Viper is a free affiliate directory WordPress theme. This is a WordPress 3+ ready theme with features like custom menu, featured images, custom post type, custom taxonomy, and jQuery image slider on the custom homepage template. Theme also comes with an option panel.

Products listing

This theme is an affilate directory theme. This will list you affilaite products in a neat gallery form much similar to ecommerce themes. We use a custom post template called “products” to list the affiliate products. Listing a product is very similar to creating a post. You can enter the product name product details in the post editor. Add the product image as the featured image. You can add the product affilate url , a mini description and product price in the metabox section.

Custom homepage template

The theme comes with a custom homepage template. You have to use the static front page feature under the reading settings. How it can be done is explained below.

  1. Create a new page called home and give it the “homepage template” from page attributes.
  2. Create another page called blog.
  3. Go to Settings > Reading > front page displays
  4. Select Static page.
  5. Select “Home” for front page .
  6. Select “Blog” for blog page

Theme options explained

The theme contains an options page using which you adjust various settings available on the theme.

Products per page: You can use this option to set the number of products shown per page. This will abe applied on the homepage and product category pages

Offer banner: Enter an offer banner image url. Ths will appear on the right side of the slider.

Slider category: Select the product department for the slider.

Number of slides: Set a number for the slides

Banner setting: Configure the banner ads on the sidebar

  • hari

    The theme is awesome, but there is a small issue that I am unable to
    figure out. The issue is that product image is not showing up. Is there
    any size or dimension limit on the image. I am using 125×125 px image.
    The slider is also not showing any image. Any help is appreciated in
    this regard.

    • hari

      I figured it out , used featured image option, all set now.

      • Andre

        What is the URL of your site that has this issue?

    • Andre

      Could you pass a tutorial on how to put the theme working?

      Product images do not appear ..

      What can we do?

  • Allie

    Nice theme ! I hope you put more themes like this in web2feel !

  • Allie

    Oh man . Download link is broken ! please check it .

  • André Luiz

    I think the theme is some kind of bug, I did all the steps that asks for theme-documentation and no fails.

    May revise this theme? And if it is working properly put some tutorial that can help us.

    I thank you for everything.

    • jinsona

      The theme is in working condition. Are you sure you are using the featured image option for the product shots? If your problem still persists plz contact me with your site details through the contact page.

      • André

        I sent you a message alert by contact form. Please can answer?

      • Rethika

        Do you know how to make this theme responsive?

  • mtbeen

    I can not use this theme also. Do I have install the important plugin? and how to set theme option? Thanks

  • André Luiz

    Hi Jinsona sent you another email, a doubt about this theme.

    Theme Viper.

    Would that happen, I thank

  • Hendra Sudiro

    Dear Jinsona, how to change “department” name on dropdown options and “buy now” name on product list? Thanks.

    • Rethika

      Did you got the solution fa it ??

      plz let me know if ur answer is no.

      i may help you.

  • Joanne


    Thanks for the great theme. How to increase the font size of words in the theme?

  • André

    How do i add the buy now button code from my paypal merchant account to a product?

  • Arnoud

    Hi! thanks for this awesome theme!
    I have a question. How can I change the term ‘department’ into something else? It appears in the URL of a product page and I would like to change it.

    thanks in advance


    • Rethika

      Did you got the solution ?

      plz let me know if ur answer is no.

  • Tham Nguyen

    hi all, can you help me ?

    I can’t show department on this theme. No anything i cac see :(. Can you manual for me

  • Peter

    You need to create a few department: products-department-add new department

  • Is it posible to import goods from an CSV file?

  • Neeraj

    Offer banner image does`nt load ,only shows url link.

    • golam

      I am having same problem. did u fix it?

      • Rethika

        did you got your problem solved ?

  • Thx for theme. But.. the search form it s very ugly. How can i change. I make some try but….
    I need your help. Thx again

  • need help plss

  • help plss

  • pls , i need help!!!

  • Oleh

    Hello, wonderful theme!

    I’m trying to add shopping cart to this theme. Decided to use Cart66 (lite) – th same that is used in your Zenshop theme. My problem is, that theme has Products, and cart has it’s own products. Could you give a hint on how to use same Product table for both Viper theme and Cart66 products? Thanks in advance!


  • aj

    hi this is a very nice theme but i want to know that how can i resize my images as it shows very small images on home page i want big i tried to do that from products.php but can can you please guide or put in some more tutorials for this theme ..

    • Rethika

      600px X 360px is the Minimum Size of the Slider Image.
      Try this Px Ratio fa Better Result.


  • Ayush

    my feature slider is not working

  • gani

    this themes is awesome. but i have a small problem, wich is it not shown the page list.
    pleae help me to fix this ihave it with wp 3.5.1 . thanx

  • M.Ghayour

    this is great theme :DDD
    but i have a small problem 🙁
    how i can enable the comments for Products ?

    Thank u

  • M.Ghayour

    this is great theme :DDD
    but i have a small problem 🙁
    how i can enable the comments for Products ?

    Thank u

  • M.Ghayour

    hi again !
    i can solve my problem ;D
    just by adding “comments” to ‘inccustom-functions.php’
    like this :

    /* Adds the Product post type */
    $products = new Cuztom_Post_Type( 'Products', array(
    'has_archive' => true,
    'supports' => array( 'title', 'editor', 'thumbnail','comments' )
    ) );

    Have good time
    and thank u 4 exellent themes ;D

  • helicoptre

    Your theme very nice
    But Page list not show

    help me to fix this please

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  • nixin

    wow Your site is working fine ,please let me know how to add products and slider

  • Richard Wendt

    Someone Please help! I cannot get my slider or anything to work out of the box. All I did was installed viper theme added the required “options” plugin and configured a static homepage.

  • aman

    how to make this theme responsive.please help me

  • saucyminx

    Is there any way to change the /blog theme? It’s ugly as it is, the products look great but the blog theme itself needs work. How do I change it?

  • MJ

    Hi , Thanks for the theme . I see that the navigational arrow in the slider not aligned correctly. Can you please help with any suggestion correcting it. Thanks

  • zoltiano

    I would be appreciated if anyone could provide some help in making the viper theme to present three products per row instead of the four on its homepage.

    Thank you in advance.

  • Mark

    how do you get the blog posts working in the theme – cant seem to get beyond one page/post.

    many thanks in advance

  • everyday on the update tool is telling me that there is a new version, but in real it speak about this other theme with the same name. please patch it.