Myst is a nice minimal magazine wordpress theme. It is suitable for magazine sites or tutorial sites. The large featured images on the index page makes it even an ideal photoblog theme . This is a fab series theme compatible with the wordpress 3+ version. If you look closer you can see that I have included the post “Like” function on the post meta. It will be a cool tool to identify the popularity of  your different  posts.


  • Features
  • WordPress 3 ready
  • Custom menu with description
  • Custom background
  • Featured thumbnail
  • Widgetized sidebar and footer
  • Theme options
  • Customizable sidebar and header banner


  • 3x024x

    Nice And Clear !

  • your themes are amazing . please design a theme for gadget mag
    thank you

  • thank you very much

  • Anonymous

    Is there a specific size for the post images? I know it shows 668×250 but when I make images that size and insert as featured images, they’re blurred and a little distorted.

    It doesn’t show that way on the demo, but once installed, they’re not sharp or crisp. 

    If you could answer soon it would be appreciated. Else I’ll have to find something else.


  • Não consigo baixar.

  • Enpassioned

    Great theme!

    But I have a little problem – the font included doesn’t support danish special letters (æ, ø, å) – I’ve tried replacing the font (Bebas Neue) with the newest version of the font which has support for those characters, but it still doesnt work.

    How can I fix this?

  • Thank you very much. 😉

  • Matt

    My featured images aren’t showing on my homepage anymore. They display when I’m creating the post and images show within the post. However, the featured image still won’t display on the homepage. Has anyone had this problem or know how to fix it? Thank you

  • rukshan

    i can add only one menu … 🙁 how can i add a another menu?

  • Jota

    hermoso.. muchas gracias, lo use en mi sitio

  • Jota

    hermoso.. muchas gracias, lo use en mi sitio