• Sean K.

    I really like this theme, but is there any way to have the slider images show in color?

    • Sean K.

      Nevermind, found setting in theme.css!

      • Sheila E.

        Thanks Sean K. This was a very helpful tip to modify the theme.css for color slider images. When I comment out that code in the .css file, the post text that’s sits over the slider image disappears. How did you modify the theme.css file and still retain the text?

  • Eosa

    I have a problem with this template. I install it, i have some post with images, but that images doesn’t appear in the home and slider,. When you click in the post, there are the images. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Do i have to activate something in WordPress? Thanks!

    • Abhishek Shukla

      same for me

    • Ali Husain

      Hi. I’m having the same problem

    • Carla

      Set your image as the featured image for the post.

      • Sheila E.

        Thanks! This worked!!

  • SocialHats

    download button not working … what’s the sense of publishing this theme than?

  • Louis

    The download button is not working

  • imanerd

    The dropdown menu doesn’t seem to be working on ipad. Anyone else having issues with the responsiveness?

  • Thiruvel

    Firstly, Thank you for this template.

    I’m using free and is it possible to add logo ? If so, how ?

  • nipuna

    errr smone pls tel me hoe to add images to the slider??

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  • invity

    Wow.. Amazing Theme.. I love this design. Great Work..


  • Lierro

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  • vegeta

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  • Fabio Destri

    Does anyone have any idea how and where to fix this!?!?!

    • Mary Layman

      In theme.css, look for /* Slider */
      #slidebox {max-height: 550px;}

      You may also need to go into inc/feature.php since there is a reference to the size of the slider in there as well. I see the following: $image = aq_resize( $img_url, 1200, 550, true ); //resize & crop the image around line15.

  • Photovideonews

    Page not found!!!!?…

  • Waleed Eisa

    i cant found if the revera theme support arabic language
    or not?

  • Disorientated

    Page not found again