Shuttershot is a fullscreen slideshow template. This is a fabseries theme.  This theme is ideal for photography websites to showcase their portfolio in style.The theme has option to use either a full screen slideshow on the homepage or a regular blog with image slideshow as the background. If you are using a slideshow on the homepage you can set a custom page template as the blog.  I have created a screencast to show you how to add items to the slideshow.


  • Features
  • WordPress 3
  • Fullscreen slideshow
  • Portfolio
  • Custom menu
  • Custom post types
  • Featured thumbnail
  • Banner ads
  • Theme options



  • Sal4dian

    Hi, could somebody please explain how to remove the
    right-hand sidebar [shuttershot] and centre align the page. I would like to
    remove the sidebar from all pages.

    Thanks in advance


    • Sal4dian

      it’s okay, I’ve sorted it.

      • t

        how did you do it? i only managed to make the sidebar empty…. i want it gone completely.

  • Rogier


    on my website there is a black box in the top menu behind my logo. How do I make this black box just as transparent as the rest of the top bar?

    Thanks in advance,


    • Andy

      i done it with v2.2 version, didnt upgrade as it was giving me problems elsewhere..

      Might not be the best way but its the only way i’ve done it

      Login cpanel,
      Went to file manager and looked for theme.css and search for “site-branding line”

      Then changed the color code to background: #0000ffff and save,refresh page.

      This worked for me

  • Cha

    Hi !!

    I like Shuttershot but I want to make some modifications.

    (I inform you, my english is poor as my css/html knowledges !)

    I did a child template to make some modifications. But when i watch my website with firebug, i see that style.css and theme.css come still from the parent template.. However i activated the child template in the dasboard.

    I did a style.css in the child folder with that line : @import url(“../Shuttershot/style.css”);
    and that one : @import url(“../Shuttershot/css/theme.css”);

    but nothing happens… I don’t understand…

    Moeover, have I to write also about the pushy.css and the grid.css ?

    Do you know where i did an error ? And how to fix it ?
    I hope my request is understable…

    By the way, nice to meet you 🙂

  • nitesh mittal


    I liked your “” theme same I want to create. Please let me know how to create slider images along with transparent content page.


  • Beverley Lu Steeves

    I’ve removed the sidebar (sponsors, search, categories) so it doesn’t pull them in on the pages I create, but now when adding any content to the pages, there is a space where that sidebar was. Can’t seem to figure out where I need to go to center my content on each page without having that space to the right. All content on pages are to the left. What file do I need to edit to get rid of this?

    Anyone else have any ideas? Thanks 🙂

  • Tiina

    Same problem, how to get that sigle blog page to full whole content area. I deleted get_sidebar from single.php, but it leaves an empty space. Ideas?

  • virtu

    Hi.. I am having troubles to set the blog page at I set the Home Page as Static one and the New and Updates as my post pages, but there is no posts on it, do you know what I am doing wrong?

  • mariusz

    could you explain what to do to solve the problem mentioned above ?
    best regards Mariusz

  • Mark

    Hi.. I have some problem with my site I need slides on every page. Slides works fine only on the homepage now. On the fullpages there are solid (now white colour) backrounds. I don’t know what to set or change to have slides on every pages. I wil be gratefull for helping me.

  • Annemarie

    Hi, thanks for all the tips, very usefull comments! I have a question about the menu bar; could the color be changed (don’t like the black much). Couldn’t find where to change it.. Thanks!

    • Alex

      open your style.css in wordpress and look for line “menu”, there are all setting for change alignment and color. black is #000. then just save and refresh your site.

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