Nemesis is a news magazine theme released by This is a fab series theme. The theme is WordPress 3 ready with features like, jquery slider, customizable headlines section, custom menu, Marquee news ticker, Twitter updates, featured video, banner ads, adsense etc. This will be a powerful theme for news magazine blogs.

  • Dianne Humphries

    I love this theme but have questions about why the Pages or Categories are not showing up on the Green bar below the slider? Also, why is the featured image so distorted when it displays on the header slider? Any suggestions or ideas? Thanks.

    • Manpreetcw

      the reason why your featured images are coming distorted is probably because the slider uses a specific resolution of images. something like 900px by 300px. so you have to make sure that you have the same image size and you won’t have the same problem again. As for the menu, you have to go to the menu options under appearance and them configure them so that its visible.

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  • I just install this theme for my blog but menu bar not show any catagories????

  • Hm, so far no answers from Jinsona, here or on the facebook page. This theme is THE best. Could you help me out a bit about changing the color scheme? I want to change the green. I would really appreciate it.

    • Manpreetcw

      I haven’t really installed the them so am not really sure if the theme provides you the option to directly change the color or not.
      but if you are a little adventurous, you can open the style.css file y going to appearance > editor and find the color code for the green color. you should search for header background or something. just keep experimenting. thats how I learnt it. to check which code corresponds to which color, search online for color coding.

  • guest

    How can i change title of my site to logo ?

    • Manpreetcw

      well there are not many options for doing that. (as far as i know.)
      you can do the same by editing the header.php file of the theme. but beware, changing the file requires knowledge of php.

  • Joaogabrielrodriguesdebrito

    Hi, thank you for this great work…
    I have problems with the sponsors banners… they dont work at all…
    can you help me…
    thank you again

    • Info

       I have the same problem.