Siren is a responsive WordPress theme. This responsive theme is built upon the responsive grid system  called RWDgrid .  The theme will adjust itself to fit on various display devices. The content will adjust between 1200px for widescreen desktops to 300px for mobile devices.  This is a WordPress 3+ ready theme with features like custom menu, featured images, widgetized sidebar, and customizable call to action section , jQuery image slider on the custom homepage template. Theme also comes with an option panel.

Custom homepage template.

The theme comes with a custom homepage feature. That means you can set a custom homepage using the static homepage feature in wordpress. The process is simple as listed below.

1. Create a new page , give it a title ‘Home’ and then select the homepage template from the page attributes.

2. Go to the Reading menu under  the settings tab and select static page option for front page.

3. Select the ‘Home’ page as front page.

The following video shows the process.

Theme customization

The theme comes with a customization setting. You will be able to adjust the color scheme, link color link hover color etc via the customization panel. Please check the screencast below to see it in action.

Theme options explained

The theme contains an options page using which you adjust various settings available on the theme.

Blog posts on homepage: You can set the number of posts to show on the homepage.

Slider category: Select a category for the jQuery image slider

Number of slides: Set a number for the slides

Banner setting: Configure the banner ads on the sidebar

  • Dodo

    Hello my friends,

    I am a fan of your theme, but the number of “ordered list” on several of your theme (ebuy, Xenastore, Zenshop, etc) do not appear.

    Please look at -> hxxp://

    under “Cara Membuat :”

    How can I fix it?

    Thank you very much..

  • qq qq

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  • keitai


    Thnks for your theme.

    I am trying it out, but the slider doesn’t seem to work for me. I just made 3 post to test with


    • Jen

      me too. no slider.

  • William Craig

    Is it possible to change the background on this theme? I wouldn’t want the weathered-barnwood background. Thanks!

  • PG

    Is there a way to display video in the slider on homepage? thx

  • hirumianajones

    can anyone help me out with the jquery slider for the homepage? where do i put what category i want to display?

    • AC

      In Theme Options, you can designate what category you want to display in the slider. The post needs a featured image in order for it to appear. The dimensions of the slider that work best are 1180×500.

  • AC

    Is there a way to add a logo in the header or footer?

  • Yeem-bo

    Is there a way to set specific posts to appear on the home page below the slider?

  • Jen

    Having issues with Homepage. I get the recent posts showing but the slider is not. I set the category but still nothing.