


  • Sy1618

    I couldn’t install it

    The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.Theme install failed.

    • Dario

      First open the file on WinZip / WinRar / ecc.

  • Timo Lamb

    I want to change the speed of the slideshow from 3 to 6 seconds…. can someone help? 

    • Timo Lamb

      i found it! wp-content > themes > milano > js > easyslider.js 
      i changed “pause” from 2000 to 6000 now the picture stand still for 6 seconds.

  • Rahul

    stylesheet.css is missing when i install it on wordpress

    Plz reply soon 

    • Dario

      First open the file on WinZip / WinRar / ecc.

  • xss

    WordPress milano Theme Cross Site Scripting

  • Monica Gonzalez

    I install the theme, but the slides doesn’t appears. I just configure wich category I want to display on slides on the control panel, but nothing happened. I try to modify the code on the slider.php but i can’t find any error on the original code to cause my slides doesn’t appears. My page is My e-mail is Can anyone tell me what’s happen? It is a non-profit blog that aims to help students to perform good tests and pass their courses.

  • Juan Andrés Rivas

    Hola! Beautiful. Theme installed but I found a problem, or I’ve done something bad.. The fact is when I assign a category (setted as menú item) to an article, appears all the articles in all categories (blogs), instead of appear each article in the category in which it has been assigned

    any idea? thanks

    • Juan Andrés Rivas

      this happens only in ‘carousel’ blog template mode. in ‘cñassic’ mode works all right

  • Lin

    Hi, we have used this theme for two years. However, after we change the domain name recently, all of the pictures on the home page could not be shown normally. How could I solve the problem? my page is Thanks