Tiara is our new fab series theme. This is a portfolio theme for photographers or artists to like show off their works in style.  The theme has a minimalistic design which helps to focus attention to your content. The theme holds a big slider to show off your best work. The post section is styled in a portfolio fashion with  an animated effect on image hover.  If you are a photographer or graphic designer looking showcase your work in style, this is the theme you want. Better yet it is free.

  • Eric Carvalho

    Thats a great theme! I loved It. But I’ve got a problem when using this on my website. I use wordpress 3.3.1 with Multisite activated, and I coldn´t visualize any featured image. 

    • Anonymous

       Hi Eric,

      Can you mail me your site details. Use the contact page.

    • Asd20752

      This happen also to me. Like the theme and I wont change hope you will come with a update. 

  • Miko

    very good job, but i have a problem. how to use the slideshow? 

  • Love it

    I love it!
    But why are there only 10 articles shown on the front page?
    There would be place for 12 articles.
    Does anybody know where to change that value?

    • Ali sadiq

      go to settings > reading > post  > 12

  • Ivan

    Please help, I’m have a problem with banner on “single”. Need a video. I dont speak on English. 

  • ben david

    for some reason i cant see the thumbnail picture- it is like the image root is wrong…. anybody have a solution?

  • Wais

    So how can we fix the thumbnail issue ? Also the slideshow images don’t appear.

  • Kevin Collins

    Love the theme!  Just one issue so far – the intro text.  When I enter contractions like “don’t”, the display is like “don’t” on the front page.  It looks like you’re using a PHP function to filter unsafe characters, but it’s not getting played back like it should.  Just wanted to make you aware.  I’m still looking at the code to see if I can find where it’s happened, but my PHP skills are not that great.

  • Hi there, I love the theme but currently can’t get the slider to work. I am using nextgen gallery and when I select images from one of the galleries to use as the featured images it does not display on the slider, even though it shows in the featured image preview window on the edit post page.

    The feature does work if I select images that I have in my media library. Is there a way of sorting this?

    Thanks in advance for any help.


  • Mede

    i’m trying to add a link to the introducion text but when i publish the page it the link looks like http://minesite.it/%5C%22http:/www.targetsite.it/%5C%22. Any idea on how to fix that?

  • wow! Cool design!