Ureeka is a special fabseries theme  from web2feel. This is a theme that you can use to run a book review site. This theme uses latest WordPress features like Custom post types, taxonomies, metaboxes etc to create this review theme. The design of the theme itself is inspired from the iBooks app which I believe is the best layout design for anything related to books. I have included a small screencast that walk you through the process of creating and publishing book review posts. The theme also supports regular blog posts. The options page in the adminpanel give you the choice to run a book showcase or blog on the front page. If you run the books showcase on the front page and want to show the blog posts somewhere else, you can make use of the custom page template called “Blog” within the theme.

If you wish you could even extend this theme into an eCommerce platfrom using an eCommerce plugin like Cart66. This way the site could rate and sell books.

So download it and explore the possibilities. I would love to hear any feedbacks you have on this.

Creating Book review post

  • Lex

    Very cool!

  • the theme is so cool but when i click on any link in wp-admin like edite post or featured image  i found the buttons are frozen!

  • ale

    The theme is very nice, but there’s still a problem with timthumb…I followed the tutorial but the covers of the books don’t appear in homepage…

  • Volk

    Theme don’t wok :S:S:S

  • anna patrice

    I had a problem on the menu, only display for one menu.

    • Life_ph13r4

      you have to set your menu again

  • Daists

    this theme is very beautiful,thanks for share.

  • Pd

    covers don’t work 🙁

  • Stanley

    Is it possible to use those bookcover “Flipping animation” within a Post of another theme? I want to link them to my PDF files~~

  • Cristiano

    Is not possible to add personalized field in a book? I want to add in a different style editor, price, year…

  • Cebreal

    Theme does not work.. Looks great in the demo though..

  • Staceygrewal

    Do you know if you can add BuddyPress to it?

  • Angela

    This theme looks great and may be exactly what I’m looking for; however it isn’t working.  When I install the theme it breaks WordPress.

  • Jktb75

    Hi, I’m having trouble with this, all the codes appear on top of the theme. Pls help, i really love this theme

  • jinsona

    I have tested this theme on a fresh version of WP and It works just fine. Those who experience any trouble with the theme, please contact me via the contact form with your site details. I will see whats wrong.

  • This is great theme but “Add new genre” dosn’t work (doesn’t appear). Add picture to post (for books shelf) opens in whole window and then you can’t go back to save your book. Some few minor bugs. I know this is free but…

  • Sohrab Sheikhani

    How can I set book genres for the menu ?

    • Did you get any answer to your question? I have the same problem.

  • Guest

    Very cool theme… But, for some reason, when the theme is activated, it breaks the default back end flyout menus which makes navigating a pain.  Also, when going to Plugins > Add New and you search for a plugin, clicking the “details” link doesn’t give the same lightbox effect.  The info fills the whole screen and you have to hit the back bottom to get back to the dashboard.  Any hints on how to fix this?

    Love the theme, but it’d be great if this could be fixed.

  • Gboon

    Cover book is visible in the admin – add new book (featured image) but not at the homepage. 

    • Gboon

      I changed CHMOD to 777, and now it works ! Next step e-commerce plug in …. bookstore 


    I’m very interested. It looks “oooosome”. I’ve just installed a new fresh WP lastest version. I may help with Spanish translation, give me some advice about it.
    Will give feedback soon.

  • Hypnobliss

    This is a very nice Theme! unfortunately the covers of the books don’t appear in homepage…
     .I followed the tutorial to create the books and put them in Genres but whenever I choose Books in the Ureeka options nothing happens…:o(

    • Hypnobliss

      Just to update-: I re-installed with a completely fresh install and all working fine!

  • akulani

    It’s work for me for my books review site 
    But the covers not work at the first time.
    coz i’m using free hosting service, i use this tutorial to solve it http://www.free-installations.info/forum/threads/thumbnails-with-timthumb-php-on-000webhost-not-working.106/

    Thanks a lot buddy!

    • Danz_zhu

      hey kau orang indonesia ? aku mw tanya. bagaimana cara munculin pages/halaman dimenu ? ko aku ga bisa ya ? mohon bantuannya

      • akulani

        Hi, saya dari M’sia. Saya lakukan seperti mana saya masukkan categories ke menu. Di bahagian Menus ada kolum untuk Pages. Klik sahaja kotak halaman yang kita mw. Kemudian Add to Menu.Yg penting halamannya sudah dibuat dahulu. Coba dulu ya.

        • Moonparamoon

          itu guna wordpress ka? kalau guna blogger macam mana saya nak cover buku saya bergerak?

  • egemen kostak

    Where can I change permanent linkdomai.com/book-genre/tr

  • Hi I ran into a problem and could really use your help, thanks.

    Could you be more specific pretty please on how to link either the shelf or blog on the menu itself?  I added the shelf as the main page, but have no idea how to get a link to the blog index on the menu. If I add the blog as the main page, how do I link the shelf index on the menu?

    I’m sure it’s really easy but it’s just not coming. Please respond soon. Thanks!

  • I can’t get the genre-link (and it’s sub genres) to show up in the menu.

    • akulani

      Go to Menus, View all the Categories and select it. Then Add to Menu.

      • “Genre” doesn’t appear under “Pages” in that list.

        • Kelly

           Same problem.

        • jinsona

           Open screen options on the top right and enable the genres.

        • You are brilliant!

        •  I’m also having this problem, and the solutions presented didn’t work. Help, please! Awesome theme though!

  • HuynhNamLe

    very nice, i love it!!
    I want to ask that can i use 2 themes in one wordpress blog (there are 2 tabs, each tab menu has one theme)?

