Nomad is the new fab series theme. This is a clean, elegant magazine wordpress theme. Theme has a two column design with a jQuery featured image slider. The widgetized sidebar features on the left with a cool logo placeholder with css3 animation effects. Theme is wordpress 3 ready with features like custom menu, featured thumbnail etc. The sidebar holds a twitter widget. Theme also comes with an options page.


  • Features
  • WordPress 3 ready
  • Custom menu
  • Featured thumbnails
  • jQuery slider
  • Twitter widget
  • Banner ads
  • Widgetized sidebar and footer
  • Theme options page


  • When I downloaded it the slider doesn’t show up.

  • Aaaaaaaa

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  • davetiye

    thank you very much

  • davetiye

    very nice job

  • thank you

  • Marcus

    same here. Where is the setting for the slider?

  • yuanshu

    very nice!非常好!

  • Daun Jacobsen

    Still having problems with the slider

    • Daun Jacobsen

      I love this theme!  But, in addition to slider problems images are not pulling through on “Use as Featured” seems to be a theme problem as they are pulling through on TwentyTen.

      • Carolyn

        I just downloaded Nomad. Amazingly for me the slider and featured images worked instantly. I just went to each post and on the right hand column clicked Set Featured Image, then went to my media files and clicked on the image I wanted (one from that post) then at the bottom of the media file screen, clicked Use as Featured Image. Maybe that’s what you’ve done. 

        • Kyo Rean

          Hi Carolyn, since you managed to get the slider setting correctly, can you teach us here more exactly what you did for the setting.

          Im having problem with the slider setting. Tried almost everything already. such a waste for nice layout like this.


        • Van Dev

          the important part for the slider to work is to set as featured image or they will not show up.

    • rojyr

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  • Michael

    I’m having issues with the slider too, I set the category to ‘slider’ chmod the cache folder to ‘777’, set featured images on the posts and I still get no slider. I even checked with my hosting company, PHP5.2 and GD Library enabled 🙁

  • Michael

    Issues fixed, it was because in reading settings my site was set to ‘static’ instead of blog!

  • Same problem with the slider and the post image.
    Maybe is a wordpress problem ?

  • Some Guy

    Would love some help. i downloaded Nomad, but have no idea what to do from here in order to activate this theme. Please help in a non computer savvy sense..Thanks!!!

  • James Y Fisher

    Nice and thank you

  • Michtorr

    somebody can tell me how I can edit index-slide.php just to show post title in feature content slide? Thanks!!!!

    • dave

      use a slider plugin. they’re almost always better than standard sliders that come with a theme

    • dave

      use a slider plugin. they’re almost always better than standard sliders that come with a theme

  • hanh dang

    new to worpress and themes here…this may be a newb question but how do i delete the sponsor widget on the side and change the logo? thanks!

  • themeeee

    very nice, postet a link to this on

  • How can i increase number of sponsors? Its just have 4 sponsors, i want to add 6 more. Can any one help me?

  • Lili Miller

    How do I get the resolution of the image in the slider to be properly optimized? The slider is working fine and I have my featured posts incorporated into it. The only problem is that the image is blurred and to large. I would really appreciate some help- email me at

  • Lili Miller

    Also, is anyone else having problems with getting the Twitter.php function to work? In the “Nomad Options” section it says to just input the Twitter ID. I have tried both the ID & the username but it doesn’t work. I looked through the code and tried to hard code it with my username but that still didn’t work. Any thoughts?

    • I am having the same problem.. my questions are:

      How do you remove the N or atleast change it?
      Also I don’t want the TWITTER UPDATES in there how do you disable it?

  • yoginder

    great collection

  • Huy Lam

    how can i replace the “N” logo on the top left corner of the page?

    • Luke

      Did you get an answer to this? I want to know the same thing.

  • Vader

    how can i change logo? and if i have multi user sites and i want different logos for each blog of network? thank you

  • Caleb Graves

    Formatting for posts is completely shot right now – pushes all paragraphs together into one giant one. Would this have anything to do with not loading (server issues?)? Not sure if they would be linked, but can’t imagine what else is causing it after no local changes on my end