Orion is my new wordpress theme. This is a fully responsive theme . What is a responsive theme? A responsive theme means  it will adjust the theme layout according to the screen size of the media. So the theme will have a different layout while viewed on a computer screen , on a tablet or on a mobile browser. This will be adjusted automatically. Thanks to the awesome Skeleton framework

This theme is ideal for design agency website, designer portfolio etc. Theme has a light, clear, minimalistic design and complementing typography. The homepage features a jQuery slider for featured posts. Theme supports wordpress 3 features like custom menu, featured thumbnail etc.Theme also comes with a theme option page.

There is a widgetized section below the image slider which holds the “Services widget”. This is a custom widget built into the theme to showcase your services on the homepage just like any professional website.

Download Orion for free and make this your portfolio site now..

  • dabo

    You wrote “Download Orion for free …”
    In the “Theme user guide” i read “… are licensed for free personal usage”.
    We are a registered association – are we allowed to use this really great theme or do we need a license we have to pay for.

  • ChrisS

    I am looking for a german translation for orion or .po/.pot file. Any suggestions?

  • aoz97

    I am having the same problem with the mobile menu not working. Was there a solution for this?

    • Olena Pastushenko

      For the mobileMenu -> Just name your main menu “primary” and everything should fit : ) – that worked for me 🙂

  • junk

    The image slider is not showing at all. I don’t even see it the theme options or anywhere. The data was not included in the downloaded file. And there was not manual file either.

    Also is it possible to change the name Orion Text on the Top Left of the screen and replace it with a logo?

  • ryditya909

    nice theme thanks for sharing
    nice posting

  • madvisionz

    I want to link the image on each service widget to a separate website so when people click on that image they are redirected to that webpage. Is this possible and if so how?

  • Simon Garnier

    I’m trying to update my webserver from php 5.2 to php 5.4. When I do it, the slider disappears on the frontpage and all links return a “no page found” error. Any idea what can cause that? Thanks for your help.

    • Uzii

      I believe if you
      1 – back up everything,
      2 – Update the web server, and
      3 – reinstall wordpress after the upgrade,
      4 – restore the backup.
      Everything should work just fine

  • Hi,

    as far as I see in this theme, you use timthumb version 2.8.. But it seems that there is a vulnerability in it: http://markmaunder.com/2011/08/01/zero-day-vulnerability-in-many-wordpress-themes/

    Have you ever tried to use a newer version of timthumb in Orion-theme?


  • Alexander

    Im trying to make the top main menu align to the right instead of center but I cant for the life of me figure out how, feels like iv tried everything 😛 Any tips?

  • Monkey Traveller

    Hey! some one know where can I found a refence manual about Orion Theme?

  • TwanS

    How do you add the slider to the frontpage? I activated it, chose uncatogorized (ie choose the last image from the media library) But it’s not showing, also there is a thumbnail error with every new post error, there is a thumbnail next to the post (thimbthumb) that links to a non existent image, and thus shows a broken image thumbnail.

    Also, how do you re-create a homepage as in the demo? There is no documentation whatsoever on how to get the same effects/stuff as in the demo.

    Do you need an extra plugin to add new media-categories? Because that feature is not available in standard WordPress, but you still need a category to be selected in the Theme settings.

  • lucky

    i am searching wothout plugin option themes,,,,,,,,,,,,,