Orion is my new wordpress theme. This is a fully responsive theme . What is a responsive theme? A responsive theme means  it will adjust the theme layout according to the screen size of the media. So the theme will have a different layout while viewed on a computer screen , on a tablet or on a mobile browser. This will be adjusted automatically. Thanks to the awesome Skeleton framework

This theme is ideal for design agency website, designer portfolio etc. Theme has a light, clear, minimalistic design and complementing typography. The homepage features a jQuery slider for featured posts. Theme supports wordpress 3 features like custom menu, featured thumbnail etc.Theme also comes with a theme option page.

There is a widgetized section below the image slider which holds the “Services widget”. This is a custom widget built into the theme to showcase your services on the homepage just like any professional website.

Download Orion for free and make this your portfolio site now..

  • Katguiville

    Hi This theme is beautiful but the Select menu Item dosen’t work on my iPhone 4,  it seems impossible to get pages from this menu, did you test it !…

    • Katguiville

      Yes I confirm the demo is working now perfectly, nice work ! The slideshow looks great I m going to test it ! THANKS

  • John S

    hi same here  menu is not working for my iphone and android too , in your demo site they are working fine ‘selection menu is there on your demo site for my phones” but when i install it on my website then every thing working fine but selection menu is no there  , and it is impossible to selecting anything from classic menu in a mobile phone.

  • John S

    hi same here  menu is not working for my iphone and android too , in your demo site they are working fine ‘selection menu is there on your demo site for my phones” but when i install it on my website then every thing working fine but selection menu is no there  , and it is impossible to selecting anything from classic menu in a mobile phone.

  • Anonymous

    I checked it out. The issue was with the way the mobile menu was setup. I have updated the theme and verified it to work now. You can download a new copy.

    John and Katguiville, thanks for bringing this up.

    • Tony

      I’ve modified the theme quite a bit since it’s last update, can you provide a changelog and what files you changed as well as an update procedure for those with the old version. Also was wondering if this theme is child theme compatible?

      • Tony

        I also checked your version number between my last one and this on in your style.css and the version number hasn’t changed. Is that correct? Still stayed at 1.0.0 instead of 1.0.1?

  • John S

    Thanks jinsona it was working fine now , Thumbs up for fast support

  • thank you very much

  • Eric

    Hi Great template! Is there a way to get a description text in the slider?

  • Gakusei2006

    i have problem with slider, i just can’t see it in wigdet section, where i can find it?

    • Ladyneko

      Having problems with the slider as well, been looking for anything about it in the .php files, updated the timthumb, changed the cache folder to 777, the small thumbs work for the posts but not the big slideshow on frontpage.

      • Phpcore

        is your chosen category contains Featured posts ? Posts with Pictures as featured images like in the guide of this theme ?

    • Phpcore

      !!!!! The slider is not for Widget section, is just like it is in the home section !!!!!!!

  • Arikrock


    thx for the theme
    one of the best i saw around
    but one thing is missing fo me
    after i add the services topics i want them to be clickable and redirect each one to the page
    but i couldnt find a way to do hat via the widget

    any idea how to do that?



  • Prodyot

    Beautiful theme.
    Thanks for the free download.

  • Almog1232

    I have tried this theme and also translated it to rtl lang.
    But I’m trying to make the slider showing images I choose and not the posts Pictures.
    Any help?

  • sk

    all the headers ‘blink’ once, on an image refresh/ page change. any ideas to fix? thank you.

    • Phpcore

      Be more explicit.

      You config ?OSBrowser

  • Mikedobbins

    Trying to show the slider… where do I set the URL for the slider images?

    • Phpcore

      Admin panel -> Theme Options -> Set category and number of posts

      How to ?Just follow the guide (tip: how to create featured posts).

  • N-akahane

    I’m trying to use your theme.
    But seem not to work.
    WordPress 3.2.1error message is as follows,Fatal error: Cannot redeclare __popular_posts()
    I’d like to know how to do.
    Thank you.
    from Japan

    • Phpcore

      fatal error in which file ? 

