• Hossein Rad

    slider is not work for me. I’m using RTL language

    • M3mo

      to make slider work go to post and chose a featured image for your post.. then from the theme option panel select home page and make it as “post”.

      i did this and worked for me.. but for some reason when i add the second post the slider width goes byond the page and shows empty!

      so im wondering if anyone got it to work fine! ….

  • Doug

    Do you have to install something to get the slider working?

  • Arimane

    How do I put an image instead of the text in the header and change the main bluish color? Couldn’t find out in any file.

    • Arimane

      Ok, here is how it works for the colors. First file to edit is style.css, you should find that blue color on 3 lines.
      Others to edit a in the css folder, theme.css and flexslider.css for the slide. Those are not directly available on the editor page, so you should manually change them from outside.
      Hope that helps!

    • Arimane

      This tutorial worked as a charm for using an image instead of the site name and description

      Hope that helps!

  • oceanicblue


    I hope you can help me, I have a few questions.

    Is it possible to move the social media icons down so they’re level with the menu bar?

    Is it possible to change the font?

    Thanks in advance.

  • great Template!

  • Alex Gonçalves

    Jinson, I really loved this theme, but I think there is a problem with the icons at the top. I add my Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and GooglePlus links, but they didn’t work. It’s necessary to do something in Seetings? Thanks!

    • Guido Rubagotti

      Hi Alex!

      I know you posted this over a year ago but did you eventually manage to get the problem sorted? I’m experiencing the same problem with the social icons at the top.


  • Sana Fatima

    how can i download these themes?

  • derinblu4

    great Template!
    example : http://bedirogluevdenevenakliyat.com/