osTicket responsive custom theme built on Bootstrap framework

osTicket is a very popular open source Support ticket system. I have created a responsive Bootstrap based  theme for the clients section of osTicket. This gives the clients a better visual and functional experience when compared to the default setup. The layout is fully responsive that enables effective usage on mobile devices. The admin section is not customized .

The theme has customizable logo, customizable hero section on the homepage, social media icons of the footer etc. This theme gives a complete makeover to the client section of your support ticket system. The customisation is compatible with the latest 1.9.12 version of osTicket.

Please check the live preview and screenshots before you purchase the file. You can create a user account to check the client section of the theme.

More details

Purchase – $40

Please check the screenshots


  • Ezequiel

    Nice Work Jinson.
    One question.
    Which support will have this? What i mean is if i buy this version, when osticket release new versions, will you upgrade or i will have to stay in to use it?
    The upgrade will be free of charge?
    Thanks in advance!

  • jinsona

    Yes, free updates will be provided.

  • Ezequiel

    Great work! Im already using it and works perfectly!

  • franky

    i want to buy this. how do i install it? ive never used bootstrap before.

    • jinsona

      You can install it just like you would install normal osticket software.

  • Lunk

    Can i pay with paypal?

    • jinsona

      I am afraid Gumroad does not provide Paypal option.

  • simone

    I am interested in your theme, but I have few questions:
    I have an already running osTicket production site, will I be able to switch to your theme? Should I just overwrite my files?
    What kind of license I’m going to buy? Will I be able to do further customization on your code?

    • jinsona

      The installation is just the same as you would install or update normal osticket. There is no restriction on you to customize the code for your usage.

      • simone

        thanks for replying. can I use your code on more than one site/domain? do you also have a customization for 1.9.4 version of osTicket?

        • jinsona

          It is for one domain but can be used on multiple subdomains. Sorry I do not have for 1.9.4 version. It is version now.

  • steve

    I would like to purchase but I was wondering if the color scheme and logo’s can be easily changed in line with our business.


    • jinsona

      Yes, it comes with customizable CSS file and LESS file, whichever you prefer to customize the look of your site. The logo image, Hero image, social media links etc can be setup easily. There is a simple documentation file along with the download where you can find the details.

      • Steve

        Thank you, is this also supported on a Linux box?

        • jinsona

          osTicket wiki says to install osTicket, your web server must have PHP 5.3 (or better) and MySQL 5 (or better) installed. The requirement is same for the custom themed osticket.

  • Love the theme! Just purchased it earlier this morning, I’m wondering if there are any more detailed instructions on updating my install of osTicket to use the theme? Forgive me as I’m new to osTicket, but I backed up files/DB and then just uploaded the files provided in the download to override my existing ones. I then checked the front-end and it looked messed up and nothing like the live preview. The Wiki didn’t have theme specific instructions that I could find, so I just followed the upgrade instructions. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for the great theme

    • jinsona

      Hi Brian,

      Thanks for the purchase. As this is a customized version of osticket, it is best to install it as a fresh install. A regular overwrite probably wont put the addon files that are part of this custom version. Please mail me your site details at jinsona@gmail.com. I will assist you to set it up properly

  • venkat

    Hi I want to purchase the theme with some more customisation. Can we discuss separately?

    • jinsona

      Sure, plz drop me line via the contact form. I will get back to you via mail.

  • Tulga

    When will you release admin theme?

    • jinsona

      Customizing the structure of osticket admin section is also something I am working on. But I am afraid, I do not have a date or timeline I can commit to right now. I would not want to bring something I am not completely happy with.

      • Matt .


        Do you aleady have some example for this ? As I’m needing such design I have 2 options, you and some other. I’m willing to test it out if needed.


        • jinsona

          Hi, I am sorry, I do not have something ready and deployed for testing at the moment.

        • Matt .


          I have test environments, so if you need help there just tell.

  • yisrael

    is this compatible with version 1.9.4

    • jinsona

      This is a customized version of osTicket

  • Alberto

    Is this compatible with Version 1.9.6? Yes or Not. When include the Admin section?

  • jinsona

    Shagen is now updated. It is now based on latest 1.9.6 version of osTicket.

  • TechCare

    Please can you release an Admin theme?

  • jatv

    how do you install this theme? I want to purchase it. Also can I change the green to red?