      • Jorge Vargas Vega

        No option to show pages in slider instead?

      • Jorge Vargas Vega

        no need to show posts in slider, 
        No option to show pages in slider instead?

  • Love the theme. Do you have an easy way of adding “clickability” to the services widget. It’d be nice to be able to click the service heading to get more information. I may just hack the widget myself but thought I’d see if you had any advice or alternatives first. Thanks!

  • Marcos J Pinto

    Beautiful theme but, sorry, doesn’t work.

  • Not sure if this is just my download or if its your theme package but the timthumb.php file is older than the patched version. Just think you should include the newer file.

  • Berberama

    This is broken on WP 3.3.1 Archives, etc. won’t display in footer (they display in body)

  • Berberama

    Oh my… Number of posts on homepage (okay, it shows “posts”). But then slider also shows “posts” what??? No option to show pages in slider instead? (no need to show posts in slider and on homepage. 🙁

  • Berberama

    Can’t turn banners off and no homepage widget??

    Theme is an okay idea, but I need to do some major recode and fixes.

  • finalhugh

    WP suggesting that only support a menu , how do I style preview

    Incidentally ,
    this theme is very good !

    the website is http://www.hzfanxing.com

  • V Antonie

    How can I add a post excerpt over the slideshow image?

  • Jorge Vargas Vega

    No option to show pages in slider instead?

  • 9ale7

    hi, 2 questions:
    – how to remove sponser title?
    – is there a template for the Full wide page?? because it’s not there.

    thanks you, love this theme, please help.

    • 9ale7gt

      ok ,
      1-  just deleted the sponser.php
      2- add full-wide.php for another theme.

      another question,
      do i need blog.php ?? what would i miss??

  • Ellanier

    How do I create a Menu drop down? I see that it is possible in the demo, but can’t figure it out in the theme. Please help thanks!

    • 9ale7

      You must have the late test WordPress version ( most likely you have it),
      – go to the left side bar.
      – go to appearance > menu.

      Then create links, the drop down links mean there are parent links and links following this catogory.
      I,m pretty sure you do it your self.

      Just go to appearnce> menu.

  • comsat

    Why the slider not working after i transfer my wordpress in other site… timthump searching for an image but i already set the categories heres the screen shot thanks…. 

  • KevinM

    Guys the theme is nice but we need to do somw work on it … About the slider I think the code doesn’t work as well… To show the slider you must:
    1. choose the category from thene options ..
    2. for every post that includes this category you need to specify a  featured image…. and even if you do it …seems that the loop doesn’t work….

  • KevinM

    Ok I got it how to make flexslider work: 

    In Orion Theme Option: 
    1 . “Number of posts on homepage”  and  “Number of posts on slider” must have the same value ( ex.: 3 posts) otherwise the loop in slider I think doesn’t work2.  And the posts for the category selected in – “Slider post Category”  ( Orion Theme Option ) –  must has  a  featured image  
    I hope that is 
    useful and sorry about my English 😉 
    Greetings from Greece 😉 

  • Elnorafactor

    How can I add my own logo? is it possible to do so? I really like this theme.
    Thank you. 

    • david

      in theme “header.php” replace ”
      <a href="/” title=””>
      ” with ”

  • Really awesome theme. Thanks for giving it free.

  • Blondsummer

    Hi, who to make a link to blog posts ?

    • Blondsummer

      Not who but how 🙂 so how to make a link to all the blog posts ?

  • mg

    Hi, lovely theme… In the footer I get a fatal error though:
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function selfURL() in /homepages/27/d415905142/htdocs/WP/wp-content/themes/Orion/functions.php on line 119
    Any thoughts?

    • fab

      Me too..anyone findout why and how to solve?

  • Subs Scriber

    i must congratulate those responsible on the beautiful theme but making it work is very hard indeed. it’s a free theme so I understand the lack of support for it. to those who are going to download and play around with this, be prepared to run into a lot of headache. 

    i’ve been trying to make the slider work for the past 6 hours and i’ve followed all the little hints on this comment page and also the little “video tutorial” but what i get is a broken image symbol on the slider section. 

    according to the a little too brief instruction that came with the theme, these are the steps:

    after activating the theme.

