Introducing another member of the fabseries themes, Womack.  This is one of my favorites. The theme is simple and tries to create a balance between minimalism and elegance.  The theme features a 3D flash slider.


  • Features
  • 2 Column layout
  • Minimalistic design
  • Right sidebar
  • 3D flash slider
  • WP3+ ready
  • Custom menu ready
  • Featured thumbnail ready
  • Twitter widget on sidebar
  • Customizable banners on sidebar
  • Adsense/banner placeholder
  • Widgetized sidebar and footer
  • Theme options Page


  • Ddd


    But this theme doesn’t work in explorer, looks great in chrome etc.

  • Marvin

    This theme is absolut wonderful. I’m very thankful for creating!
    I have to questions:
    -Can I use this theme commerical for free?
    -Does it have the GNU General Public License?Thanks for your answers!I hope, that I can use it for the future. 😉

  • Rret

    yo,how do i make the subpages visible on the menu? I have made them subpages to the main menus parent item.

  • Zv9

    It’s easy..hahaha…Go to your post at admin panel and create a new post over there. Before you click ‘publish’ for your new post, go to “3D slider image” just under the your post content. Follow it’s instruction. Remember, you can only use  
    wp-content/uploads/  and not the other part to upload a picture. 
    Every post you create, you can put a image. Hope this will you all.

  • Darren

    Is there a way to put a picture on a post and then have that picture show up on the 3D slide but not have the post show up at all? Or have the post show up on another page? I want to have more pictures then i have posts.

  • Julie

    I tried I don’t know how many times..the 3D slider it’s not working. I followed step by step the video and all the instructions, resized the images with the correct size..nothing. And it’s not even showing the “loading image” banner.
    Any suggestion? Any problem with flash player?

  • Texavery12000

    I have a problem with this amazing template ! Parent page doesn’t work. I have already do that with another template, but with Womack, it’s impossible.
    Maybe because i use WP 3.3.1 ?
    Thanks !!!

  • Anonymous


    I’d like to use Womack for my website http://www.scrical.it. I’ve set everything on local wordpress and worked perfectly but when I moved on the website online the slider doesn’t work anymore. 
    Couriosly if I see it in the theme page as preview the slider works, if I active the theme it doesn’t work.

    I’m using WP 3.1

    Any suggestion?

    • Anonymous

      I worked it out. the problem was a plugin (Christmas countdown). Now it works perfectly and it is on line in my website.

  • Oppidumra

    hey jinsonna ,
     can i ask a questions?
      Who is the artist of the pictures on theme ? ( cat picturess:) 9

  • Harmony Wheeler

    Anyone know how to get rid of the post dates and comments and admin, etc with this theme?

  • How can I change the background colour?? Thanks peeps

  • Trinouille


    Thx for this theme, very beautiful ! But, as  Footbrawl, i’d like to change slide background color, how can we do that ?

  • Yarkken
  • LIDA


  • Marcelo Dominato

    I just try everything but the 3D slider only show one image.
    I put 20 images in the Womack theme options.
    Cane anyone help me?

  • Marcelo Dominato

    I just try everything but the 3D slider only show one image.
    I put 20 images in the Womack theme options.
    Can anyone help me?

  • ZirandaroGuerrero

    ¿Cómo puedo activar los ultimos comentarios de twitter?

  • Yaroslav

    In WP 3.5 slider don’t work. Why?

  • Andy

    Hi , will the theme work on WordPress 3.5. Will there be any update ?