  • Rajiv

    I have purchased your OSticket theme. Installed it. but facing two problems. User Auto response mail confirming the ticket creation is not going to the user who create ticket by sending email or create ticket through the browser. Secondly, when a ticket is created through the browser, the message in ticket confirmation page (open.php) is not properly aligned. Looking bad. Need to fix these. Please give me solution for the both.

  • Ramachandran Subramaniyan

    Hi, I purchased this theme and after applying that, the alignments are not right. Later I found we have to replace with required class in each and every file. Am I making something worng. Please advice!

    • jinsona

      Please install this custom version as a fresh install. If you run an upgrade over old version sometimes some custom files may get skipped. That could mess up the layout.

      • Ramachandran Subramaniyan

        Ok, I did that, and now it is working fine! 🙂 thanks for your help!

  • zconexion

    I would like to ask if you have customized the admin panel as well

    • jinsona

      In the current version only the client section is customized. The admin panel is untouched.

      But in future I am planning to release a customized admin panel also. That is something I am working on.

      • Vinay

        Hi Jinsona… If your admin/ scp theme is ready, we are ready to buy / beta test immediately. Please reply

        • Aron

          Hey! When is the admin panel done? Instant buyer here as well!

  • Raquel Costa

    Can you tell if this is compatible with osticket 1.9.7?

    • jinsona

      The current version is based on osTicket 1.9.6 . But it will be soon updated with 1.9.7.

  • Jaime Steele

    Hey, just purchased 🙂

    Will it work ok on 1.9.7

    • jinsona

      Thanks. This customization is based on the 1.9.6 version. But it will be updated with 1.9.7 version and you will be notified about the update on Gumroad and you shall download it for free.

      • Jaime Steele

        Thanks. Any idea of the ETA for that?

    • david

      did you try it on 1.9.7 and if so, what happened?

      • Jaime Steele

        Yes it all works well.

  • david

    Love the theme but just installed 1.9.7 What’s the ETA on a compatible version? I don’t want to uninstall and go backwards. Thanks

  • Jaime Steele

    What’s the best way to change the text on the homepage?

    • Jaime Steele

      Any answer on this?

      • jinsona

        You should be able to change it in the landing page setting in your osTicket admin panel. Admin > Manage > Pages > Landing page

        • Jaime Steele

          thanks 🙂

  • John

    Looks just what I want, I am likely to put 1.9.8 on and not change the version for some while, is this likely to work without changes?

  • John

    I get it you don’t install osticket then install the them, you install the whole package, looks good sof far it fits well with the web site template I already have. Thank you for your work.

  • Rick Allen

    when will the admin theme be released?

  • Journalist Tasneem

    Hello Jinsona,

    I was wondering is this theme supporting RTL ??

    • jinsona

      I am afraid the client section does not have RTL style.

  • Jim

    Hi Jinsona, i just bought Shagen, love your work on the client site. Do you have any news about the Admin site ? Jim

  • roberto

    Hi Jinsona, a pre-sale question: is the theme I18n (internationalization)?

    For example, the title must be similar to this:
    echo ”.__(‘Welcome to the Support Center’).”;

    NOT this:
    Welcome to the Support Center

    Because I’m working on a system in Italian language and if the theme is not I18n I will need to rewrite all the strings (really hateful task)

    • jinsona

      Yes, osTicket supports translation. You can download language packs from the osticket site. – http://osticket.com/download . The Shagen theme is mainly CSS and HTML modification made to the osTicket files. I have not modified any native osticket strings or functions. So everything that is translatable on osticket will be translatable on this customized version as well.

  • Riaz Kamal

    Hi I just purchased the template. It this support for the the latest version 1.9.11.

  • María Emilia Gorostegui

    Hi! this template included the spanish translation?

  • Boulogne Thierry


    Any update on the admin side customization. The only step missing to buy your template

  • Adam

    Agreed, template the backend and we will purchase as well! The administrators spend more time staring at the crappy osTicket interface then the customers on the front end 🙂

  • Dave

    If this is just html and css alteratiosn and the core code is the same is it not possible to just have the html and css code and just upload this on top of an existing oscart install ?

  • please, template the backend, it would be amazing!

  • Snielsss

    Same here, please style the backend, will buy immediately when that’s included.

  • Leon Bollerup

    Hey, any update on a styled backend ?