  • Raul Gonzalez

    hello can somebody helpme? I have a problem with theme’s widgets, the drag and drop option is not aviable. How can I fix this problem… I am Raul from venezuela

  • May Stewart

    Seems to be an incompatibality issue with new wordpress 3.4. In Dashboard Post area the HTML options are now missing, in the posts list area if you click on select all, it does not work. If you click on the ‘add picture’ image whilst in book post, it does not work… I reinstalled a later version of wordpress and everything works just fine again. Anyone know how to fix the theme to work with the new wordpress 3.4?

    • jinsona

       You are right. The issue was found and fixed. You can download the updated version now.

      • Raul Gonzalez

        Where can I to download the udated version?

      • Raul Gonzalez

        Thanks… This is the updated version… Thanks for all 😀

      • May Stewart

         Thank you for your help, you are a star! 🙂

      • Hosdere

        hi jinsona.. nice theme but not working. still bugs. pls fixing. i try wp 3.1 , 3.2, and 3.4 not working..
        http://i45.tinypic.com/5ba1k6.png here a bug screenshot..ty.

        • Marouane

          still got the same problem!!!

  • altug isler


  • Chiky_1qul

    how to activate genre menu and the drop down navigation??

    • BloggerTG

      Follow This Image ti solve your problem !

  • tim

    Nice theme! Thank you! Quick question, how to maintain footer widget? Is it possible get rid of it? How I can insert custom widgets to there?

  • Ace

    Love this theme! THank you our genius!

  • Sdatta

    hi, its break the wordpress. I really like this themes. but still not working. plz help …..

    • yukir

      Me too

  • Ilovebooks

    Hi there,
    Thank you for the theme. I want to add social media buttons, is that possible?

  • Ali zaidi

      installed the Ureeka theme and it works perfectly apart from, when I
    click on ‘previous entries’ on the home page, it leads to page 2, and a
    404 page not found.
    I’m thinking the problem is in the index somewhere, I can’t program,
    so if there is some line of code that needs altering here that would fix
    the problem, I’d be most grateful for suggestions : )

    have_posts()) : $wp_query->the_post(); ?>
    <li class="box" id="post-“>
    <div class="postim" id="post-“>

    ” rel=”bookmark” title=”Permanent Link to “>

    ID, ‘w2f_author’, true); echo $writer; ?>
    “><img class="bookcover" src="/timthumb.php?src=&h=190&w=150&zc=1” alt=””/>

    • putrazend

      I have same problem, anyone help?? 🙁

    • Guillermo Camarena

      Hi, visit my site: http://www.enigmas.mx, I fix the pagination issue.

      If you need to the code, I can to send via email.


  • jinsona

    The problem on the homepage where the pagination link leads to a 404 page has been identified and fixed. The theme is updated. 

    • I am still having this issue… can you tell me how to fix it, please?

  • Ilovebooks

    How can I add the sidebars on the homepage? (so next to the bookshelves)

  • Thank you so much for your Template !
    My site working well http://www.vbl.cu.cc

    • oscarmision

      Could you explain how you made me to start menu the link of genre and author I have a wordpress 3.4.2

  • The type books seemed can’t be seen in recent posts or rss. What should I do so the books can be seen in RSS?

    • You just add this code on the themes functions.php


    • You just add this code on the themes functions.php

      //Add Custom Post Types to RSS Feeds

      function myfeed_request($qv) {
      if (isset($qv[‘feed’]) && !isset($qv[‘post_type’]))
      $qv[‘post_type’] = array(‘post’, ‘books’);
      return $qv;
      add_filter(‘request’, ‘myfeed_request’);

    • You just add this code on the themes functions.php
      //Add Custom Post Types to RSS Feeds
      function myfeed_request($qv) {if (isset($qv[‘feed’]) && !isset($qv[‘post_type’]))$qv[‘post_type’] = array(‘post’, ‘book’);return $qv;}add_filter(‘request’, ‘myfeed_request’);

  • putrazend

    Hello, this is great theme. but i have some problem, how to add menu blog to site? 

  • I was only having problems with the previous/next entries navigation, but you’ve fixed it, thanks a lot! my site looks great and works perfectly now. 

    • Prabhjinder

      can you please tell how your problemwas fixed as i am facing the same kind of problem

  • Prabhjinder

    how do i update the theme…???
    as i am still getting the pagination problem

  • Frank

    why the homepage shows ‘old entry’, ‘new entry’, instead of the 1, 2, 3 buttons like in preview site?

    Is there a way to change that?

    Thanks for the great theme by the way!!!

  • luca

    2 questions:

    1-How can I ad a “read More” button in the news previews?
    2-How can I make 3 (or more) column into a post?


  • Mirza

     I need help … When I install the theme Ureeka on my server appears to me eror in the bottom of the page. Fatal error: Call to undefined function selfURL () in / home/content/61/9145461/html/shop/wp-content/themes/Ureeka/functions.php on line 123 Please Help on how to solve this problem?

  • Mirza

     Does anyone know how to solve the problem with «Older Entries? When I click on the “” Older Entries “appears to me only ” Not Found! We’re very sorry, but the page you requested has not been found! It may have been moved or deleted .. ” Does anyone know how to solve the problem?

  • dc297

    Can anybody help me with adding featured images to the RSS feed of the books….

    my website:-http://yungistankeinstein.com

    • kerri

      your page looks great! how did you add your blog name to the top and the picture of Einstein?

  • mike

    i like it but with wp 3.41 there is a error functions.php on line 123 and you cannot see the picture of the book

  • kerri

    I cannot get the logo or the blog title to show up 🙁 help someone… coopbooks.org

  • please help, my book covers and logo is not showing up. I have also change everything to 777 with CHMOD. 🙁

  • Still having that annoying timthumb error 🙁 No bookcovers for me. Can somebody help me? I am using the newest wordpress.