Tiberion is a game review theme from web2feel. This is a fabseries theme.  The theme comes with some cool features that will enable you to make a nice game review site for absolutely free of cost. The theme is WordPress 3 ready with features like Custom menu, custom post type, custom metaboxes, featured thumbnails , custom templates etc. This is a feature rich theme that would go on par with a paid theme in the similar niche.


Theme has a  separate post type enabled for reviews. It has got its own taxonomy to categorize your game genre. Metaboxes are enabled to add your scores for each review posts. The scores are represented graphically and numerically on the template. There are screencasts explaining how to make reviews and scoring. Also includes screencast on how to make the custom page for all your reviews.

Custom backgrounds

Another cool feature of the theme is that every review post and blog post gets its own unique background image. So if you are reading the review about the “Batman game ” the site background get set to the “Batman game” backgound you would set. It sets a completely appropriate ambiance to your post for your reader.


Please checkout the following screencasts to see the setup process of the Tiberion template.

Write review post

Setup review page


  • Features
  • WordPress 3 ready
  • Custom menu
  • Custom background
  • Custom post type
  • Custom taxonomy
  • Theme options
  • Featured thumbnails
  • Game review template
  • Banner ads
  • Widgetized sidebar and footer



  • Xipotec

    Thought you might like to see our take on your templete. Thanks for the templete it rocks!
    If you have time, Is it possible to move the side features (like a widget)? I’d like to move the featured video up an and reviews down!
    Thanks again!

  • Floosh

    Anyone else having problems with the permalinks  structure ? When i change the default permalinks structure to like %category%/%postname% the “POST” articles have all the nice structure, but the REVIEWS cant be opened anymore, error 301 redirect loop, anyone else ? 

    • Yep, got the same problem now. I’ve installed a perma links redirecter, tried everything. Finally got reviews to show up but now the photos in the reviews don’t show on main page.

      Something is screwed up in the template I think 🙁

  • Umbrella607

    Featured images not found on my wordpress =(

    • Yuna

      did you make it work?

  • Contacto

    I’m writing you because a need the or a Loop
    to be able to list the reviews according to the author. I did a couple
    of test but I still can’t achive it. I need it quite soon. Thanks.

  • Eddie

    I’m writing you because a need the or a Loop
    to be able to list the reviews according to the author. I did a couple
    of test but I still can’t achive it. I need it quite soon. Thanks.

  • Absolutely LOVE this theme. Gorgeous design, love that the photo from each post becomes the background, reviews are fun to do and look fabulous when published and on and on.

    It’s one of the nicest themes I’ve used for any site I run and I just have to say thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  • Hey I got problem with that theme, when I used it the reviews are not working properly.

    There is only

    Not Found
    The page you are looking is not here..”How to deal with that?

  • freesan

    como pongo las imagenes en la seccion featured?

    • Yuna

      Lograste encontrarle? Necesito saber igual como ponerlas!

      • Eddie

         es medio dificil que te contesten en un sitio americano si preguntas en español….. pero es fácil, en “Tiberion Options”  hay una opción “Featured post slider” ahí pones la categoría que quieres que aparezca en el slider
        just the answer that their were looking for ^^, but in spanish

  • Fra

    good theme but I have problems wich permalinks in reviews…..

    •  Fra, I had the same problem and couldn’t get it fixed at all.

      I finally deleted the template and am now using a different one that works perfectly. A shame as it WAS a beautiful template, but still seems to have a lot of bugs L(

      • Eddie

         I use /%year%/%postname%/ and work just fine http:www.zombiegamez.cl

  • hi! what font used in theme logo?  thanks for answer)) 

  • Enlace con el template Tiberion traducido al español por mi


    Spanish template tiberion wordpress

  • kaje, you need to comment a few things in index.php or replace for something that you want.

  • This is a pretty good and simple Game Review Theme. I just need some assistance creating a new Taxonomy. Are these the steps? => 1. Go to the Post-type.php in Tiberion theme and copy the “Genre” Taxonomy code. Then paste several times as needed for new taxonomies and replace “Genre” with “your own taxonomy name”. 2. Create a new php file from the copied code taxonomy-genre.php and name the new file after the new taxonomy created. Repeat 2 for the same amount of new taxonomies. 

    I think this might do it. If not, what other steps are needed? 

  • Mehrp

    preview have problem

  • hossam

    any one can give me fix code for Featured

  • Hi, please help! for some reason the slider does not work well, I have reviewed several times the codes and everything is working well. Even use of codes by default slider and kept showing me blank slider, like this http://irgamers.cl/index/

  • James W

    For anyone who can’t get the slide working – you need to go into the appearance tab to the editor. in the styles.css file to a find search (ctrl F, or cmd F) for “.slides_container” (don’t include quotation marks) once you find it there is a line that says ” display:none;” you must completely delete this line (but nothing else). Once you do, you’ll be up and running.

    • Tim Huijbers

      GREAT! this works!

  • Slan

    J’ai un problème avec ce thème, je n’arrive pas à créer des menus.
    Merci de bien vouloir m’aider.

    • Slan

      c’est bon trouvé !

      • Yoan

        Bonjour Slan,

        Comment as-tu fais pour retirer l’image à la une lorsque tu consulte l’article ? Je voudrais que ce soit l’image default.jpg qui reste tout le temps en fond.


  • Slan

    Bonjour, je rencontre deux soucis avec ce thème qui pourtant m’interresse beaucoup. Je n’arrive pas à choisir la catégorie pour Featured.
    Et l’image à la une se met en image de fond lorsque je lis l’article seul.
    Quelq’un peut m’aider ?
    Merci par avance

  • Jonathan Terazzi

    I want to find something like “Related posts” but for the Review part. Could someone help me ?
    Thank you !