    1. go to appearance > orion theme options.
    2. in the homepage post count, put down a number of posts you’d like to have on the homepage. I put 4

    3. in the slider settings, i put the slide post category as “featured” (this is a category I created earlier).
    4. in the number of posts on the slider, I put 3
    6. at this point i ignored the banner settings, and just saved all the changes I did.

    7. then i went and created 3 new posts, set to each one a featured image (as shown in the little video), categorized all 3 as “featured” (the same as the slider setting above) and get them published. 

    result: NO SLIDER. 

    the slider section just shown a broken image symbol.

    what did I do wrong?

    • Subs Scriber

      OK. After a whole day struggling with the slider problem, I’ve decided to ditch this theme. here’s what I found out:

      1. it’s a timthumb (thumbnail generator) problem and this theme uses timthumb extensively. apparently timthumb has been causing a lot problems on themes using it. 
      2. it would work fine if you’re not installing your site on a subfolder or subdomain. 

      hope that helps prospective users.

    • Ben

      You have to set the permissions on the “cache” folder in the theme to 774 or something that allows “group” to write to the folder.

  • dee987

    Hi, I just downloaded this theme and the slider options seem to be missing.

  • Anex

    Hi, I’m using this beautiful theme and would like to add post titles to the slider. Ive seen this done with other sliders so that for example there is a semi transparent bar along the bottom of the slider image with the linked posts title. Is there anyway to do this with your theme? I cant seem to find any info on this.

    Thanks for the awesome theme btw!

  • simon

    did some get the mobil menu working?

  • Simon

    solved. copy mobilmenu.js from demo

  • ragdoll

    the grid layout is quite nice, but is it possible to have more than one page of grids? I can only increase the number of posts on the front-page but can not find a “older entries” link on the front page.

    • I would like to see this as well. It would be nice to let the theme in some way at all allow users to see blog posts other than just what’s on the front page.

  • lt

    hey I’m trying to get the slider to show my feature theme pics within the post. the video tutorial doesn’t go into explaining that how do I do this.

  • washmago

    Great thme but.
    Why is the mobile menu not working? It is in the demo but not the download… ?

  • Vicky

    the functions file from this theme seems to mess up wordpress – makes it load blank page every time I do an action, like publish a post or new page. Does it require a particular version of wordpress?

  • b

    I can’t figure out how to add slider images. Any help?

  • tiffanyannweber

    My posts aren’t showing up in order on my homepage, they’re jumbled. How do I fix it?

  • Norge Theelsen

    For the mobileMenu -> Just name your main menu “primary” and everything should fit : )

    • Olena Pastushenko


  • I would REALLY like to see the option in futher releases to be able to choose post type, so that one can pick a full width post or such. It really is a fantastic theme.

  • Lobo

    Footer error and so the slider is not working. I’ve search on google and a lot of people has the same error. I’ve uploaded the latest theme file. “Fatal error: Call to undefined function selfURL() in /var/www/sitename/wp-content/themes/Orion/functions.php on line 119”

    • me

      cache problem… solved

  • awebguy

    I love this theme but the dropdown menu falls behind the image slider in IE7. Think it’s most likely the z-index bug on old versions of IE, does anyone know of a quick fix for the menu on this theme? Thanks

  • Ben

    How would I go about linking the w2f service widgets to a page?

  • dizzymissemzy

    How can I get the photos on the slider? When I try to import Shutterstock photos it doesn’t stay the same size.

  • disqus_8SWvWSH7zJ

    HELP! I have a “Featured” category assigned a with Featured Images and they appear in the slider…looks great. But they also appear in the 4 thumbnail below. I would only like those categories as “Uncategorized” to show there…what am i doing wrong???

    • Annouchka

      I am Having the same problem, this you get this fixed?