Released today is our new Fabseries theme Rolex.  Theme may look like a luxury merchandise as the name suggest, but it is free. This is a premium quality free theme that will give your wordpress site a professional look. This is basically a business theme. So if you are a service provider or product vendor this theme could power your website in the most neat and elegant fashion. Theme holds a beautiful jQuery slider on top and there is a widgetized section on the home page to list out your services or products in style. The blog section is arranged in a grid fashion.


  • Features
  • WordPress 3 theme
  • Custom menu
  • Featured post image
  • jQuery slider
  • Widgetized home page, sidebar and footer
  • Banner ads
  • Theme option page


  • Juvesatriani


  • Jimmyjam

    Problems with the jQuery slider…lots of potential on this one, but not easy to use.

  • Awesome effect in slider transllations!!!

  • Ulin666

    Great theme but I’m having cross browser issues. In IE 8 and 9 some styles are broken, logo(site name) and other buttons are not shown completely and slider background gets white instead of transparent. Also other minor weirdness on fonts and such. I tried a new installation of wordpress and theme and same thing happens. Is there any wordpress version restriction or anything I can do to solve it?

    Funny thing is your demo looks fine in same IE’s but not on my wordpress! Why?


  • Asdasdasdasd

    native install looks pretty bad on IE and chrome. 🙁

  • TheProfitSolutions

    I am having problems with the slider too. When the first three posts were added no problem. Then the fourth post was added to the slider and –BAM– the slider does not display any longer. Any suggestions to correct the problem would be appreciated. BTW awesome theme many thanks.

  • Nandana

    Any chance to put an image logo?

  • Stefano Struia

    Hi, good work!
    Can i delete the “sponsor” on the page?

  • Harald Kircher

    This is a really great theme, thanks for providing it for free! I have only one question: I added widget to the sidebar, but the sidebar just doesn’t appear in the frontend. Any proposals? Thanks again for your great work 🙂

  • Tesic Ljubomir

    Can I delay start of slider?Lets say 5 sec after frontpage load to start?

  • Jatin

    sir,can u please send me mysql file of demo website….

  • OR

    I am having problems with slider too with IE9, any solution?

  • Prokes

    Great theme, high quality. Slider works great. Thank you for sharing at no cost – pay it forward.


    How can i translate the website?

  • Arshad Rehman

    Why is my service widget not working and displaying all my services?

  • mtest

    Any solution for the slider issue? Just posted a comment in WordPress forum, if anyone could help pls.

  • fanmusic

    hi i am trying to install this theme and there is no way that I get the slides on the homepage, can someone help me please?

  • Ljuba

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function selfURL() in /home/teme/public_html/18/wp-content/themes/Rolex/functions.php on line 116
    I have this massage in the footer on Home page (with slider) on other pages this disappear and white space above the theme on Home page?

    • kaycl

      comment the entire if sentence in functions.php line 116 and ther delete the call funcion on line 14 on footer.php

  • 2 questions: How do I remove the “sponsors” from each page? Also, How do I get a photo on the main page. I only want one, not a revolving set.

  • Gill

    Hi. How can I change the background colour (navy blue/black) against the slider to a dark grey? Codes and where to place them if you can, please!!

  • Muhammad

    thanks for the great theme, mate …

    btw, I think ye have to change thimthumb with wordthumb … IMHO

    $ head timthumb.php | grep wordthumb



    and put this .htaccess within cache dir

    $ cat cache/.htaccess

    order deny, allow

  • Haneen

    jQuery slider doesn’t+appear at all, also I can’t upload any media to the library, erro message is “Unable to create directory uploads/2012/12. Is its parent directory writable by the server?”………… any help???

  • LED grow light


  • duane

    How do I get rid of the Sponsors box please?

  • duane

    How do I get rid of the Sponsors box please?

  • duane

    How do I get rid of the Sponsors box please?

  • Mollie Pritchett

    This theme worked perfect with what I wanted to do with my website, thank you, nice work! I would have liked to see a blog template, any suggestions on an easy way to add one?

  • Wolle

    Nice theme! Can somebody tell me how I can make the blog description appear under the title?

  • Vidhi

    The theme is beautiful, but i have a problem with footer that is working well on localhost but not appearing in live site.

  • campingbus Onlineshop

    perfect theme … thx! but how can I set the the speed for the slider? It runs too fast

  • Leonardo Leon

    It is a nice theme but I am so new on this world. Do you know where I can find info to customize???