• Akash

    Hi, my featured images for the blog are not showing. I edited my upload restrictions and everything was working fine. And today when checking my posts, my featured images appeared broken. Why is that? Is there any solution? Please help!

  • Zoom

    Ack… I don’t get it. My wordpress doesn’t give me the same options as the video. When I try to add images to the slideshow, they show up as posts or not at all. What am I doing wrong? I have no idea how to get the slideshow to work. 🙁

    • zoom

      Whoops, figured it out. Beautiful theme!

      • chris

        hi Zoom, how did you figure this out? i’m having the same problem, what do i need to do?

      • dameona

        how did you figure thi out im having the same problem

  • James Voce

    Hi. Great theme. Using it here: http://www.grindleford.org.uk. However,
    when I have a featured image set it doesn’t show. I get a black box on
    list page and when I click on a post the image isn’t in there either.
    Any suggestions? Thanks

  • Phillip Darlington

    Love the theme. Using it for a cast and crew reunion for THE ABYSS: http://TheAbyssReunion.com However, can’t figure out how to control the sidebar on the Blog page. Also, tried 2 ways to generate Twitter feeds: Twiter handle and the Twitter URL in the section of Theme options, but no effect. Any notes on how to adjust this?

    • noris

      hello! what a great webpage u made. But i cant figure out how u made that layout. All im getting is the default one that looks like this one http://www.grindleford.org.uk/ . I saw you had uploaded your own logo, can i do that in that default layout aswell?

  • Ivan Amaral Jr

    Hello, someone can tell me how to remove the “Sponsors”, “Archives” and “Meta” below?

    • Alex

      ever found out how to do this Ivan? thanks!

    • mf_tech

      Just delete the sponsors php file wp-content/themes/wallbase

    • chris

      You have to find the php file in the themes files and delete the coding.

  • Chris

    Hello, Wallbase is a great theme!
    the slideshow don’t work on smartphones (home screen). if you reading the blog you can see in backround the slideshow. what is the misstake? any suggests?

  • kgault1

    Hi there,

    I love this theme but I’m having some issues.

    I would like to set up home page just like in the demo with just the side menu and the slider. Unfortunately every time I try to set up a homepage and a blog, I can’t get the homepage to just be the slider and menu. Also when I create the pages, my blog page opens without content even when I set it to blog.

    So I’ve now just deleted the pages I’ve created and I am starting from scratch with the theme. Essentially I just want my site homepage to look like the demo with just the side menu and slide. And then I want my blog page to open to my blog content. And any other pages I create to open to the correct content.

    I know this is a lot to ask but if anyone knows what I need to do to achieve this I would really appreciate it. Thank you in advance!!

    • XNETGeek

      Just curious if you ever found a solution to this? I just installed this for the first time, and am not seeing an obvious way to set the home page to basically only have slides.. the rest of my pages I think will work, but am struggling with that part of it.

  • mithilaworld

    hey i want to make it responsive how i can do this this is not working good if i use open in tab or android mobile

  • svirda

    where can I find the “…read more” text to translate? I tried everything, but without solution 🙁
    Thanks a lot!

  • nikath

    hey any idea how to enable slider only for the home page and disable it for rest of the pages

  • Hello
    i work with your excellent theme, thank you !
    i have 2 questions :

    -Is it possible that the slideshow starts on an image randomly ?
    -Is it possible that the menu remains in its state at each new page ?


  • Melgert


    Thanks for making this nice theme. I only have one issue. I would like to split my pages into more than one field to avoid too much scrolling. in other themes i can use and it works fine and looks like:

    Prev. – 1 – 2 – 3 – Next.

    How to make it work like this in Wallbase?

    Thanks in advance for your support!

    Greets from Holland, Melgert

  • Toby Dorr

    How can I remove the Sponsors section in the footer widget?

  • Very excellent wordpress theme,love it。

  • nora plulu


  • nora plulu

    slt les conars

  • linda

    can i add Mp3’s or Mp4s to any of the pages?

  • Bless LiveLong

    How to scroll through the menu? I have a lot of pages, when I insert them all on the menu, they do not fit on the screen. It turns out that some pages just is not visible. Is there a solution?